QooCam 360: World’s First 3 lenses 4K 360 and 3D Camera

  • QooCam 360 can capture 3D 1800 VR and 3600 videos even in 4K resolution equipped with three powerful lenses.
  • Recording everything with shake free stabilization in QooCam that capture 120 frames per second for amazing moments with great detail.
  • QooCam 360 is the only camera that has refocus and depth mapping technology and also offers 3600 live streaming and with great battery backup of 3 hours.

QooCam 360 offers you to capture more of your adventure which is the revolutionary 3D stereo and 360 degrees camera to unleash you fully while you are shooting, QooCam 360 is the equipped with the state of art rotatable 3 lens camera which allows you to only record 360 degrees 4K videos but also capable of recording 3d stereo videos.

QooCam equipped with the shake free technology to make your picture always smooth and stabilized. QooCam switchable structure allows you to change modes effortlessly to easily adapt to whatever the day brings for every exploration, destination or experience you share.


QooCam 360 will capture all your most memorable moments even at 120 frames per second for amazing effects, you can shoot freely with QooCam no matter how you positioned or hold the camera QooCam will capture the moment with 3D stereo lenses and ground breaking depth based technology you can reframe or refocus them after your shot.

QooCam offers livestream 3600 panoramic with 1800 3D space anytime and anywhere.

Problem Solving By This Product



QooCam is the world’s first camera that capture your surrounding in 4K 3600 VR mode. Also capable of capturing 1800 3D stereo videos with an ease.

The refocus revolutionary technology in the QooCam which allows you to focus what you want after taking the shot.

QooCam can estimate the distance of the subject when shooting in 3D 1800 mode and provide a depth map which no camera can offer.

You can always capture and smooth & steady videos with the help of the IMU Gyro Stabilizer integrated with the Inhouse Algorithm which makes you no need of carrying the physical stabilizers.

The real time optical flow in the app of QooCam stiches the video in once click making a 3600 photo or video in no time. QooCam can create fantastic shots with 120 FPS 3600 video or 3D Slow motion videos even in 4K.

QooCam three lenses offers you a great 2160 field of view with an aperture of f/2.2 which captures finest details in low light condition also.

QooCam is packed with massive 2600 mAh battery which can last longer up to 3 hours with continuous recording and can change your pictures into tiny planets with the tiny planet effect.

QooCam can be mounted anywhere on tripod as a selfie stick or on a drone and dolly etc. QooCam supports both Android and iOS for sharing your videos instantly with anyone, also supports live streaming in 3600.

Detailed Specification


QooCam is the world’s first 4K camera with 3 lenses offering you to record 4K videos and photos in full 3600 image, the 4K resolution with the full sensors can capture and record each and every memorable moment and create a high quality 360 degrees videos.

With the QooCam you can also takes the 3D 1800 stereo videos which can be viewed in VR board supporting the virtual reality technology which capture and produce the live experience when viewed.

QooCam provide the great functionality of shooting the image first and focusing it later by using the latest revolutionary depth-based technology, also estimates the distance of the subject in frame and generate depth map for special effects for post-filming while shooting in 3D 1800 mode.

QooCam refocus will be able to create bokeh effect which enhances the subject you focused, with the QooCam you can shoot like a pro and capture shake free videos with IMU Gyro stabilization with In house Algorithm which achieves smooth and stable videos even without a physical stabilizer.

QooCam automatic stitching free functionality in the app provides a 3600 spherical image with the real time optical flow algorithm by combining the images taken from two lenses.

You can create a fantastic 3600 or 3D Slow motion video 120 frames per second in 2K or 1800 3D videos at 4K 60 fps with high quality stunning moments, the time lapse function in the QooCam makes photography very easy by simply selecting the shooting frequency and the QooCam will shoot it for you.


The three 2160 field of view lenses used in the QooCam captures everything with prime quality to experience full 4K, with better battery life and quality by using the Sony’s CMOS sensor.

QooCam camera is made with the aviation grade anodized aluminum alloy body which weighs only 170 grams making it most durable and good for cooling, the massive 2600 mAh powered battery which offers you up to 3 hours of continuous shooting in a single charge.


QooCam is expandable up to 256 GB to offer you freedom to record all the footage with a single tap you can easily reframe and create 2D edits to your panoramic content and set the key frames, with the QooCam smart tracking feature which keeps the track of subject movement in 4K 3600, you can transform your photo or video into a world with a single click.

QooCam supports easy sharing functionalities to share your videos with your friends, also capable of shooting 3600 videos to show your friends your whole surroundings, compatible with the Android and iOS that enables to monitor and edit videos.


The QooCam is priced at $289 for the super early bird sale and for $299 in early bird sale.

Technical Specifications

QooCam: World’s First 3 lenses 4K 360 and 3D Camera-1

  • Video Specs : 3600 Video recording 3480×1920/ 30 FPS, 3480×1920/60 FPS, 1920×960/ 120 FPS
  • Photo Specs : 3600 photo recording 4320×2160
  • 3D Video Specs : 1800 3D video recording 3480×1920 /30 FPS
  • 3D Photo Specs : 1800 3D photo recording 4320×2160
  • Model Color : Black
  • Weight : 170 grams
  • Dimensions : 0.98×1.22×7.83 inch
  • Bluetooth Version : BLE4.0
  • Wi-Fi Version : Wireless 5G+2.4G
  • Micro SD Card : Max storage capacity is 256GB.
  • Battery : 2600 mAh
  • Battery Life : Up to 3 hours.

Plan For Launch

The concept for the QooCam is begin along with the production planning in January 2017, then some mock up samples are made and engineered and the design validation is done with the 1st trail in December 2017.

The CES and Software development for the QooCam is started in January 2018 with SXSW trade show in March and mass production with shipping in August 2018.

Company Details

This QooCam is developed by the team called Kandao which is a specialized in virtual reality technology, they always believer that the virtual reality technology will change the world and the recording life style of everyone, so they are inventing new things by pushing the VR technology.

They are formed in 2016 and dedicated for providing the highly professional software solutions and hardware manufactures as well for VR and AR technology, they had built three professional cameras which supports virtual technology which changed the industry named as the Obsidian R.