reMarkable 2: The E-Paper Note Taking Tablet

reMarkable 2
  • reMarkable 2 is the world’s thinnest tablet that comes with second generation canvas display to be healthier and focus on the things.
  • reMarkable 2 comes with greater response and feels more like writing on paper with natural sounds, with once click you can change your notes to text.
  • reMarkable 2 send your notes directly to the cloud and with built in chrome plug in you can read eBooks and PDFs online with great battery life.

reMarkable 2 is a revolutionary new way to take notes, read and review documents with a paper feel that is never experienced before on a digital device now even smoother, faster and thinner with two weeks of battery life. reMarkable 2 uses the unique paper like display which has been redesigned from the ground up from its predecessor canvas display making twice as fast in writing, with the millions of ink particles controlled precisely for instant response and an unmatched writing experience.

The canvas screen used in the reMarkable 2 doesn’t emit any radiations unlike the other screen and sound familiar of the pen or pencil when you are writing on the screen.
reMarkable 2 brings digital powers to your notes and printouts without sacrificing the feel of paper, you can also convert your handwriting into text instantly and transfer eBooks and PDF and allows you to write directly on the page.


The parts in the reMarkable 2 components are designed and arranged with state of art carefully and cased in a precision machined aluminum frame enabled by extremely compact assembly making the reMarkable 2 the world’s thinnest tablet.

Problem Solving By This Product


reMarkable 2 comes with the second-generation canvas display, no more strain with the normal blue light screens.

reMarkable 2 display is more responsive and thinner than even ordinary pencil with texturized surface that gives you experience like writing on paper with natural sounds while you are writing.

reMarkable 2 incredible feature converts your handwritten notes into text directly with one click and supports more than 33 languages, you can also organize them as in your digital device within folders.

With drag and drop file transfer and the screen brightness in the reMarkable 2 is even visible in the sunlight and supporting PDFs and eBooks.

The built-in chrome plug-in allows you to read PDFs and eBooks directly from chrome and offers more tools like templates, resize and move, brushes and many more.

reMarkable 2 helps you to stay focused on your work without being distracted by social media notifications and allows you to put your thoughts on paper and sharpens your brain.

reMarkable 2 comes with massive battery of 3000mAh and USB-C port to charge and 8 GB internal storage to store more than 1Lakh pages and send them directly to the cloud to view on any device instantly.

Detailed Specification

reMarkable 2

reMarkable 2 is the world’s thinnest tablet which replaces your notebooks and printed documents with digital technology, which makes you to stay focused always on thoughts on paper.

reMarkable 2 gives your real experience of writing on paper and sounds the same as you write on paper responding even faster with millions of the ink particles, with reMarkable 2 you can convert your hand written documents or any other notes you prepared to text easily and reuse them in emails or reports or in presentations either.

reMarkable 2 supports more than 33 languages and supports cursive and block letters, replacing the papers practically with digital documents to organize your notes in folders.

With the canvas display on reMarkable 2 you will have an eye friendly display which won’t strain your eye anymore even with hours of reading PDFs or eBooks in tablet. reMarkable 2 can easily make notes on your documents and allows you to write on PDFs directly which make things easier.


reMarkable 2 offers drag and drop file transfer functionality and with the brightness you can even read in sunlight, with the support if google chrome plug-in you can read any web articles on reMarkable 2 with one click, knowing that paper is more powerful in visualization and in problem solving digital tools in the reMarkable 2 make thing even better with undo, erase, template, brushes and move tools.

Filling the gap between the pen and paper reMarkable 2 will store your notes and document directly to the cloud, so that you can access them anywhere like in your mobile, desktop or any digital device.


reMarkable 2 is designed to make you free from all distractions and stay focused on what you thing, imagine keeping you away from the social media notifications and alerts, the second-generation canvas display used in the reMarkable 2 which gives you more quality and response.

reMarkable 2 looks and feels like paper with the combination of thin surface materials and cutting-edge digital technology that gives you faster and precise pen strokes for more feel like paper, they have minimized the distance the pen to ink distance for more like writing experience. The crisp black ink in the reMarkable 2 which responds to pressure to feel natural.

The marker for the reMarkable 2 is hassle free and designed to deliver the right friction with low lag with two models one is just marker to write, while the other comes with built in eraser.


The reMarkable 2 is priced at $399, $49 for pen marker and $69 for case.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions :  187x246x4.7mm
  • Weight : 403 grams
  • Processor : 1.2 GHz dual core ARM
  • Storage and RAM : 1 GB LPDDR3 SDRAM, 8 GB internal storage
  • Display : Second generation canvas display 10.3 inches monochromic digital paper display, 1872 x 1404 resolution (225 DPI), Partially powered by E ink Carta technology
  • Touch Input : Multi point capacitive touch Marker, No charging, setup, or pairing required.
  • Connectivity  : Wi-Fi 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, USB-C
  • Battery : Rechargeable (Li-ion) battery, USB-C charging, 3000 mAh
  • Operating system : Codex- linux based operating system for low battery latency digital paper display.
  • Document support : PDF and ePUB

Plan For Launch

The reMarkable 2 is the successor for their previous E ink display tablet and after changes in design and prototyping with compact design to make it the world thinnest laptop ever, reMarkable is made available to the market in the later quarter of the year 2020 after its launch in May 2020.

Company Details

This paper tablet is developed by the company called remarkable, the CEO of the company is Magnus Wanberg who is a truer paper person and the one who always attend the meeting, presentation with printouts and notebooks.

With the thought of why we are carrying gadgets all along with us in our pockets, he came up with the idea of remarkable 2 the ultimate tool for thinking and improving focus, engaging minds free to work and imagine without any restrictions.

The first real digital paper tablet emerges which offers pure paper like experience, designed for reading, writing and sketching in the digital age for those who loves to work on paper.