Prompt The Anti Watch : Your Smartwatch Without the Distraction

prompt the anti watch
  • Prompt The Anti Watch is a striking simple, beautiful and modern with minimal design that uses LED’s for minutes in hour.
  • Prompt The Anti Watch do not push any notification and keeps you stay focused on the work most by silently reminding you the time with haptic feedback vibrations.
  • Prompt  The Anti Watch Without display or screen, communicate the time accurately to visually impair.

Many people use the smart watches as the modern wear provided with the many functionalities like calling and giving alerts and physical tracking, but while they are in meetings or in some important places that needs their attention fails due to the smartwatch time or notifications or whatever it may be.

Prompt the Anti-watch is built for you to stay focused on what matters the most rather than being distracted with other things, Anti-Watch is a timepiece which has no number like hours and seconds hands on it indeed there is no screen to look for and connect to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, with the minimal design and comfortable in hand.

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It won’t push any notifications and alerts but silently reminds you the time when you tap on the face of the Anti-Watch. The Anti-watch also gives precise time to time, you can always take a glance at the LED’s around the watch that indicates the minutes which can be activated by pressing the watch for 3 seconds.

Problem solving by this product

The prompt Anti-Watch will not give any notification alerts and anything like others to stay focused on the work you do.

With the prompt Anti-Watch, the distraction of seeing the watch for time and making someone feel wrong about you in the meeting is no more.

Simple in design and soft to touch gives you the exact time to finish the work through the haptic feedback with vibration on touch.

The LED’s indicates the time precisely located around the corners of the watch which will help you to not miss the schedules.


Prompt Anti-Watch also help the visually impaired to know the time though the vibrations, with its minimal design it is easy to carry and comfort to be worn.

Anti-Watch helps you to stay on present without getting late, so that it emphasizes being present physically and as well mentally.

Detailed specification

The Anti-Watch is made of PVD of high quality coated stainless steel and polished glass with minimal design and crafted with comfort to carry with its smooth surface to touch, as well as in quality and the weight.

By rotating the rear cover of the Anti-Watch counter clockwise it will open the back cover to put the battery on and put on the back cover on its place until the LED’s turn on the front and the goes off.

They have spent many years in refining the product design, in the early prototypes of the Anti-Watch the timepiece was in lengths to tell you the precise time with hours and minutes. But due to the most meeting start at the top of the hour or before half an hour, they finally realized that the Anti-Watch is only required to convey four moments in time. They are right before or after the top of hour and right before or after the half-hour.


To remind you the time, when you touch the smooth concave glass lens that triggers the vibrations between 1 to 4, which means the quarters of the time, 1 vibration signifies that you are in first 15 minutes in the hour, 2 vibrations for 2nd quarter of the hour and 3 vibrations means that you are in the 3rd 15 minutes and 4 vibrations means that you are about in last 15 minutes of the hour.

Knowing time is good & essential but checking it in front of other scan you end up them in a wrong signal that you want to leave to be somewhere else in business it will be useful to check after the time by holding it in our hands or worn traditionally to our wrist.

You can also check the time virtually and precise time to time with the Anti-Watch by taking a look at the LED’s around the watch, this will be activated by pressing down the timeline for more than three seconds.


The big dots represent the 5 minutes of an hour, while the small ones signify a minute in between the 5 minutes. Prompt is a smarter watch or device which has no display or screen and it is not connectable to anything else like through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NFC.

This Anti-Watch is made for change in the functions of the digital and analogue watches that provide a real value being unchanged over years, this watch can be able to communicate to the visually impaired with the vibrations to remind them, prompt emphasizes being in present physically and mentally.


The price of the Anti-Watch is $195(Rs 14,430) for the early bird sales with one prompt timepiece and watch band housing and available for $205 (Rs 15,170) as Kickstarter special, Two Prompt Anti-Watch are available for $349(Rs 25,826) for super early bird pack and $389 (Rs 28, 786) as the kickstarter two pack.

Plan for launch

The concept genesis is started in March 1998 while the utility patent field is taken in July 2006, the first functional prototype was built in the year 2017 and they take several years to accept the design for the users and make it available in the market in 2020.

Company details

This Anti-Watch is developed by the Prompt team includes Nick, Dave, Alex, Matt, Caleb. The prompt Co-founder is Alex Wellen with 25 years of experience in business, technology, product, operation and strategy building and marketing world class consumer brands, he is the named inventor on more than a dozen patents ranging from timepieces and sports equipment’s and all other.

Dave Prince is also the Co-founder of the company and while all others are like product designer and electrical circuit designer and firmware developers with a minimum of 9 years’ experience in their fields.