Qi Lamp – Beautiful Colorful Wireless Charging Lamp For Your Smart Home

Qi Lamp
  • Qi Lamp is the world’s first wirelessly charging Lamp and with touch controls along with auto power off mechanism.
  • Qi Lamp gives you 275 lumens of maximum brightness with full color spectrum with adjustable brightness.
  • Qi Lamp is 3600 diffused surrounded Stepless dimming Lamp with many modes, which is safe to eye, easy to carry and eco-friendly.

Getting bored by using different kinds of lamps that serves for different purposes. Like carrying a light for working environment and for bed times and using a lamp when the powers off, using a different for campaign and wanted a one that can server many purposes.

Qi Lamp is the world’s first wirelessly charging lamp with touch sensor control to operate it.

Qi Lamp offers you neutral while light which is perfect for reading, crafting and working environments.

Qi Lamp

Qi Lamp has full spectrum of color you can select what color you want depending up on the mood and where you are. Qi Lamp fits a color for any situation that make it to be used anywhere. Qi Lamp has candle mode which glows similar to candle and promote relaxation.
You can also connect the Qi Lamp to the power bank to extend the battery life. Qi Lamp will be a perfect bedside companion.

Problem solving by this product


Qi Lamp serves full color spectrum of colors with single Lamp which can be used for many occasions like working, reading, dining, nightlight and many more.

Qi Lamp supports wireless charging along with the USB-C connector to charge it. Which makes it easy for charging with laptops, power banks, charging bricks.

Qi Lamp offers 275 lumens brightness which can be adjustable with touch controls, which is more enough brighter to see things clearly in dark.

Handy light modes In the Qi Lamp will adjust to the environment you preferred with continuous mode, spectrum mode and candle mode.

Qi Lamp emit harmless light to your eyes and can be automatically powered off on top save the battery, which is easy to carry and eco-friendly.

Detailed Features

The Qi Lamp is a portable compact sized lamp which has unique feature of wireless charging that is compatible with any wireless charger or any wireless charging power bank.
The controls are touch for the Qi Lamp located on the top one for brightness and another for modes and the diffused Qi Lamp shape offers you 3600 degrees surrounded light and Full color spectrum of LED with the color selecting strip located on the front bottom along with the aluminum base of the Qi Lamp.


The Qi Lamp is all about convenience with the simple tap on the Lamp to set it on/off, choose different light modes or slide your finger to choose the exact color you like with the touch controls.


The Qi Lamp color full spectrum make you switch between the desired colors you want to make your environment pleasant to you, the brightness of the Qi Lamp is about 275 lumens which more than enough to see things clearly in the darkest place. The battery life of the Qi Lamp is ranging from 3.5 hours to 40 hours depending up the mode and the usage of the Qi Lamp.


Qi Lamp comes with many handy light modes, the continuous mode which make the Lamp to glow continuously for working, reading, entertaining and others task at your preferred brightness. The spectrum mode which is opted for parties and holiday occasion so that the Lamp continuously cycles through full spectrum of colors creating a vibrant display.

The candle mode in the Qi Lamp that creates a slow glow which pulses 12 times a minute. This mode in the Lamp is designed to match the human breathing to promote while relaxing or taking rest.

Qi Lamp uses the easy and fast way to charge it up with the Qi PAD which is a wireless charging pad or you can connect it to the USB port of computer to make it work, the USB-C port on the Qi Lamp helps it to charge quickly or do things quickly, you can also on it by connecting it to power bank or charging brick of your mobile.


The Qi Lamp is can be used for all occasions like working, reading, dining, travel, entertaining, camping, relaxation and as night light, Qi Lamp will be always ready when you needed it on the table it’s not hard like other traditional lamps to find out. In case of there is any power outage or emergency situation, you don’t need waste your time looking for a flashlight in a crowded tool drawer make you frustrating. Qi Lamp will be on your desktop or on charging pad so you can access it quickly.

With the Qi Charging PAD you can charge your Qi Lamp or your phone which is fast and convenient, the Qi Lamp is compatible with any charging pad if you don’t have, they offer you the 15W Qi Charging pad to charge Qi Lamp.


Qi Lamp comes with three different matching colors with the Qi Charging pads, they are Midnight Black, Neon Red, and comet silver.


The price of the Qi Lamp is $36(Rs 2, 664 ) for pre ordered customers and the Qi charging pad is about $18(Rs 1,332 ). You can purchase them as combo for $42(Rs 3, 108 ) for Neon Red on early bird sale and comet silver for $48(Rs 3, 552 ). Two Qi Lamps for $72(Rs 5, 328 ) and many combinations purchases available.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions : 6.7×2.7 inches (170x68mm)
  • Weight : 0.5lb (247 grams)
  • Material : Aluminum Base, ABS top
  • Battery Working Time : 3.5- 40 hours
  • LED Specs : Full spectrum, White Light 3500-4500k, Lumens 1-275 Lumens
  • Wattage : 6 Watt
  • LED Lifespan : >20000 hours
  • Qi Charging Pad Dimension : 3.7 x 0.2 inches (95 x 5 mm)
  • Weight (Qi charging pad) : 0.2 lb. (110 grams)
  • Material (Qi charging pad) : Aluminum
  • Max output (Qi charging pad) : 10W Fast charging

Plan for launch

The initial concept is decided and collecting feedback from the users and the design with prototype along with the product optimization are done on the early quarters of 2019. Kickstarter campaign begin September 2019.

The Mold making and full-scale manufacturing with quality control over the process until the delivery with shipment is done in January 2020.

Company details

This Qi wireless charging lamp is developed by the team OHOM, they only focus on the quality of the home-made products which are made simpler, user friendly and innovative. They have developed many products from the titanium chopstick to the self-warming KOPI Mug. Their goal is to continually design products that helps to simplify the hard task in our busy life and bring joyful experience at home.

With the team of four Peter Kao is the Design Director of the OHOM, Erick Vargas an industrial designer, Kate Li Production Manager and Andrew Oropeza who is a Project Manager at OHOM.