Piano Expert Wi-Fi 6 Router

A Reasonable Wi-Fi 6 router.

Piano 6 Wi-Fi Router

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  • Piano Wi-Fi 6 router has a futuristic & astatic design that will adapt to any interior design like a chameleon and will be loved by music lovers.
  • Piano Wi-Fi 6 designed to handle multiple-device with ease and offers faster connectivity, will be an excellent experience to general users.
  • Piano Wi-Fi 6 has the user-friendly and L-shaped indicator light & antennas that will fold to consume less space and seems minimal without wires and heavy setup.


People won’t settle for the boring gadgets when they have the cool things around them likely the router. Though the router looks don’t matter but the functionality matters. They should be farthest ahead when you are even doing multi-tasking.

Piano Wi-Fi 6 router astatic design brings better connectivity with the Wi-Fi 6 for all your devices and the design look-alike keyboard which will be loved by the music fans.

The most futuristic concept in this device is that the gadget aims to be affordable to a wide range of people while the other can’t. Designed to be friendliness & emotionally connected with the classic colors so-called black & white.

The Piano 6 Wi-Fi has four black antenna which can be folded and make the router appears to be piano that will suit to any interior in the home and take less space.

Problem Solved by Product


Wi-Fi 6 routers offer faster speed even when you are using multiple-devices and working under heavy pressure likewise they are expensive too, but the Piano Wi-Fi 6 router is not.

Piano 6 Wi-Fi router brings advanced technology features & excellent experience to general users for a reasonable price and will be friendly to all users with the astatic design.

Piano Wi-Fi router design is inspired by the keyboard instrument and adds adaptability features to any interior environment with the L-shaped indicator lights, while the antennas will fold consuming less space and helps in reaching out to the small places too.

When the antennas are folded, the router resembles the piano keyboard that increases the friendliness and connects to the user lifestyle, while the music lovers love this design.

Other routers make a mess with tons of blinking lights each signifies different operation and make a mess with cables around it with antennas that won’t set to user lifestyle.

Detailed specification


Piano Wi-Fi 6 router resembles the piano when the antenna is folded and designed to appear user-friendly and more it belongs to all affordable people.

This Wi-Fi router design will make the user fully realize that this router is emotive in appearance with the sleek body and allows you to enjoy the design in any room without any boring blinking lights and black plastic network boxes.

These black tiles in the Piano Wi-Fi 6 are actually antennas, they reveal when you lift up them and the L-shaped indicator light provides the comprehensible insight regarding signal and operations.

The black and white color scheme for the Wi-Fi 6 routers provides an additional feature which is like chameleon-like interior adaptability for all spaces, which cannot be seen in the bulky other routers.

The seamless bridging between the world of technology and our home is the true essence of design and got the Red Dot design award this year.

We all know that the routers are the communication bridge between the different devices, while they are facing pressure, while the Wi-Fi 6 on the current market are very costly where normal people cannot afford that.

Keeping in mind that man-object relationship this router is made and often accomplish a family for a long time by becoming a member of your family.

Plan for launch

This Piano 6 Wi-Fi router is yet to launch but the come up with the design in the year 2020. Also the router got the Red Dot award in the same year, when they completed prototyping and manufacturing the product, then the Piano Wi-Fi router will be made available to the customers in the latter quarter of the year 2020.

Company details

This Piano Wi-Fi 6 router is designed by the Lee Haupenn and listed in the sites Yanko Design & Behance, where the Behance site is a social media platform that is launched in the year 2005 and continues its journey to showcase and discover creative work.

While Yanko design is the online magazine dedicated which is dedicated in covering the best international product designs. Started back in the year 2002 covering all the student’s work in time and grown as an international publishing company.

Takashi Yamada is the founder of the company with a passion for the new innovative, unique and undiscovered products, Jason Hui works as Executive Advisor and Nancy Wang as strategy officer. Sarang Sheth is chief Editor along with many other team members.

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