PICO: Bring Urban Garden To Your Home And Office

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  • PICO can grow your plant healthily by providing water and sunlight on demand for that particular plant.
  • PICO LED lights emits multiple wavelength light spectrum which replaces the sunlight in plant growth and the capillary action with the transparent window bottom reminds you to water it only once a week.
  • PICO also features root oxidation to grow faster and with the USB-C ports you can create a mini farm for fresh herbs right at your kitchen.

Growing a plant is very hard since watering it on the right time with required quantity need experience because over water or less water can make a plant to get dry or wet which leads to the plant death. We cannot grow a plant wherever we need as it requires sufficient sunlight to grow healthier. PICO makes everything easy about growing plant wherever you want and no need of bothering about watering the plant, with the LED light the PICO provide sunlight for healthier growth and the aluminum heat sink which dissipates heat to make sure the LED light last longer.


With the universal USB-C port you can create garden with fresh flowers, herbs in your home. Place the plant in PICO wherever you want with its magnetic, Velcro and wall mount. The capillary actioned tank will water the plant with root oxidation.

Problem solving by this product

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PICO allows you to grow plant wherever you want no more limitation about the place like on wall, on refrigerator or anywhere with the wall mount, Velcro and magnet functionalities.
PICO waters your plant on demand basis and up to required level only no more extra water or less water that makes your plant dead.

The LED lights in the PICO provide various wavelength spectrum for plant for its healthy growth. So that you can even grow a plant in kitchen or on your desk.

PICO is capable of growing any plant you want with root oxidation which helps the plant to grow faster and healthier. With the universal USB-C ports you can create a daisy chain between the PICO pods to maintain a mini farm at your home.

PICO offers you fresh plants essence and herbs freshly to be used for kitchen right at your home, the transparent window at the bottom of the PICO will show the remaining water left over, so you no need to water daily.

PICO is small and compact so you can carry it anywhere you want.

Detailed specification

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PICO is the best parenting plant if you want to grow jasmine on your desk or blossoms on kitchen and keep the plant as well atmosphere healthier around you by doing all the hard work to grow plant.

PICO has the fuss free watering and automated lighting which makes simple, easy and fun to grow plants. PICO will take care of your plant by watering providing sunlight and can be stick to anywhere that look like decorative in your home.

PICO makes maintaining garden as easy as possible and affordable with no time consuming on thinking about watering plant at right time or the plant is getting required sunlight or not.


PICO provides the light for plant which is equal to the power of sun anywhere you want it with multi spectrum and high PAR output, growing plant will become easy since, PICO has a miniature of grow lights used in indoor farms, so that you no need of bothering about the sunlight for plants, the multi- spectrum LED lights in the PICO gives your plant enough light with the high performance power efficient LEDs from OSRAM.

PICO provides all the required wavelengths for the plants growth by replacing the sun light that allows you to grow plants anywhere you need, the power LED are chosen to support verities of plants and each light stimulates the biological growth of plant.


PICO has the telescopic arm in which the LEDs are mounted, the vintage antenna also grows along with the plant as it extended upwards towards the light about a foot in height. The superior heat dissipation aluminum heat sink on the top of PICO which helps the LED to last longer with heat dissipation, there is a USB-C port for universal charging.

PICO waters your plant seamlessly with the watering system provides the water that is sufficient to the plant as they need to sustain their health and beauty no more extra or less water since, watering a plant need experience because too much or less water can kill the plant but with PICO no thought of watering plant for a week. PICO wicks the water from the tank and feeds plant and ensure that the plant will never get dry or over wet.


With the PICO you can place your plant anywhere you want with multiple attachments as magnet, Velcro or as wall hanger and on the table top. Plant pots eat so much space and looks dirty with mud whereas the PICO is small & minimalistic in design.

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All the PICO mounts are interchangeable to fit the plant right for you environment to make you mental and physical heath good by choosing between three colors of PICO, the transparent window on the PICO let you know when to fill the water with the capillary action provide water to plants on demand without any motor. With the small slits in the soil vessel the plant will grow faster with the root oxidation.

With the two-sided USB- C ports you can create a daisy chain of PICO to build a little farm in your home, you can grow anything like detox air plants, herbs, decorative plants or fragrance releasing plant or whatever you need.


PICO is available in many colors, they are Krispy mint, Tangy orange and oh-so lemon color.


PICO is priced at $29, two for $59 and many combo packs like three for $82, six for $149, nine for $219 and finally 15 for $345.

Plan For Launch

The ideation of the concept along with the product design is started in June 2019, the concept for the PICO has been proved in August with the prototypes and trails in September while the design for manufacturing and the mold with tool development in November 2019.
The Pilot production begun in January 2020, the campaign for the PICO in kickstarter in May as well as the mass production with fluffing the needs and shipping will be done and made available in the market August 2020.

Company details

This PICO is developed by team of startup company based in USA as well as in India, they always try to offer healthier life to all customers always believing that customer right to grow anywhere and anytime.

They began with the Altifarm which leads to home farming products. Altifarm is their flagship home farm which can be mobilized and green house. They launched Herbstation which is a more compacted indoor farm by completing the campaigning in the kickstarter.
Recently they launched PICO for 2020 which is a tiny to ensure that each and every one could possibly grow plants if their pots are small and tiny with big ambition.