Rattan XL Ebike – Effiecient Ebike Runs 100 Miles on Single Charge

rattanXL ebike
  • Rattan XL Ebike can run 100 Miles in a single Charge.
  • Rattan XL can generate own energy while riding.
  • Rattan XL can be foldable and easy to carry.


attan XL ebike is an e-bike that is both affordable and efficient. It is a well-made replacement for the bikes that we use currently. The bike features compatibility with all of the terrains and provides a driving distance that can get you almost anywhere in no time.

The materials used in the manufacturing of the product are robust and bring a tough build to the product. All in all, RattanXL ebike can be your everyday use utility vehicle with no harm to the environment whatsoever.

Rattan XL Ebike – Overview

Rattan XL Ebike

Our day to day activities affect the persona we carry and our surroundings too. Also, one of the utilities that assist us in our daily adventures is the transport we use to travel to our workplace and back. As of now, the number of cars on the roads has been increasing at a very alarming rate.

In the US, the average number of car purchases per year is 6.5 million. The automobile industry surely is increasing but that is having a deep impact on our surroundings. The air quality has dipped, tipping off a number of health problems to enter the human system.

The use of bicycles and public transport has been discouraged as one looks for more comfort. This system needs change and that too, soon. One of the alternatives that have been proposed is the introduction of electric vehicles that provide much cleaner use than fuel-based vehicles.

One of the stands out vehicles under electric category is Rattan XL Ebike.

Problem Solved By This Product

The e-bike concept is something of a buzz. It’s different approach and design keeps you in light for being a bit more than others. It also addresses the problem of increasing pollution day by day.

The affordable price if the bike puts it in a different position than any other electric vehicles which are relatively expensive. RattanXL e-bike can increase your productivity! You ask how? A report shows the people that own an e-bike are much likely to go to work than other bike enthusiasts. The stats go as much as up to 80%!

The bike is easier to carry around because it’s fold-able. Also, it brings with itself a certain style which is much more Eco-friendly to flaunt.

Rattan XL Ebike – Features

Rattan XL EBike

Two of the key criticisms that electrical vehicles face is that relatively, they cover much less distance and their slow speed. The e-bike, on a full charge, can travel for over 100 miles. The adequate speed for this much distance to be covered is 28 MPH. Also, the maximum speed of the bike without pedaling is 28 MPH.
The design of the bike is unique. Starting off with tires, they are built to accompany you to any terrain. The superior grip provides you with extra balance while on the bike. The 20-inch rear tire can take you to much more unexplored places.

The tires are supported by Front Suspension Fork and Shock Absorption Seat Tube which absorb any shocks along the way and give a much safer riding experience. The structure of the bike is fold-able and made from alloy. Even the pedals are fold-able!

The handle is also adjustable. The handle contains the throttle and a color LCD display. The display is 4.3 inches wide and shows stats like pedal assist level, current speed, battery life, total distance covered etc. 180 mm Hydraulic Disc Brakes allows much more control for you to take over. On the bottom of the handle frame is an ambient light sensor.

As for the working mechanism, the bike is powered with 500/750W Reibok Dedicate Motor and Shimano CS-HG31-8 Cassette 8-Speed 11-32 Teeth Freewheel. The latter can be adjusted according to different needs of speed and the former helps the bike by consuming 50% low power. RattanXL is 83% more efficient than other bikes.

The bike also houses the patented Intelligent Power Assistant System (I-PAS). I-PAS can add over an extra 60 miles to your bike. And this all comes when you are riding your RattanXL. It also utilizes extra energy that is produced during braking or going downhill which contributes to the efficiency of the device.

Rattan XL Ebike i-PAS Regeneration

One of the intriguing features that RattanXL have is cruise control. The newly introduced feature locks the bike in a particular speed when it has been maintained for more than 5 seconds. Breaking the cruise control is also easy. One simply just has to apply brakes to the bike once and then the control will be transferred back to the rider.

Rattan XL Ebike – Specifications

  • Speed : 25 – 28 MPH
  • Travel Range : 100+ Mile Range
  • Supported Speeds : 8 Speed Variable
  • Charging System : 60% Regenerative Charging
  • Display System : Color LCD Dashboard
  • Suspension System : Front Suspension Fork
  • Hydraulic : Front and Rear 180 mm Hydraulic
  • Brake System : Disc Brake with Alloy Caliper
  • Frame : 20-Inch Alloy Foldable Frame
  • Tyre : Chao Yang 20*4.0 All-Terrain Tire
  • Motor System : 48V 500W/750W Motor
  • Battery : 48v 14.5ah Samsung Hidden Battery

Rattan XL Ebike – Models

Rattan XL Ebike Models

The Rattan e-bike comes in 3 variants. MINI, X and XL. The motor powers, max speeds and sizes are the main difference between the three.

There are a number of colors to choose from for your bike: Sunburn Orange, Slate Gray, Midnight Blue, Jet Black and Army Green.

Rattan XL Ebike – Price and Availability

The price for XL is $999, X is $899 and MINI is $799. RattanXL had been worked upon and readied much earlier before its Indiegogo launch on 21st November.

The development of the bike started back in 2010. Since then, Rattan has been on a quest of progress. The shipping for the product began back in late 2019 when they shipped their first batch of Rattan e-bikes.

About Company

Rattan is based on the ideology that a great business doesn’t mean to have great products at expensive prices. The company specializes in making e-bikes and has been in the industry for almost 10-11 years now.

Along with a positive attitude towards their products, the company also emphasizes on providing their customers with a sense of exploration. Indeed, with their work based on creating e-bikes, the company supports making eco-friendly vehicles that do not harm the environment in any way possible.

The company has provided affordable e-bikes, accessories and conversion kits so far. Products like Rattan, Fat Bear and Challenger has put them in content for becoming the leading e-bike manufacturing company.

They want their users to have a little bit of wanderlust for the mysterious world outside.

So, inject your ordinary life with a new affordable and Eco-friendly vehicle. Opt for it and be the difference you want to be. Switch to Rattan and make a change.