Philips recently launched PicoPix Max, a HD quality, smart, WiFi-Enabled Projector which can be used as portable projector system. PicoPix Max aims to deliver smooth, HD quality playback experience with superior brightness feature. They plan to provide very seamless approach for the users in home or on the go basis.

The device is equipped with powerful battery which can gives o 3 Hrs of playback experience. Also PicoPix has 16GB Memory inbuilt memory and Built-In Speakers which can give you full home theather experience. This has USB-C (video+power), MicroSD interface also to be used. The PicoPix is installed with Android Operating System. There are many preinstalled applications like Netflix, Youtube, Kodi, and 4000+ Android Apps to effectively streaming and showing to the users.

Instant Autofcous is a very unique feature of PicoPix, this can help the to give the clear picture automatically when to be used. Also, You can zoom the screen projection without moving the device from screens. This has another very unique feature called instant 4 corner correction which can give a straight image instantly. This is nice to see the innovation philips has put into a already designed product.

This device is now launched to prebook from a crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo . The campaign has been launched on August 2019 and the game plan mentions that philips will start shipping the products from October 2019. And the availability on eCommerce stores and offline stores are projected from the January 2020.

The campaign goal was planned as €50,000 EUR , but after the launch they already able to raise €463,339 EUR till now.