Prinker S -A Smart, Easy to Use Temporary Tattoo Printer

Smart temporary tattoo printer which is waterproof and long last.

Prinker Tatoo Printer
  • Prinker S is the smart temporary tattoo printer in under 3 seconds and waterproof to last long for 2 days, which can be removed after soap wash.
  • Prinker S comes with the black ink cartridge to print 1000+ tattoos from the pre-defined designs or from the custom designs to explore your creativity.
  • Prinker S uses cosmetic gradient ink which is 100% skin friendly and suitable for all types of skins with easy and fun DIY use.

Everyone loves tattoos on their bodies which signifies their own style and offers great look for their body meanwhile they are afraid too that these tattoos will be permanent and requires treatment to be removed like laser treatment or others.
Prinker is a device that prints temporary tattoos in seconds with the cosmetic gradient ink which is waterproof, Prinker has their application which is available to both Android and iOS. After installing the application, you have to choose your own favorite design and upload the design to the Prinker via Bluetooth.

You can also add your own custom image of the tattoo in the Prinker website and the download that in the application to print the tattoo on your body.


You should use the skin primer before printing the tattoo on the body and apply the skin primer solution gently to the area you are about to print that tattoo and then move the Prinker from left to right to print that tattoo on your body.

Prinker need ink cartridges to be installed on the Prinker to supply the ink for printing and runs with batteries. You can have personalized tattoos with the creative design or you can choose from the 5000+unique designs like characters, shapes, cartoons and many more.

Prinker is a DIY device you can use this tattoo for any occasion which will be worn off after not permanent, simple to use and works for any skin type like smooth, rough and oily skins.

Problem Solving By This Product


Prinker S is the world’s first temporary tattoo printer which can print tattoo on the body in just 3 seconds of DIY use, the Prinker tattoo printer is skin safe to be used on any type of the skin.

Prinker S comes with the cosmetic gradient Inc which is waterproof to last longer for 2 days. If you want to remove the tattoo you can remove that using the soap water.

Prinker S app comes with more than 5000+ tattoo design in included in the app if you insist you can create your own custom tattoo with your creativity, this feature is not available in most of the tattoo devices.

Moreover, this is a temporary tattoo which can be used for any occasions, no need of worrying about the ink on the body causing any harm. Prinker S comes with one Black cartridge in the device which is enough for 1000 tattoo prints.

Prinker S is compatible with color ink cartridge also so that you can have color tattoos, the skin primer will help the tattooing area to be clean so that the tattoo looks stunning with clean new look. Prinker S is small and lightweight tattoo printer to be carried with you anywhere and anytime.

Detailed Features


Prinker S is the smart temporary tattoo printer which is waterproof and long last until washed with the soap water. Prinker uses the black ink cartridges which comes with the Prinker S which is cosmetic gradient ink just like a makeup for the skin with tattoo.

The Prinker S cosmetic gradient ink is a skin safe ink which is certified to be used and last longer for 2 days and washable with the soap water if you want to remove the tattoo.

Prinker S is compatible with the color ink or the black ink you can use any of the color cartridges depending of the tattoo, each Prinker comes with the black cartridge in the device which is enough for 1000 tattoos depending on the design and size of the tattoo.

Prinker S temporary tattoo printer is very easy to use and fun, you can use this tattoo printer for any occasion to have fun, the temporary tattoo machine will only take 3 seconds to print the tattoo on your body. Prinker S temporary tattoo printer is skin friendly and doesn’t cause any harm to the skin and perfect to be used on any skin type like oil, dry, rough and smooth skin.


Prinker S is very easy to use DIY device all you need to download the Prinker Application from the store which is compatible with both iOS and Android. You can choose your favorite design among the 5000+ cartoon, character and old school designs, after selecting the design you smartphone will send the design to the printer by establishing the Bluetooth connection and there you go you can use the Prinker when it shows Go symbol.

Before printing the tattoo you need to spray skin primer on the area you want to print the tattoo so that the skin on that area will become wet to print the tattoo, not only there are predefined designs you can also upload your own custom tattoo design or you can draw your design in the app and directly print that on your skin.

Prinker S is small and compact tattoo printer to be carried to any place and unleash your creativity in designing the tattoo that works with the lithium batteries no need to charge the device, you can print instant custom tattoos for all ages.
This Prinker S Temporary tattoo printer is priced at $269.


  • Resolution 1000 dpi
  • Image Dimensions .39 x 0.9 inches
  • Connectivity Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and 5.0
  • Batteries Lithium-Ion (7.4V/ 950 mA)
  • Cartridge Black Ink or Color Ink
  • Quantity : One Cartridge 1000+ tattoos
  • Dimensions 5.8 x 2.3 3.6 inches
  • Weight 12 ounces

Plan For Launch

This Prinker S App Smart temporary tattoo printer is made available to the market in the year 2020 January after changes in the prototype and design in the previous years, the manufacturing and the shipping will be done in later quarters of the year 2020.

Company Details

This Temporary tattoo printer device is developed by the company called Prinker which is started in the year 2015 in Korea, their mission is to inspire their customers with the new tools that they develop and they have customers in over 50 countries. They develop Prinker which is the world’s comprehensive temporary tattoo device by allowing users directly what they want to apply on their skin, the company have been in this business for more than many years and achieved many mile stones.

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