Recoup Cryosphere Effortless Pain Reliever Cold Roller

The next generation cold roller which reduce the inflammation.

Recoup Cryosphere Effortless Pain Reliever Cold Roller

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  • Recoup Cryosphere with the new two in one design that delivers the ice and massage experience at the same time to relieve your pain quickly.
  • Recoup Cryosphere is DIY tool to be used for pre and post workouts that accelerates the recovery of inflamed muscles by increasing the blood flow and lymphatic flow.
  • Recoup Cryosphere is small & compact enough to be used on the go and carry along with you and get 6 hours of ice cold relief with 2 hours in freezer.


One of the major problems that everyone face is that the back pain particularly at the lower back which can have a temporary relief with the ice bags or when massaged with the foam rollers.

Recoup Cryosphere Ice Massage Roller is the next generation cold roller which reduce the inflammation that causes the pain and help you in speedy recovery which is minimally designed to be used in or out.

Recoup Cryosphere Cold Roller which perfectly fit to your foot arch which is a DIY Massaging tool so that you can easily massage yourself even hard to reach areas and easy to use as the ice ball after freezing the roller in freezer.

Recoup Cryosphere Cold Roller that long last for six hour of continuous usage and give your relief that can be used for any part of the body, Recoup Cryosphere is nice to go up and down the back which resembles the stroke of massage therapist would make.

Recoup Cryosphere Cold Roller gives the cooling sensation that help the body to relax which make the roller easy to use while the roller actively massaging while icing the body and the portable design make this easy to carry on the go and will be useful for pre and post workouts that helps in increasing the circulation of blood though out the body.

Problem solving by this product


Recoup Cryosphere Cold Roller has the unique and elegant portable design which makes the Roller ball easy to carry on the go and use it, with the base handle portion for better control for the targeted massage therapy.

Recoup Cryosphere Cold Roller comes with the next generation patent pending two in one design which can be used as massage roller and for icing that gives 6 hours of icing relief when you place the Cold Roller in freezer for 2 hours.

Recoup Cryosphere Cold Roller is DIY Tool that even can reach hard places while other roller cannot and trusted by many therapist and chiropractors and a premium therapeutic recovery product for affordable price.

Recoup Cryosphere Cold Roller Ball can be used for entire body relief and to accelerate the recovery speed of damaged or inflamed muscles by increasing the blood flow, reducing the lactic acid accumulation and improving the lymphatic flow.

Recoup Cryosphere Cold Roller Ball will also helpful in relieving in pain, tightness, soreness while reducing the stress you can use the roller for ice massaging Shoulder pain like rotator cuff, Foot pain relief with the trigger point ice massage, knee pain like ACL, MCL, PCL tears & repairs, even elbows and hips.

Detailed specification


Recoup Cryosphere is designed to deliver the benefits of ice and massage at the same time with the minimalistic and portable design which make this cold roller to be carried along with you wherever you go and convenient to use anywhere.

Recoup Cryosphere need 2 hours of time in the freezer to start the icing and last longer for 6 hours of continuous usage for the muscle relief with their new patent pending two in one design allows the users to use this Cryosphere themselves for their entire body.

Recoup Cryosphere will accelerate the recover speed of entire body with massaging while icing and get recovered from the inflamed muscles or injuries quickly. Recoup Cryosphere will increase the blood flow and lymphatic flow in the body.

Recoup Cryosphere will be useful to relieve the muscles spasms, stiffness or even the joint pain by reducing the accumulation of lactic acid in the body and also results in stress promoting and you can simply use as the complete roller by unscrewing the bottom of the roller.

Recoup Cryosphere cold roller has the benefits of cryotherapy and traditional massage experience and the easy-grip blue base will make the Cryosphere very easy to handle and control which allows you to target the muscle pain points and can also be used as outside areas like arch of the foot.

Recoup Cryosphere is used in thousands of clinics in the world and made as zero-mass long lasting ice massage roller and to cure the shoulder pain such as rotator cuff, shoulder impingement, tendinitis & overuse and will be ice massage for foot pain, knee pain, elbow along with hips and IT Band pain.
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 3 inches
Weight 1.38 pounds (0.62 Kg)
Colors Black and Blue
This Recoup Cryosphere cold roller is priced at 50$.

Plan for launch


This Recoup Cryosphere Cold Roller is made available to the market in the year 2017 after the changes in the design and prototyping, the idea of the concept started with the problem with back pain after or before the workouts and addressed with the product, the product will be shipped to the customers in the later quarters of the year after manufacturing.

Company details

This Cryosphere Cold Roller is developed by the company called Recoup Fitness which is started in the year 2015 and has been one of the well-known for the high performance fitness recovery group with the innovative products made with high quality material, the company mission is to be the lead name in muscle recovery and injury treatment by bridging the gap between professional training rooms and home muscle recovery.
Matt Hyder is the founder and CEO of the company who came up with the innovative ideas for muscle recovery at home and has the market in different countries.

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