Power hub 4 Adaptive Fast charging Station

  • Power hub4 can charge the four devices simultaneously
  • Power hub4 is equipped with the intelliQ smart chips
  • Power hub4 has USB type c and micro USB and Lighting port to charge all types of devices

People will get bored to charge multiple devices with multiple plugs and outlets and forget to carry along with them, what the power hub4 adaptive fast charging station can solves your problem.

With all the features like adaptive fast charging within low time and USB type c and charge simultaneously with 35W with an ultra-powerful output and 4 USB & Docks and a power up in a flash, with powerful 2.4A output which charges faster than the regular charger.

It also has built in transformer with a sleek design.

Power hub4 Adaptive Fast charging Station

Detailed Specifications

1. This power hub 4 can charge the four devices simultaneously with the adaptive fast charging from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes for your iPhone, pixel phones etc.
2. You can stop fighting over outlets, with an incredible 7A output and 4 high speed USB ports and the power hub turns into any single AC outlet into a 4-port high speed charging station.
3. It will deliver up to 15W form the type c port and 18 W form the adaptive fast charging port and 12W form the dual standard USB ports.
4. You can charge 4 devices simultaneously, it helps the users those who switch between the devices and use more devices like mobiles, laptops etc. throughout the day.
5. Every port in this hub is equipped with the intelliQ smart chips which detect each device power needs and automatically adjust the output for the fastest and most efficient charging.
6. The hub is designed with a sleek and space saving that perfect for an y desk or table top with individual docking stations that will keep all the devices nearly arranged while charging, minimizing clutters and maximize the power.

Power Hub 4
7. This one uses the pure rapid technology that produce a power output of 35watt, the hub offers an outstanding 7A output, it’s the perfect solution for all the people who need fast charging.
8. This is a universal one got the USB type c and micro USB and Lighting port to charge all types of devices no matter what device you have.
9. The blue port is engineered with cutting edge adaptive fast charge (AFC) technology that can power up compatible devices faster and more efficient that standard charges.
10. The 3 USB-A ports of the hub each delivers a high speed of 2.4A maximum output to the devices that are not fast charge enabled including apple & Android smartphones, Tablets, MP3 players and Bluetooth headphones etc.
11. The type c delivers a lighting fast 3A output to compatible USB-C devices including the new Samsung galaxy s9/s9+ or older ones and many more.
12. There is a discrete LED charge & power indicator light is located next to the power button on the back of the unit. It lets you know whether the power is coming to the hub or not.
13. The hub offers an integrated transformer so there is no need to carry around extra adapters or power brick, it plugs directly into any wall outlet so you can enjoy powerful high-speed charging anywhere.
14. It also offers you the world class safety features with built in Omni protect safety features automatically regulate the power output to protect you and your devices from the issues like short circuit and over charging.
15. This hub is resistance to temperature control by mechanisms which sure that batteries operate works healthier and this one also got voltage protection prevents the high voltage from damaging your devices.
16. There is an over current protection that measures output of the adapter and turns off when more current enters than what devices can handle, the short circuit protection the charger automatically separate the motherboard and battery if any short circuit occur to prevent the device from harm.
17. The Hub management system which detects cell temperature by measuring the cell current to keep the battery safe in the devices with automatic resets feature, if any mechanism stops working by pressing power button.
18. This hub is designed with style and engineered for durability; the hub is crafted with a soft touch rubberized housing that has been rigorously drop tested to ensure that It will stand up to active daily use. Transparent acrylic dividers and black/grey contrasting finish.


  • Dimension :  6.3×4.9×1.2 inches
  • Weight : 9.6 ounces
  • Charging Ports : 4
  • Ports :  1x USB type c |  1x Fast charge port | 2 x USB ports
  • Dividers  : Five Acrylic dividers
  • Maximum Power : output 35W
  • Universal Ports :  USB-C, Micro USB, Lightening and Fast charge
  • Fast Charge Output : 5V/3A,9V/2A,12V/1.5A
  • USB-C Output : 5V/3A
  • Dual USB Output : 5V/2.4A shared
  • Protection : Short circuit/ overcharge
  • Ac cord : Length 5 feet
  • Out of Box : Out of the Box the package included with Power Hub and Five Acrylic Dividers and AC power cord to plug it in and the user manual to let the user know how to use it.

Editor’s Pick

This one got no water resistance certified as official one and they are not providing the USB cables, and now a days the fast charging speed is pushed after the limited they are not at even 30W they are above than that, unless they need to charge them as family and take them.


The device is priced at $46 (Rs 3400) which is incredible for the hub since it will cost you more when you spent it individually on each charging dock.

Plan for Launch

This product is available in 2019 June and available for the customers in the market.

About Company

This charging hub is developed by the company called Naztech technologies has been engineering leading edge technology products like compact high-powered charges and Bluetooth speakers and portable power solutions etc.

Since 1995 their designs are perfectly encapsulate from function, reliability, convenience, utility and ergonomics with office in New York and London, Dhaka and Kathmandu, it is a dynamic technology consulting form that builds advanced solutions for the industries across the various vertices perfecting the ultimate blend of form and function.

Their global engineering and design teams skillfully incorporate proprietary and the technologies they have patents with the precision hand craftsmanship. Their innovative and ergonomic designs with the latest and highest quality materials on the planet.