PrinCube World’s Smallest Absolute Color Printer

Smallest portable lightweight color mobile printer which replaces the traditional printers.

PrinCube World’s Smallest Absolute Color Printer

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  • PrinCube is the smallest compact designed mobile printer which is lightweight and perfect fit in hands and easy to use with one button printing.
  • PrinCube color printer can print on any surface like paper, metal, wood, curved and even in uneven rough places and will be your personal tattoo printer with multiple line printing feature.
  • PrinCube last longer for 6 hours of continuous usage and with 20 times more memory which can print 415 A4 pages or 123,000 meters with single cartridge and easy to charge with Type-C port.


Printers are heavy to carry and not portable indeed some printers are small but cannot be used for everything they are only limited to print on some materials like paper and not as simple to use and carry.

PrinCube which is the world’s smallest color portable mobile printer which is very simple to use a DIY printer. The PrinCube connect to your smartphone over the app and one click to print your content or sticker on any material you need with just a slide from left to right.

PrinCube can print on paper, metal, leather, cardboard, wood and plastic with the 3-color thermal inkjet technology which also offers multi line printing even on rough and uneven surfaces like curved surfaces and even on skin to print your own tattoo for occasions.

PrinCube print on any material in just one second and with the quick dry ink will make sure that the ink will attach to the material it is printed on. PrinCube is very small and portable with the compact design.

PrinCube has USB Type-C port for fast charging and the cartridges are easily replaceable and offers 6 hours of nonstop printing and one cartridge can print on 415 A4 papers and 123,000 meters.

Problem Solving By This Product


PrinCube is smallest portable lightweight color mobile printer which replaces the traditional printers that are only limited to print on particular surfaces with limitations.

PrinCube color printer don’t have any limitations and can print on any surface like paper, wood, metal, plastic and even on any textured surface material. PrinCube can also print in rough and curved surfaces.

PrinCube can also be your personal tattoo printer which can print temporary tattoos on your skin for occasions which is very easy to use over WiFi to your smartphone and upload any text, image or photo.

PrinCube can fit in your pocket and weighs only 160 grams to be carried anywhere you go on the way and prints lifelike vivid color images by using the latest 3 color ink jet technology for color printing on any surface.

PrinCube also has multi line printing feature which will be very useful when you want to print more content and the battery last longer for 6 hours of continuous usage with 1 year standby time with one single charge and one cartridge last longer for 415 A4 pages or 123,000 meters printing.

PrinCube cartridge refilling is also very simple with one button and can be charged through the Type-C port.

Detailed Specification


PrinCube is the smallest portable mobile color printer which is lightweight and perfect to fit in the hands of anyone which allows you to create fast color printing anywhere which works over WiFi on your phone to upload text, image or any photo and to print on any object instantly with single button tap.

PrinCube is more comfortable and convenient to be carried anywhere you want on the go with the power of inkjet that works on any material which overcomes the limitations of the traditional printer which can precisely print on any material like paper, wood, plastic, leather and on any artistic material.

PrinCube allows you to print even on rough, uneven and curved surfaces as well which works on any texture and shape, even on the skin PrinCube can print. PrinCube will be your personal tattoo printer which is safe in making temporary tattoo on your skin and apply like messaging your skin.

PrinCube is made for convenience and work with both Android & iOS and prints lifelike vivid colors which of full colors by utilizing the latest 3 color thermal inkjet technology on any surface and also featured with multi line printing capability which allows you to print 3 meters content when using the multi-line feature.

PrinCube can print up to 6 hours nonstop and always ready to work with a single charge with an incredible stand by time of 1 year and has higher efficient memory to store and print more content 20 times more and capable of printing 415 pages of A4 from single cartridge.

PrinCube is known as the smallest printer which is well designed to fit into pockets and weighs only 160 grams and easy to refill the cartridges with one single click and uses the latest Type-C port for charging and also built for secondary API development support for the futuristic user needs.

This PrinCube smallest color printer is priced at 129$ and the ink cartridges are priced at $39.

Weight 110 grams
Dimensions 72 x 51 x 68 mm
Connection WiFi/ USB Network
Colors White
Required System Android / iOS / Windows / Mac OS / Linux
Motion Detection Optical Sensor
Battery life 6 hours
Charging port USB Type-C
Standby time >1 year

Plan For Launch


The idea of the PrinCube world’s smallest printer is started in the year 2018 October and the 3D printing & ergonomic design improvements are done in January 2019 and the prototype with the industrial design is made in April 2019 and the second prototype is done in June. The production validation testing with the trail production is done in September and then the product is launched in online platforms with the final testing and the mass production along with shipping is done in November 2019 and will be delivered to the customers in later quarters of the year.

Company Details

This PrinCube is developed by the company called The God Things which is a new startup company which is innovative technology printing solution company. They are remotely located on US and China in New York & Shenzhen. Their team is made up of experts in the field of inkjet printing technology over many years of experience in designing and software development. Their mission is to make high quality portable printing accessories which are simple for everyone to use and they also have dedicated R & D to work on innovative products that they develop.

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