PITTA Transformative Autonomous Drone, Action Cam, Spying Cam Together

  • The PITTA Drone is a Compact Device with a span of only 120 mm weighing only 200 grams.
  • The PITTA Drone is equipped with the latest advanced Vision Sensing software providing it a lot of features.
  • The PITTA Drone has many modes all of which can easily be accessed through the click of a button.

Many of the times people like to photograph the situations they are in. These situations can be anything from an aerial shot to a selfie. The PITTA Transformative Autonomous Drone provides its users with the ability to create the shot of their need with the latest technologies. Its transformative capabilities allow the user to use it whether as an aerial drone, a handheld selfie device or a mounted camera for various activities.

The drone can adjust according to the need of the user within seconds. The PITTA Transformative Drone is a first of its kind. Being the first to provide such transformative and flexible capabilities along with maintaining the quality of the pictures and videos taken with the capability of taking videos in 4K.


Problem Solving by the Product

The drones manufactured today all focus strongly on providing the users with the ability of shooting the perfect images and videos with the drones. But, these drones are sometimes very difficult to use. Especially for the beginners, using these drones professionally as well as personally is a very difficult task.

The drones are designed to deliver the best but they are not very user friendly. The PITTA Transformative drone by Eyedea Inc. solves this problem allowing its users to shoot anything they like easily with the user friendly interface along with the compact design and smart software.


It also enables the user to shoot pictures and videos in any situation as they would like. These can be shooting professional aerial videos, shooting selfies or mounting the camera on a helmet or a car to shoot from it. PITTA has it all covered.

Detailed Specifications

The PITTA Transformative Autonomous Drone is full of features and capabilities. The camera on the drone has a resolution of 13 Megapixels and can record videos with it up to 4K resolution. The camera is connected to an axis which makes it capable of tilting or moving up and down. The camera has an inbuilt infrared optical sensors which makes the images captured from the camera clearer. The casing on the drone protects all the camera lenses and equipment attached to it. The unique design of casing makes the drone sleek and compact making it easier to be carried around.

The Eyedea Inc. has been working on the advanced and special Computer Vision Technology which has been improving the accuracy and vision sensing of systems around the globe.

With more than a year of hard work, the Company has been successful in bringing this technology to the PITTA Drone. Along with the GPS, this Vision Sensing provides the drone with more stability, hovering accuracy, depth sensing and advanced object tracking.

These are only a few of the features which make PITTA Drone a top in class choice by people and users all over the world. This new technology is the pioneer behind the auto follow feature, thus allowing the users to switch to it with the push of a button and enjoy the complete recording experience.


The Drone has a live streaming feature inside it. This allows the drone to easily stream videos in its best quality directly to your phone allowing the user to act as a spy or even do home surveillance through the drone.


The Drone records best in class 4K video so that you can process the video or photo according to your need without losing any quality. The drone can be switched to surveillance mode with the click of a button. The drone also allows easy on the go battery replacement so that your fun doesn’t stop because of the battery being dead.


The drone also has a return to home feature which allows it to easily return to its user when the work is done. This feature works best in forest areas where you can no longer see your drone and want it to head back towards you. The PITTA Drone also allows you to control your drone easily with the smartphone application because let’s face it, no one liked those complex dedicated drone controllers.


The PITTA Drone is very compact. Weighing only 200 grams and having a total span of 170 mm when wings are unfolded and a span of just 120 mm when they are folded in. This makes the PITTA Drone one of the smallest and most compact drones in the market. It is thus very portable and convenient device to work around with.

Plans for Launch

The PITTA Transformative Autonomous drone was launched by Eyedea Inc. as an online campaign. Being launched on Kickstarter on 24th December 2017 it didn’t even take 2 days to reach its initial goal. This was because of the innovative and best in class concept and technologies behind the drone.

The product remained in campaign and fund raising stage for another 43 days and managed to get over 11 times of its initial target. Being a huge success, the company instantly started manufacturing and production of the device so that it can reach the hands of its customers quickly and safely.

The PITTA Transformative Autonomous drone was later presented as a demo in CES 2018 as well.

Company Details

The Eyedea Incorporation was first established back in June 2016. The company started with the vision of creating new visual technologies for various devices all over the globe. Improving lifestyles, the Company developed various Smart Vision Modules and Lane Departure Warning Systems.

The Company had its first crowdfunding for Eugene Investments and Security back in February 2017. The PITTA Drone was a big step for the company’s success. Being successful in the launch of the PITTA Transformative and Autonomous drone, the company became a huge success and has ever since developing and delivering the best technologies for the people all over the world.