Philips 5000i Ultimate Air purifier

Keeps you healthy & allergen's free.

Philips 5000i Air purifier

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  • Philips 5000i offers ultimate purification with double filtration and active carbon filters that helps in removing pollutants, gases and odors up to 0.3 microns.
  • Philips 5000i has the real-time pollutant index and the improved AeraSense technology to sense even slight changes in the pollutant levels.
  • With 5000i Air-Purifier you can monitor pollutants level in a 454 square feet room. Get notified anywhere & anytime through their app.


Philips 5000i uses the vita-shield IPS that removed 99.97% of the airborne pollutants that allows you to connect to cleaner air with intelligent purification by double purification for ultimate performance.

Philips 5000i removes 99.97% of the ultra fine particles which are even at 0.003 micro meter, with the new & improved AeraSense technology senses that will detect even the slight changes in the pollutant levels.

With the dual airflow structure that maximizes the performance and reduces the noise, pollution mode in the air-purifier responds instantly, while the medical-grade HEPA filters capture 99.97% of airborne allergens and ultra-fine particles.

Problem Solved By This Product


Philips 5000i Air purifier uses two true HEPA filters which are medical-grade filters that remove 99.97% of the particles like allergens, gases and odors that pass through the filter such as 0.3 microns.

You will also get reminded that the air-purifiers filters need to be replaced or the scheduled filtering is completed along with the active carbon filters.

You will have a real-time index on the indoor pollutants & you can also track, monitor and control the air quality anywhere, anytime so that you live happy & healthy.

Double filtration in the Phillips 5000i will give you ultimate performance, with the AeraSense technology that senses even the slight changes in the indoor pollutant level. This purifier also has child-lock and all other features that a purifier should have.

Detailed specification


Philips 5000i is the smart & compact air-purifier which doubles the purification .with 99.97% allergens removal with the visual feedback on the front of the air-purifier.

This 5000i air-purifier is deal for larger rooms and captures all the airborne pollutants up to 0.0003 micro-meter to keep you connected with the clean air always, gases and odor in the room.

Philips 5000i uses the Vitashield IPS that removes pollutants such as PM2.5, dust, mites etc. AeraSense gives real time monitoring with triple sensor and show numerically.

This Purifier will purify a standard room within 6 minutes with air delivery rate of 500 m3/hour and also you can control remotely via Wi-Fi connects with Air matters app which helps you keep track, monitor and control your air quality anywhere, anytime.

This smart Air-purifier has three purification modes they are general mode, bacteria mode & virus mode, extra sensitive allergen mode that detect even the slightest change in the indoor allergens level and responds instantly to return indoor allergens to safe level.

This Smart Air-purifier is effective against bacteria & viruses with an extra powerful bacteria & virus mode that effectively removes many common bacteria like influenza for cleaner air.

HEPA filter offers medical grade quality and are well known for advanced & superior long lasting performance. That filters the ultra-fine particles.

With a professional-grade sensor, Philips 5000i displays allergens level right at your home and with AeraSense technology detects your indoor air allergens and displays the potential risk on a scale of 1 to 12.

Philips 5000i provides real-time feedback on potential harmful gases in four levels. Advanced and accurate gas sensor responds to any changes detected in levels of potential harmful gases.

Unique TwinForce in the Philips 5000i with optimized curvature of the air tunnel minimize noise for quiet operation day and night. This combination helps this product outperform other purifier with the same size.

Numerical indicator for pollutant particles in the air. A digital display gives real time feedback and a simple four color ring for easy monitoring blue for good and red for poor present the indoor air quality.

You can also track monitor and control with your smartphone app using the Clean Home with app so that you can control your air purifier anywhere and anytime.

With the advanced active carbon filter you can effectively reduce the potentially harmful gases, including Volatile organic compounds, odors and more.

Dimensions 40 x 46.5 x 57 cm
CADR (Particle) 500 * m3/h
0.3micro meter particle removal 99.97%
Ultra file particle removal As small as 3nm
Filters out H1N1 Virus 99.9%
Filters out bacteria 99.9%
Recommended HEPA lifetime 4800 hours
Recommended AC lifetime 4800 hours
Room size Up to 60 m2
Vitashield IPS Yes
AeraSense technology Yes
Air Quality feedback Numerical
Gas sensor Yes
Pm2.5 sensor Yes
Modes 3 auto modes
Fan speed Sleep 1,2,3 Turbo
Child lock Yes
Healthy Airlock & alert Yes
Motor DC

This Philips 5000i Air-purifier is priced at $681.

Plan For Launch

This Philips 5000i Air-Purifier is made available to the market in May 2019 after the launch in the same year and will be made to the customer home in later quarters of the year after completion of the manufacturing process.

Company Details

This 5000i Air Purifier is brought to you by the company named Philips also known as Royal Philips, Philips India Limited is a subsidiary of Royal Philips which is a leading organization focusing on their customer health.

Enabling better outcomes across the health continuum from healthy living and prevention to diagnosis treatment and home care, their health care business makes 42% of global sales revenue.

They are ready to meet today’s challenges in healthcare by creating solutions that deliver better care to more people at a lower cost. They have more than 37000 employees working in over 100 countries they are committed to helping.

Their approach is that they believe that meaningful solutions that make a real difference, they focus on what matters the most and provide the highest quality to Customers.

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