REBO Plastic-Saving Smart Bottle

REBO Plastic-Saving Smart Bottle
  • REBO Plastic-Saving Smart Bottle has been designed in an intricate way with smart technology to keep track of water drunk.
  • REBO Plastic-Saving Smart Bottle  is flexible and long-lasting strap makes it an easy to carry bottle and increases the utility of the water bottle.
  • REBO Plastic-Saving Smart Bottle is dishwasher safe and can be easily cleaned.

The REBO Bottles, based in Geneva has come out with a smart water bottle that measures the water intake and also promises to lead to saving plastic. The company promises to fund the collection of a plastic bottle as you drink an entire bottle. The bottle also, comes bundles with a mobile application which keeps the count of water intake per bottle and helps remove the plastic thereby, also increasing sustainability and livability on our planet. The collection of bottles also will serve as a motivation for the users who deeply care about the environment and their own well-being.

Problem Solved by this Product


The smart bottles from REBO not only help you keep track of your water intake through out the day but also ramps up the protection of the environment by help collecting and hence eliminating plastic waste from our beaches, roads, houses etc. Hence, they serve as an important utility in tracking the water, which one of the most essential ingredients for our survival and also comes with the added benefit of helping the environment by cleaning plastic, which has become lately, the most dangerous contribution to the degradation of our ecosystem.

Detailed Specification

The REBO bottles has been designed in an intricate way with smart technology to keep track of water drunk. It is a modern design with a rechargeable battery and an USB-C charging port to charge the same.

1. It also contains an LED ring which reminds the user to stay hydrated by lighting up and also doubles up as a charging indicator wherein red describes Low and Green indicating complete charge.
2. The time of flight sensor uses the best in class sophisticated technology that the market cameras use. This sensor sends a wave to measure the water level in the bottle.
3. The BLE is the wireless technology which connects the REBO app that optimizes the use of battery. It stands for Bluetooth Low Energy and is one of the unique features of the REBO bottle.
4. Flexible and long-lasting strap makes it an easy to carry bottle and increases the utility of the water bottle.
5. The bottle is dishwasher safe and can be easily cleaned. The bottle contains one hand push cap which can be easily opened. The wide opening mouth of the bottle makes it easy to add ice cubes to your favourite shakes and more but this may prove to be a problem for some who are not habituated drinking water from wide mouth bottles.

The bottle is built of stainless steel and weighs 285 gm. It is made up of dual wall insulated stainless steel 18/10 that keeps the water cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. The bottle can contain 600 ml and the insulation system makes sure that bottle never “sweats”.
The REBO app keeps the track of water and prevents you from dehydration which results in poor athletic performance, decline in concentration and increased fatigue and headaches. The app determines and tracks water according to a pre-set drinking goal. It pairs up with activity tracker apps in the market to remind you when to drink water and also can help you locate the water refill points.

Also, due to the smart sensor which is competent enough to recognize the behavior of drinking through rhythm and pauses.

The REBO bottles also comes with the environmental benefits. For every bottle finished, they will help remove a plastic bottle and trash from our ecosystem. They have partnered with the Plastic Bank, Project Rescue Ocean and others that help stop ocean plastic pollution. The REBO funds the collectors in emerging countries based on the weight of plastic collected.

A plastic bottles water requires 2000 times the energy to generate tap water and using REBO bottles will help save $100+ per year spent on bottles water.
It is available in the following colours: Coral Orange, Atoll Turquoise, Turtle Green, Iceberg White, Ocean Blue, Dolphin Grey.

Plan for Launch


The idea for REBO was cracked during a lunch break in January 2018. The first prototype was ready by August 2019. The company has started taking orders from November 2019 and the product is believed to reach all the customers by April 2020 after the beta testing.

The REBO company has raised Rs. 11,598,207 and is currently backed by 1556 backers on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo. The early bird offer listed the bottle at Rs. 4640 while the special version of the REBO bottle is priced at Rs. 6213.

Company Details


The REBO based in Geneva, Switzerland is a team of 8 people with Pier Andrea being one of the founders and leading collaborator on the project. The company believes in exhaustive research and has gone through 16500 products in the market and surveyed a huge customer base to create and put forward a sustainable product which meets the demand of the customers. Their motto is “Every time you drink from REBO, you help fund the collection of plastic waste”. You can find more about the product and company here: REBO bottles


The REBO bottles is a great initiative that not only brings to the market a smart bottle for tracking your drinking habits but also helps you make your contribution in reducing the plastic waste and conserving the ecosystem by just drinking water. It is a novel concept and has a modern and efficient design. Though for the Indian markets, the bottle is priced at the higher end but the benefits it entails within are seamless for the environment.

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