Planning to Buy AC This Summer ? – 10 Points You Cannot Miss Before Buy

AC Buying Guide in 2020
  • Inverter AC is always better than the Fixed Rate AC,
  • Buy the AC as per your room size.
  • You must do estimation of the electricity bill as per the consumption assumption of the AC.


ummer is already started approaching in this March. Are you planning to buy AC this summer? March is best time when you should plan for buying the AC. Most people start looking to buy the AC this time to prepare for the Summer. But like other technical products buying AC is also very critical to understand the differences. You should be very well aware to buy the correct AC for your room and your usage. AC is not a product we prefer to buy every year. We should be aware for all the parameters which are required to be matching with your requirements. The room size, Air Flow availability, consumption pattern, and many other points needs to be taken care off. In this post we shall give you Top 10 points which you should consider while making the decision of the buying an AC.

Room Size is Key to Find Exact AC Capacity

Room Size is Key to Find Exact AC Capacity

AC capacity is one of the major parameter to be considered while buying the AC. The AC capacity needs to be chosen as per the room size you are going to fit the AC. For example, an 1 Ton AC can be well fit for a room size of 100-120 sqft. If the room size is bigger then you may need 1.5Ton AC or for even bigger room you shall need 2 Ton AC. Also the amount of sun shine comes to room needs to be considered while choosing the size of the AC along with the room size. Because if the room is on direct sunlight for long the day or the room is on the top floor, then for the smaller room you may need larger capacity AC for making the weather comfortable.

Window AC or Split AC

Windows AC vs Split AC

There are two types of AC avaialbe in the market. Window ACs are directly mounted on your window and the split AC are installed separatly. Many people often get confused while choosing from the Split AC and Windows AC. But technically speaking the both Split AC and window AC can be equially energy efficient and equially efffective for your usage. The most important thing of an AC is EER (Energy Effiecieny Ratio). The EER is basically the amount of Air the machine can cool down with respect to the consumption of per watt electricity. The more EER is the AC is more effective.

Daily Usage Pattern and Time

Daily Usage Pattern and Time

Which time of the day you are planning to the AC is also really important to understand the running cost of an AC. If you are planning to run the AC during the day time then your electrcity consumption will be more. Because the amount of the energy it will take for the compressor will be more on day time than the night time. The higher rating will not save your bill then. If your main usage time on the night and your plan is to run the AC for 6 hours for 3-4 months of time. Then you should opt for 3 star rating AC. The price of 3 stars AC will be cheaper than a 5 star AC.

BEE Star Rating is useful for real

4. BEE Star Rating is useful for real

The energy star rating is very real for the AC. For any available AC in the market the Air Conditioner may consume between 1-2 uints per hour basis on the basis of the ton size, effieciency and room placement. So in everyday if you use 10-12 hours per day, your daily electricity consumption will be 10-20 units, and monthly consulption will be 300-600 units per average. In India, most of the states are having 6-8 ruppees rate for the electricity. So you monthly expenses will be nearly 1800 to 4000 Rs per month. As an end user we should keep in mind that AC is basically a long term home appliance. The average usage time for the AC should be nearly 7-10 years for a household. So buying an effiecent AC as per your room location, usage pattern can help you save the heartburn for you in future.

Inverter AC vs Fixed Rating AC

5. Inverter AC vs Fixed Rating AC

In some recent years the Inverter ACs are added in the Indian market. Buying an Inverter AC are basically good idea. The Fixed rating AC are basically continously running at same speed while inverter AC can work with variable or changing speed while the usage. The cost of inverter AC is more than the Fixed Rating AC. The investment can be worthy for buying the inverter AC. The inverter AC can be lower rate than the Fixed rating when it comes to the electricity bill.

Airflow in the room can be important matter

6. Airflow in the room can be important matter

The room position and the air flow in the room is also very important while buying the AC. In the current days we can basically put AC’s in any position. But to make this energy efficient and making it effective this is always better to put the AC somewhere the Air Flow happens naturally. In that way the heat exchange can happen naturally with the Compressor and can be energy effective to make the cooling more effective.

Extra features, Extra Charges

Extra features, Extra Charges

To make the Air conditioners lucrative many AC companies started to put different features in the AC. Many AC are coming with Wi-Fi Control, Zigbee control and voice control feature also. But remember the more advanced features it has it will need more charges to buy.

On Site Servicing at Home

AC servicing


AC is like a car, which needs regular servicing to perform well. Every 15-20 days you must clean the air filter in the AC. Every 2-3 months you need to full clean the AC, radiator etc with water flow properly. Without this the heat exchange of the AC becomes in effective and make the cooling ineffective. To do this you must choose the AC company which will provide you on site servicing time to time basis. You must check their local addresses. Always prefer company which has your local service center and can serve you on demand basis just over phone call etc.

New Types of Filters

9. New Types of Filters

To attract the customers the AC companies started to put different types of filters. Some companies are providing mosquito repellent AC filters, odor free AC filter and some AC are occupying Air Filters directly with the AC. But accordingly to their features the price also will vary. Just check what is the main requirement for you while buying the AC and pay the accordingly.

Buy Online vs Offline

10. Buy Online vs Offline

These days you can buy AC both online and offline. As the summer approaching the both online eCommerce centers like Amazon, Flipkart started their summer sale. Also your nearby showrooms also started to provide the sales in the summer. When you finalize your brand to buy then you can compare the price from the both the offline and online showrooms to make the final decision.