Raine One – World’s Fastest E-Bike Runs At 50Km/H

Raine World Fasest Ebike
  • Raine One Electric Scooter is World’s Fastest E bike.
  • Raine One has inbuilt GPS which can be controlled by App.
  • Raine One is very light weight and fold-able.


aine One Electric Scooter is designed to be one of the world’s safest, smoothest and most exhilarating electric scooters. This electric scooter is being designed by the Australian brand Raine One.

This electric scooter comes with superior acceleration, poly-shock suspension, aircraft grade materials and high class safety features. It is a sustainable means of transport as it runs on electricity, thus saving energy and money on the journey.

The Raine One Electric Scooter has technology that helps us to keep in sync with the scooter with features such as integrated locking, mode switch, power manager and built-in navigation system.

Raine Ebike

Problem solving by this product

The Raine One Electric Scooter is made in such a way so as to provide its users a convenient, eco- friendly and an independent mode of transport. It can be shipped to different countries with specifications that are in accordance with the respective countries’ speed limits and regulations.

The scooter comes with an in- built GPS navigation system that can be connected with the Raine app. The Raine app contains detailed mapping through which the scooter’s location can be found at any location. The scooter has a display screen that displays live parameters such as battery percentage, travel speed and can also be used to display Google Maps.

The scooter is made to last long. It is easily serviceable. As it runs on electricity, the scooter is sustainable and does not leave any carbon footprints. It is manufactured with high quality materials and components. The moving parts of the scooter have high quality bearings that are specified and inspected for long term use.

Raine One Fasterst Ebike

In certain parts of the scooter, the design and the working mechanism is such that any long term movement will keep the movement tight, rather than loosening it up. Most of the parts of the scooter are either reusable or recyclable, making it very eco- friendly.

Like most of the vehicles, the scooter is made up of a combination of standard materials like aluminium and recyclable thermoplastic, with the custom parts also being made of recyclable material wherever possible. The shipment is packaged in a recyclable plain cardboard box that can be reused for various purposes.

Detailed specifications

The Raine One Electric Scooter boasts of a high performance of 50kmph or 31mph due to its superior design. It has a LI-ion battery with 48V, 500-600Wh and Japanese cells protected with Battery Management System. It weighs 12kgs and has a frame of aluminium and carbon fibre composite.

It has a highly efficient motor of 750W+ with 200W/ 250W/ 500W limited region mode and burst mode that provides a brushless flux drive and increases speed and distance travelled in one charge. The lightweight frame, coupled with the high-powered motor, provides increased uphill power. It provides a range of 40km.

The total recharge time is 5 hrs. The scooter can be recharged for 2 hrs for a minimum distance of 12.5km.  The high grip, puncture- proof and soft airless tires help to increase the travel speed and are compatible for all weather conditions. The scooter has a 5.1 inch display that shows various parameters like travel speed, time, battery percentage, etc.

The display comes with day and night lighting modes for all-time comfortable travel. The in-built GPS system provides real-time location assistance and can identify the current position of the scooter at any time.

Safety is one of the most important features of the scooter. Just like the modern cars, the scooter has a sophisticated ABS breaking system and traction control, and full poly-shock suspension for both the front and rear. High-grip deck and all- weather tires provide strong grip and prevent slipping.


Programmable LED lights in the front and sides whose brightness and light colour can be altered according to the external conditions. The scooter comes with a patented lock that features a built-in high strength steel cable and electronic immobiliser. It has an easy to use custom X-fold system and a strong lightweight frame made of carbon fiber elements that can be carried around anywhere.

It comes with 3 custom modes that are smart, Eco and rocket modes, and also a good shock absorbing system. The scooter comes with many riding comforts such as a wide super- grip riding deck made of silicone that provides superb balance and can also be cleaned easily.

Heated hand grips that ensure comfortable cool morning travels. The scooter comes with an international warranty. Maximum rider weight capacity is 120kg. The scooter comes with a 1 year warranty.

Technical Specifications

Raine One Ebike

  • Top Speed : 50 kmh /31 mph
  • Locking : Smart lock. Patented app-connected built in high tensile steel cable and electronic immobilizer.
  • Charge Time : Recharge 20km/12.5 miles of range in less than two hours. Full charge in 5 hours.
  • Suspension : Front and rear full suspension, sprung and poly-shock damped.
  • Range : 40 km /25 miles
  • Battery : Li-ion Protected with Battery Management System. 48V, 500-600Wh. Japanese cells.
  • Lighting : Programmable high brightness white, and full color front and rear lighting zones.
  • Weight : 12 kgs / 26 lbs
  • Deck : Composite washable silicone high grip.
  • Frame : Aluminium & Carbon Fibre Composite.
  • Braking : Electronic ABS, regenerative rear, friction guard rear, disc front.
  • Rider Weight : Nominal 120 kg / 264 lbs.
  • Motor : High power brushless hub.750W+ with 200W / 250W / 500w limited region mode and burst mode.
  • Warranty : 1 year warranty.
  • Tyres : High grip, puncture-proof all weather tyres.


In comparison with other scooters in this segment, the Raine One scooter comes with the maximum speed of 50kmph. It is the only scooter that comes with suspension, in- built GPS, smart locking system and an app that can be used to control the scooter. It has the similar option of fold ability. The scooter has a lower weight of 12kg in comparison to other scooters in its segment. It has high grip airless tires, power for upto 15 degree hill climb and ABS regenerative braking system with front disc brake, friction guard and fender stops. It has customizable LED lighting for the front, rear and also the braking lights.

Plan for launch

raine ebike

The company was founded in March 2018, with the first functional prototype being built in August 2018. After several months of investigation and travel to meet manufacturers and to finalise the component sourcing, the manufacturing partnership was established in August 2019 with the industrial design being completed a little later. With the first production test run completed in September 2019, the final round of product development based on backer feedback has been completed in December 2019 and the second production test run currently running in January 2020. Mass production is expected to begin by February 2020 and the product delivery is predicted for May 2020.

About the company 

Raine One is a start-up that was founded in March 2018 in Melbourne, Australia by three passionate entrepreneurs James Murphy, Marc Alexander and Mish Mannering.