raspberry pi zero ventilator

 Coronavirus has proved its pandemic nature worldwide. Already nearly 2 Million people are affected worldwide and more than 126,725(source : Worldometer) people died already till 15th April, 2020 reported. During the infection of this disease patients suffer from respiratory problem and needs to taken into ventilator most of the cases.

But even in the developed countries like USA, Italy, Spain and others who are having leading medical setup for their citizens are having hard time to provide 100% ventilators support for all the patients. To support this situation many companies, startups are geared up their infrastructure to design and develop low cost ventilator systems.


Companies like Tesla, GM, Apple are helping the world to make medical equipment during this crisis situation.

In a recent note, BBC has reported that a Colombian person Mr. Marco Mascorro has designed an Raspberry PI based ventilator.

Earlier many people has tried to build bio medical applications as hobby, but this time may be this can be used as most serious situation of the world.


Mr. Marco Mascorro has published the code as open source and many people are already started to contribute to the setup and design. Many health experts already started giving their experiences to enhance this setup now.

The Raspberry PI zero which is available in market with just 5$ cost which has 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM and HDMI, USB support in built is really good alternative option for this at this moment. Also the other parts can be easily procured from the local market or car market to build this setup as Marco mentioned.

To test this setup, this testing will be conducted at the University Hospital of the Pontifical Xavierian University and Los Andes University in Bogota. They will conduct over week testing continious basis for the testing of this functionality on artificial lungs and further this will be continued on animal before it is tested on human.