PowerPod Case : Powerful Wireless AirPods Charging Case

Never Run Out Of Charge Again.

PowerPod - Wireless Charging Case Leanshelf
  • Wireless Charging Base for Apple AirPod.
  • High Quality Silicon Metal based Design
  • Adds protection to your expensive AirPods also.


ireless charging for your beloved piece of tech, the AirPods is finally here. The PowerPod Case made with high quality silicone adds the functionality of wireless charging to your AirPods. It not only helps to charge wireless mode but also provides protection to the AirPods doubling as a case. So, gone are those days that required you to manage a separate cable to charge the AirPods.


It promises to add function, style and protection to the AirPods. The PowerPod case provides for the much in demand wireless charging for the AirPods users doubling up as a protection as it is made up of silicone.

It also eliminates the need to buy the new AirPods just to get the wireless functionality as the new Apple AirPods case won’t accommodate the previous gen AirPods. Hence, your current AirPods don’t need to retire soon.


The case is made up of high-quality Silicone material which provides a perfect fit to the PowerPod case. Silicone is a very durable material providing flexibility and support and also, due to its heat resistance and insulating properties the PowerPods are able to charge the AirPods using a wireless charging coil.

The PowerPods case comes with its own lightning cable which needs to be firmly attached to the AirPods case for effective charging. For charging, simply the PowerPod case need to be put on the charging coil with the AirPods case attached to it. The case may get warm during charging process but will not cause any damage to the AirPods and its case. The tech used in the PowerPods is made with such finesse that it is placed between the two silicone layers without anyone noticing it even by touch. A simple copper coil placed inside the case transfers the energy from charging pad to the AirPods case.

The front of the product comes with the brand logo: PowerPod and the back side with the lightning symbol. This side symbolizes the side to be kept on the charging plate.

  • The product dimensions are: 2.6 x 2.1 x 1.2 inches
  • Item weight and Shipping weight: 0.64 ounces
  • Compatible Charger: Qi wireless charger

Being an environmental champ, it not only prevents you from buying a new device when you only wish for a wireless charge and also prevents more batteries from being thrown away and damaging our beloved environment.


The super early bird offer stood at $20 which is fairly reasonable given the product functionality. The product started shipping from July 2018 at a retail price of $40 just few months before Apple itself came out with an alternative which is though costly. It was listed for sale on Amazon on 15 August 2018.


Bringing the idea to life, Sameer, the developer of the PowerPods case began the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in February 2018 with the first prototype all ready.

Funding period began in February and ended on April 1, 2018. A total of $33,000 has been raised from more than 900+ backers. The company is not affiliated to Apple Inc. though.


PowerPods charging case champions the cause of providing a seamless wireless charging experience along with an added protection to the AirPods case. It delivers as promised eliminating the need to upgrade to the new AirPods for wireless charging functionality. It is novel concept which saves both the environment and your pockets and at the same time is safe to use as a daily driver made of reliable Silicone for charging your AirPods.