RedmiBook 14 Lanuched With New RYZEN 4000 CPU And Easy Three Performance Mode

RedmiBook is coming with three performance modes with RYZEN 4000 CPU.

redmibook 14 is ready to launch with Ryzen CPU
  • Redmi to launch its latest RedmiBook 14 with a new RYZEN 4000 CPU.
  • It will be launched with three different performance modes.
  • Users can easily switch between these modes with the help of a simple keyboard or by using shortcuts.

There is the latest news about the launch of RedmiBook by Xiaomi in this week. Xiaomi is currently prepping to launch various new devices in the market. Some of them are Redmi 10X series, smart TV lineup, and this extremely amazing new RedmiBook with new RYZEN 4000 CPU. There are already many teasers available that show the upcoming of this amazing product on its official Weibo account, which promotes upcoming products and offers new tidbit information about the latest laptops. As per the latest information the company launched this RedmiBook 14 this week, as announced on of the launch event on 26 May 2020. With the same excitement, let’s just quickly jump over and read the amazing specification of the new RedmiBook 14.

Xiaomi is adding a new product in its series of RedmiBook. One of the special specifications which are highlighting this RedmiBook 14 is its three performance mode. Yes, this new RedmiBook 14 is coming with three performance modes with RYZEN 4000 CPU.

As per the teaser, it is very easy for the users to switch between these performance modes with the help of the simple keyboard shortcut. But we have already seen this super intact performance in the Honor MagicBook Pro 2020. Yes, this is a similar one. This super amazing RedmiBook includes three performance modes which are- “full speed”, “balanced”, and, “quiet”. Users can switch easily as per their requirement with the help of Fn (function) + k Key combination.

These three different modes are aimed at gaming, office work, and regular home use work respectively. As per the teaser, it is noted that the “full length” mode increases the performance by 34.5 percent. Not only this but this RedmiBook 14 is going to feature a “next-generation” cooling system along with a large fan to dissipate the heat. And it is already revealed that this device will feature new 7nm-based Zen 2 cores in AMD RYZEN 4000 CPU line up. The display is 16.1 inches with 90 percent screen to body ratio with 100 percent sRGB color gamut coverage.

The expected launch date for the same device is 26 May 2020 till now. However, Xiaomi featured various new devices like Redmi band 3 and Mi band 4 with their feature soon.

Xiaomi is excited to announce that this new RedmiBook 14 with RYZEN 4000 CPU claims a 60 percent improvement with rumored RYZEN 7 4700U processor and revealed that beyond this users can easily configure RYZEN 5 4500U processor on the upcoming notebook. Along with this Xiaomi is also planned to launch RedmiBook 14 which is now tipped for June 2020.

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