Ring Alarm Motion Detector With Mobile Alerts

Get the professional monitoring integrated with the Ring Alarm System.

Ring Alarm Motion Detector With Mobile Alerts -2
  • Ring Alarm Motion Detector which will connect to your existing Ring Alarm Base station and send you notifications directly to your smartphone if the Sensor detect any motion in the surveillance area.
  • Uses the wireless connection and DIY installation with the latest heat sensing technology which can differentiate between people and pets.
  • Ring Alarm Motion Detector can be mounted on any corner of your home and you can connect numerous of sensors to the Base station, the Motion Detector can sense in 250 feet range.

Every one cares about the security in their homes and worried about the things like strangers entering the home or stealing something at the point of time we are not there in the home and many security issues. Ring Alarm Motion Detector you will get the professional monitoring integrated with the Ring Alarm System. Ring Alarm System integrates keypads, base station element with the numerous motion detection sensors in the home and numerous door entry sensors along with the camera inside and outside of your home, security lights and doorbells to build up a professional home security.

The Ring Alarm Home app will give you the instant alerts when some motion is detected in front of the motion detector which is installed inside or outside of your home. The Motion Detector provides another layer of security for your Ring Alarm System integrated with the Ring Base station. With the Motion Detector you can monitor you home from your smartphone even if you are not there in the home.

Ring Alarm Motion which is very easy to install and you can customize the sensitivity of the motion to be detected to the Motion Detector through the App and get notified if any object moves within the range of 250 feet from the sensor, you can mount the sensor wherever you want 8 feet to the wall. The Motion Detector will also give notifications when you HUB is disconnected from the power which will sent to your device.

Problem Solving By This Product

The Ring Alarm Motion Detection Sensor will immediately send notification alert when there is any object moving in the surveillance area.

The sensitivity in the Ring Alarm Motion Detection Sensor is customizable to detect the motion with the high advanced detection technology with the heat-sensing system which helps the Motion Detection Sensor to differentiate between people and pets in the home.

You can connect numerous Motion Detection Sensors to the Base Station covering the entire home for professional security, with each Motion detection has a surveillance range of 250 feet.

Motion Detection Sensor is very easy to install with the DIY technology and can me mounted on any corners of the room, also give notifications when the power from the HUB is disconnected.

Detailed Features


Ring Alarm Motion Detector requires Ring Alarm Base Station to work since the Motion Detector which will integrate to the Ring Alarm system.

The Ring Alarm Motion Detector can be quickly installed without any tools and which is wireless Sensor, you can directly mount the Motion Detector on the wall above 8 feet’s high and sends you instant notifications to your smartphone directly when the Motion Detector Sensor detect any moving object in front of.

The Ring Alarm Motion Detector which will add an another layer of security for your home security connected to the Ring Access Base Station, there are bunch of modules that can be integrated to the Ring Alarm System’s Base station like keypad, contact sensor, range extender, ring stuck cam and video doorbell along with the Motion detection in your home.

The Ring Alarm Base Station which offers 24 hours of battery backup for the Ring Alarm System even if the internet and power in your house is down, can be controlled the Ring App or Alarm Keypad, you need not to worry even if the base station is completely smashed or tampered the Base Station still connect rest of the system, with the built in 104 decibel siren you will be known if anything went wrong for the base station to all your rooms inside home. You will get notified if the power is disconnected from the Hub.

All the Ring Alarm System modules features DIY installation, just plug them and pair to the Ring Home App and there you go, notified directly when they detect anything before the Sensor, you can also adjust the sensitivity of the Sensor detecting. The Motion Detection Sensor has the heat sensing technology which can differentiate between the people and pets so that you won’t be notified if you have pets roaming around in your home.

The Motion Detection Sensor can detect any object in the range of 250 feet which will cover the entire room.

The Ring Alarm Motion Detection Sensor is priced at $29.99.


  • Base Station Required
  • Wi-Fi Compatibility Yes
  • Work with google assistant Yes
  • Compatible with Android & iOS Yes
  • Color White
  • Power source Battery
  • Dimension 3.54×2.44×1.77 inches
  • Batteries 3V lithium ion batteries included
  • Operating conditions 320 F to 1200 F
  • Advanced Motion Sensitivity Designed to ignore pets under 22 Kg when mounted on the wall at lowest sensitivity
  • Connectivity Z-Wave (Wall or corner Mount)

Plan For Launch

This Ring Alarm Motion Detector is made available to the market in January 2018 after the launch and prototype, changes in the design. Then the manufacturing of the Motion Detection Sensor begins in previous year.

Company Details

This Ring Alarm Motion Detector is developed by the company called Ring, which is a module to be integrated with the Ring Alarm System. The idea came from the founder’s wife if it is not then this ring video doorbell would not exist, while the inventors comes with their ideas which are not quite up to the mark, she heard them all later on one-night JAMIE SIMINOFF shared his idea about reinventing the doorbell.

Not only just for convenience but for the security features that this device holds and able to safely answer the door from anywhere just like the caller id for your Home Door.
They believe that keeping the community stronger are the key to safer neighborhoods. That’s the reason for them to create the products that help user to protect their homes and stay connected with your neighbors no matter wherever you are.