Pictar Smart Selfie Stick With Power Bank Together

  • Pictar Smart Selfie Stick has the rechargeable battery
  • Pictar Smart Selfie Stick has massive length of 32.7 inches
  • Pictar Smart Selfie Stick has rubberized panel for steady grip on the stick

There is always an interesting approach to something that already exist and Pictar Smart Selfie Stick provides that approach. Head out and check it out on your own and see if it impresses you. Today is the time of sharing. We share so much across different platforms; mainly social media. Be it videos, news conversations but the one thing that we do share no matter what are photos. There are a billion, possibly more photos that are clicked all over the world and most of them are posted on the internet. Earlier, the fashion of uploading and clicking photos was a craze for most people but as it got normal, the quality of photos is preferred more than the quantity of photos.

For normal photos, many professional devices can click photos with monstrous quality such as DSLR(s) and in addition to that, they have accessories like lenses, extra enhancers, etc. But if we look into the selfie department, there is much less or almost nothing to look at. If one doesn’t know what a selfie is, it is a picture of the self that is clicked by ourselves only. Believe me, there are a lot of possibilities to make a selfie look great but so far there is very less equipment that can help in enhancing the quality of the selfie.


Selfie stick is one of that equipment and is something that went viral as soon as the concept was released. But with passing time, there came problems that eventually started creating a hurdle in the way selfies were taken. Hence, people have waited a long time to see something new and with the Pictar Smart Selfie Stick on the horizon, it looks like the waiting time is finally going to be over.

Pictar Smart Selfie Stick offers something that is out of the box. It is a device that’ll surely hike up your interest in clicking selfies more often. What this particular selfie stick offers are more possibilities without even touching the device i.e. Handsfree. Alongside this, it gives you a wide range of functions that you can use with just interacting with some buttons on the stick.

With more technology, the problems start to solve and the Pictar Selfie Stick does exactly this. The device allows you to interact with your phone in a way that you don’t have to touch your phone. In short, there is no stopping you from taking non-stop selfies and this selfie stick lets you have it all.



If we start with the basics, the battery of the stick is rechargeable. Hence, this eliminates the need of the user to replace batteries again and again once they are dead. One can just simply plug it in and wait till the battery is full. The battery as a whole last long (almost 800 selfies!) provided that the light is not used.

Another feature of the device is that it allows you to change the angle of it so that every time you change your pose, you don’t have to reach out to your phone to adjust it accordingly. The rotate button on the panel of the stick allows you to rotate your phone horizontally. The length of the stick is a massive 32.7 inches meaning that a selfie can be easily turned into a groupfie.

One of the exquisite features of the Pictar Smart Selfie Stick is that the user is provided with a light that can be mounted on the selfie stick. It can assist in both front and back photography. The intensity of light is also adjustable. Even the angle of the light can be changed using the panel on the stick. Extra lighting adds to the quality of the photos and can help massively in the moments that require light such as at night or in dark places. The battery life of the headlight varies according to which level the user is using it. At lowest, it lasts for almost 21/2 hours, the mid-level can get you through an hour and 15 minutes and the highest intensity level stays on for 45 minutes. The headlight has a quick charging time of 1 hour and it detaches itself from the power source once it is fully charged.

Problem Solving by the Product


The creators of this project believe that taking a selfie is a simple task. A selfie isn’t good enough if you are trying too hard. Therefore, the panel on the selfie stick that features 6 buttons make it easy for you to make the selfie-taking tasks damn easy. The buttons work efficiently with the Pictar app which is as versatile as the stick itself. The buttons can help you zoom, change the modes for different pictures, switch between front and back camera, change the light’s intensity and much more. The panel is rubberized so that the grip on the stick remains steady and you can hold onto it with more ease.


The Pictar app is something that makes this product even more interesting. Within the app, some filters can be changed just by the touch of a button on the selfie stick. There is a total of 20 modes that are present in the Pictar app such as Video, Boomerang, Macro, Retro, etc. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Company Details

At present, the campaign for the Pictar Smart Selfie Stick is still going on and will last till 30th March 2020. The price of the Stick-on Amazon is listed as $39 but that is just the stick. There are various options on Kickstarter for pledging. The more you pledge towards the project, the more benefits you get such as the tripod, wrist strap, travel case, Pictar smart grip, Telephoto Lens, etc. The device is set to go under production in April 2020 and will start to ship in September 2020.

Pictar has been working for a very long time now to make shooting photos and videos easier and more professional with their high-quality products. Besides the Smart selfie sticks, Pictar provides optical lenses, grips, accessories that go with any photography device and other products such as bag packs, action cameras, and drones, etc.