PurePort : Multipurpose Cleaning Tool for iPhone & iPad Available at $21 USD

Seven tools which will extend your iPhones and iPad lifespan.

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  • PurePort is unique with Swiss Army Knife design and hold seven tools within, which can completely restore and repair your iPhone and iPad ports for reliable connection.
  • PurePort first four tools are used for cleaning the damaged arcing lightning ports from dust, oil, stains and large debris to make the port interior clean.
  • PurePort can also revive the oxide damaged cables and removes fine contaminants and oils and seventh tool to clean the speakers and switches with the brush.

Everyone hates when the gadgets on which they are relying make them down, by running out of battery not connecting properly many people has faced the problem of this accessory may not be supported for your device in the iPhones all with the problem of charging port getting rusty, arcing, dusted with oil and other particles.

PurePort comes with the seven tools, the first tool which helps in shaping the lightening port by removing large debris, lint and tissues, the second tool which is a port brush designed to remove the fine dust and hair with the loop design which is safe for the delicate components.

The third tool of the PurePort which repairs arcing and oxide damage caused to pins should be used for damaged ports only, the fourth port which serves as wiping port cleaning stains and oil from the contact, while the other fifth tool is for the cables which revives the cables from the oxide damage on lightning cables and the sixth port will wipe the connectors which helps in removing the dine contaminants, grease & oil fills. Finally, a tool brush to clean the dust and lint from you speaker’s microphone and switches.

PurePort offers a micro fabric cloth to make your iPhone look clean & neat all these features make the PurePort maintenance & cleaning tool for all Apple accessories.

Problem Solving By This Product

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  • PurePort has the seven tools which will extend your iPhones and iPad lifespan for the reliable and perfect connection without need of replacing the device frequently.
  • PurePort can revive the cables from the oxide damage for the reliable connection and make them keep working for long time.
  • No more letting your gadgets down you at the required moment with unreliable connection to charge your devices, PurePort classified their seven tools into categories to maintain the clean and neat accessories.
  • With the first four tools which wipes the port and restore them form the oxidized damage or any damage due to dust, stains or from any other contaminants with the unique loop structured design to go inside throughout the port.
  • Two tools in the PurePort will help in cleaning the lightning cables port and other accessories from the damage due to oxides and oil stains, dust etc. The last tool serves to clean the speaker and button on your iPhone and iPad.

Detailed Specification


blankPurePort is the tool which keeps all your Apple cables, devices and accessories clean and new both inside as well as outside for perfect connection every time you need.

PurePort helps in extending the battery life your everyday carrying gadgets such as iPhone and iPad by saving your valuable time in replacing cables and hassle of unreliable connections.

The main problem that iPhone user noticing that the unreliable connection due to contamination of the lightning port with various debris such are tissue, skin oil, hair and other moist contaminants since we cannot see inside the lightning port the dust will keep on increasing which results in unreliable connections.

Port contamination with these particles which leads to oxide damage which leaves black marks on the cable connectors finally lead to the connectivity issue like intermittent charging, slow charging or loose connection when connected to the phone lead to error especially in iPhone giving sign that this accessory may not be supported.

PurePort is the ultimate maintenance & cleaning tool for all your Apple accessories which has even tools embedded in, serving for the different purposes to ensure the reliable connection for your iPhone Ports and cables by resolving three essential problems that iPhone and iPad users are facing.


PurePort one to four tools are used to clean and restore the lightning ports on your iPhone and iPad from the first tool which helps in removing all the large debris and design in a shape to reach the lightning port retainer spring cavity, the second tool removes dust, hair and other contaminants, with the unique loop design which is safe to use on delicate connector pin while the third tools of the PurePort is used for repairing oxide and arcing damaged lightning ports. The fourth tool is port wiper which removes the stains and oil from the port interior.

There are two tools in the PurePort for cleaning and reviving the lightning connectors on cables and accessories which reduce the oxide damage and black marks where arcing occurred that making the connection unreliable, with the fifth tool as cable abrasive that revives the cable from oxide and the other is cable wiper to remove the contaminants and oil on the connector.

The seventh tool of the PurePort is designed to clean the speakers and switches of your valuable iPhone and iPad with the mini brush around the corners as well as in switches. The speaker will clean the dust and lint from speaker, headphones and switches.

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All these seven tools are combined in a one unique Swiss Army Knife designed structure, juts remove and reverse them to use the tool you need and they also added the micro fibre surface cloth to clean the surfaces of your iPhone and iPad cleanly.

The PurePort is priced at 16$ for super early bird sale and 21$ for early bird sale.

Plan For Launch

This idea for the PurePort is came into existence in April 2017 and lightning port with microscope research in June 2017 and Market research is done in August 2017 with the building of first prototype in November and got the US Provisional patent in March in later year and the second prototype is made in August 2018. The design and manufacturing of the products is done in September and final visual prototype is made in December with the campaign on the Kickstarter in the later quarter so the year 2019.

Company Details

This PurePort idea is founded by cleaning the iPhone and iPad with the home remedies and results in damaging the iPhone with various home tools. Kate Swinnerton and Josh Swinnerton are the co-founders of the company developed this PurePort after observing the hair, dust and stains that are accumulated on the lightning port of the iPhone and iPad.