Rockee DIY Infrared Athletic Battle Drone

  • Rockee DIY Infrared is equipped with IR shooting and judgement function to simulate a real battle.
  • The FPV (first person view) enabled drone is supported via mobile and VR glasses and is equipped with gyroscope and gravity sensor.
  • Rockee DIY Infrared contains 720p HD camera with real time transmission to the phone or VR possible via the Wi-Fi.

With a huge amount of photography drones swarming the market, Rockee as a drone stands apart. Not only it functions as a usual drone, it has special features that make way for athletic battles using these drones. It is equipped with coming of age features like infrared cannon, FPV (first view) control, gravity sensor control which enable an enthralling experience in the “battlefield”.

The drone is a Do It Yourself type and has built in tactics like roll on, speed change, emergency stop among others to help defeat your enemy in a round of show down. The infrared shooting system simulates a real battle field using the drones. Moreover, the reinforced plastic body is a tough build made up of ABS and PC.

Problem solving by this product


The product is mainly aimed at providing the user with a simulation of real battle in a battle field using features like battle mimicry, IR shooting and other tactics. The drone being a Do It Yourself, enhances the boundaries or realms of experimentation possible.

The camera in the product is top notch which help it to function incessantly as a normal camera drone and also as a battle field simulator; hence ensuring a consumer can ensue both work and play using this device. It is a well built, robust device built for rough terrains and sustaining air pressure during flight.

Detailed specification


One of the most enjoyable Do It Yourself battle drone, the Rockee helps to bring real battle experience to your daily life. It has a variety of features and functionality thereof which making for an interesting buy. You can buy this in pair and hit it off with your family and friends for a show down on the field. Some of its exquisite features are listed below:

1. Tactics for Battle – from simple tactics like speed up and emergency stop to more complex ones like “3600 cobra rolling”, the Rockee has it all. It has various speeds like 10 kmph, 20 kmph and 30 kmph. The gyroscope system in the drone is helpful in completing various tactics like the cobra roll for favorable shooting position.

2. Shooting System: The highly sensitive IR shooter and receiver on the drone makes it a play for the real simulation of a fierce battle in the air. The drones are engineered as such that upon getting hit for three times from the “bullet (IR)” they automatically land. Moreover, it has a provision such that on hitting the key drone part (i.e. the Infrared receiver), the drone is destroyed i.e. lands immediately.

3. Falcon Eye: The Rockee has a high-resolution camera to capture the battle and also, can be used to capture the landscape the place beholds in HD. The 720p HD camera transmits real-time images through Wi-Fi connection. The camera is couples with a pressure set height system which ensures stability of the video quality, hence ensuring a smooth flight. It is a 1280 x 720 resolution camera with 750 lines of clarity.

4. First User Control: As mentioned, the drone uses Wi-Fi to be connected to your phone where it can be controlled from the FPP (first person perspective). The drone also supports its pairing with a VR headset to simulate a virtual cockpit and a motion sensing remote control to go with it.

5. Flight Control and Gravity Sensor: the flight control system of Rockee can go up to 150 m or 100 m if there are too many blockades. The maximum height it can reach is 100 m and hence, you can have an entire football field to your play. Moreover, the drone supports mobile phone gravity control and hence can easily fly the drone even if this his first time.

6. Do It Yourself: As it has been mentioned several times, this drone is of a simple modular design and can be custom made with the provided 8 additional blades. So now you can customize the drone according to your own needs.

Even after being a DIY, the drone has a strong and safe body made up of ABS + PC reinforced plastic material for longevity and to weather those terrains. The blades are also made up of ABS material and the drone has been tested for anti-collision.

Dimension of the drone: 4.3’ x 4.3’ x 1.97’
Color: Golden, Silver
Weight: 430 g (package weight) and 35 g (product weight)
Battery: 3.7 V lithium battery (350 mAh)
Charging Time: 30 min
Flight Time: 6-10 min

It comes with a 12=month warranty

In the bag: 1 main frame, 1 remote control, 8 vanes, 1 battery,1 charger, 1 Phone hold, 1 vane wrench, 2 red & blue wire motor, 2 black & white wire motor,1 main board, 1 camera and 1 motherboard cover.

Plan for launch

The idea and scheme were first developed in August 2016 and after various stages of development, product design, and performance optimization, a crowdfunding campaign was started in October 2017 (now closed) and the drone was first shipped in November 2017.

You can read more about the product here:

The product is priced at $ 140 and available in battle pack for two for $280 (currently, at $ 170 on special discount).

Company details

Rockee Drone company is based out of the Special Economic Zone in Shenzhen China. It is a drone exclusive company which is credited to introduce a new way of looking at and handling the drones. The company has taken the popular route of crowdfunding in the year 2017 for one of its most sophisticated products yet.

The drones made by them are promising, engaging and cut-edge technology creating a real difference in people’s lives.

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