PowerVision PowerEgg X – Autonomous AI Personal Camera And Drone Together

PowerVision Power X Explorer AI Personal camera - 1
  • PowerVision PowerEgg X has the Autonomous Personal AI camera mode which has the strong face recognition capabilities.
  • PowerVision PowerEgg X has powerful camera can track the field of view up to 1700 degrees.
  • PowerVision PowerEgg X offers you a 3.5 Hours battery life which is more enough to capture the moments in life.

In the common world we have seen many things through our cameras and captured the moments and you have controlled the drone with your hands and seen through it. What if we say you don’t need two things to do, when you have a single special gadget which act as camera and drone simultaneously that has the capability to record 4K 60 fps in UHD and artificial intelligence and lot more features in the pack with the waterproof accessory along with the wind resistance so that you can capture the moments in Ultra high definition mode even in the wind from the top. Even many people has the problem in taking the group photos you can do with a simple gesture you want with this. Added with the automatic obstacle avoidance that prevents your drone to be get damaged.

Detailed Specification


1. This device is called the power egg x means that it has two modes from egg shape one is the drone mode and another is the AI camera mode.
2. It has the 3 axis gimbal stabilization so that you need not worry about the stabilization everything goes very smooth while you record things.
3. It has the Autonomous Personal AI camera mode which has the strong face recognition capabilities. Its face recognition capabilities and its accuracy will increase continuously through deep learning and move the camera by continuously focusing the subject while you record video or take photos. This capabilities are also available for general shots and selfies to improve the photography experience further.

4. This device also has the Sync voice patent technology which is the advanced Tech for a camera that it can synchronize the voice for the video through your mobile phone or the wireless earphone.
5. Facial recognition added with the deep learning helps this PowerVision which can work on the different people faces very accurately and more efficiently with multi- angle remote face recognition that will help to capture the speed moments by rotating the camera towards the subject.
6. This powerful camera can track the field of view up to 1700 degrees. No matter the lightning conditions whether it may be indoor or outdoor spot while the automatic composition always puts the subject in the centre, this one can remember the subject if you go beyond field of view and then move back again it can still track the subject.

7. You can take photos, videos and group photos and subject tracking with a simple gesture since the power vision supports the multi-gesture intelligent recognition you can command it to take what you want by standing in front of the camera.
8. People like to hold the camera while they are shooting to give them more pleasure this one supports the hand held camera mode.
9. The Three-Axis gimbal stabilizer provides you mechanical stability that can filter out the external moments for the camera, the anti-shake photography are lot better than the ordinary ones.

10. 4K UHD camera will take the shots in clear details with 60fps in the video department which will give you smooth videos with the stabilization available.
11. The processor used in the camera is 13 core multi-processor and 5 core high performance CPU and single core GPU with 4 core DSP along with the dual core neural network engine booster with single core MCU with a hash rate as high as 4 Tops.
12. The PowerVision offers you a 3.5 Hours battery life which is more enough to capture the moments in life.
13. Apart from the camera mode, the drone mode which is the high performance mode which is suitable for the aerial photography with 4K 60fps in the air.
14. User can control the drone in real time 1080P image transmission within a distance of 6KM.
15. The wind resistance for this device is 29-30 KMPH so it can fly in coastal or windy conditions, the battery can lost long while you use in the drone mode is 30 mins.
16. This is the world first drone that can pick up the voice from ground while it is in air and sync with the video it is recording. With silent aerial photography.

17. What else it has the water resistance and can fly even in the rain and can land in the air if user attach the waterproof accessories and can be used in rescue investigations.
18. The front and bottom binocular depth measurement enables the power vision to detect the distance of the obstacle within the range of 20 meters so you can avoid it while controlling it.
19. You can quickly edit the video professionally and share it with your friends with the intelligent app of the PowerVision.


  • Mode Drone and Camera
  • Stabilization 3 Axis gimbal stabilization
  • Camera Quality – 4k UHD
  • Facial recognition – Available with AI
  • Waterproof Wizard – only
  • Wind Resistance – 29-38 KMPH maximum
  • Obstacle Detection – Available within range of 20 meters
  • Sound Sync – voice from the microphone
  • Battery as Camera – 3.5 hours
  • Battery as Drone – 30 mins
  • Weight – 6.92 Pounds (3.13 Kgs)
  • Dimension – 7x4x4 inches
  • Field of View – 170 degrees field of view

Plan for Launch

The product is launched in the year 2020 January and will be available to the people to be shipped.


They have mentioned some features offering the water resistant but it is only to the wizard only and what technology they implemented to withstand the wind, the battery for the drone it too low about 30 min which is not more than the 1/5th of the camera battery apart from the astounding features how much time it will take to charge the battery of the Power Vision.



The product is priced at $899 (Rs.64, 330) which is quite seems to be considerable, since this is first device that act as both as a camera and as drone with such an extraordinary features packed in a small egg case. It can be useful in many cases like in the investigations and the place we cannot go.

Out of Box

There are two kits available for the PowerVision one is the wizard one and the Explorer one where there are water landing attachments are differ between those two. There will be the Power vision and controller and the propellers and wizard to cover it.

Company details

This product is brought you to by the company Power Vision with a mission of innovating feature which is global technology leader focusing on unnamed aerial products and services including the smart drones and they are also working on the augmented reality & virtual reality with its headquarters located in Beijing, China. It offices are located in several places in the world. They have released Robotic products including drones and multi-purpose consumer robots. The First consumer drone was launched in North America, Europe and China.