Petoi Bittle Genius Palm Sized Creative Dog

A Joyful Palm-Sized Real Companion.

Petoi Bittle A Palm Sized Robot Dog

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  • Petoi Bittle is a powerful palm sized dog which can act like real animal with the 3 times faster agile reaction with puzzle like frames to make it live.
  • Petoi Bittle is not only a toy, a master piece to teach, learn & research and train in your way, which is an open source platform to add other features.
  • Petoi Bittle has AI capabilities & actions could be triggered by the infrared remote with the featured design.


Petoi Bittle is a new revolution in the robotic, being such a small robot and does all the activities and very intelligent, that can play tricks like a real animals.

This Petoi Bittle is a perfect tool for learning, where you can create your own skill & teach the dog in your way by downloading the code available on the GitHub.

You can even bring the AI intelligence to the Petoi Bittle by mounting a Raspberry Pi chip that can move 3 times faster than the regular robots with precision.

Petoi Bittle moves with four legs rather than 2 which gives more freedom to move even in unstructured terrains and being a compact system of five components hardware-wise.

Problem Solved By This Product


This Petoi Bittle will be your next pet, which mimics all action with agile movement which make you feel like the real animal, instead of artificial movements.

Petoi Bittle will move 3 times faster with the additional features and has four legs rather than 2 which we usually see in the other robots to increase the freedom of movement.

Assembling Petoi Bittle will be fun and you can enjoy doing that within in one hour, while the material are elastic and even can bear a human foot, while the Bittle has the self-righting after falling from the slope feature.

You can even add an additional battery to the Petoi Bittle to continue the fun for a much longer duration, while the code is open source so that you can teach the Bittle and design in your style.

Detailed Specification

Petoi Bittle is the most powerful tiny robot which is capable of playing with you like real animal, they refined the dog to be agile and fit into palm, where you can bring Bittle to life by assembling the puzzle pieces.

Petoi Bittle is the powerful tool for learning, teaching and researching or even giving as a surprise gift to impress your friends, Which is an open-source platform for multiple gadgets into one organic system.

With their customized Arduino board coordinating all instinctive and sophisticated to bring in perception, you can even add Artificial Intelligence to the Petoi Dog through wired/wireless board.

With the Intelligent camera added to the Petoi which acts three times faster in object detection and second product from OpenCat, they included self-righting after falling from a slope.

Bittle is a palm-sized robot that moves with four legs instead of two, we usually see in other robots that help the robot to navigate in even unstructured terrains as well.

Being a compact system of five components like body frame, actuator, electronics, battery and the software which is open-source so that you can always integrate what you want by pulling the code from the GitHub and co-ordinate all the hardware to perform new tasks.

They designed the body frame into 3D puzzle which create the joy in assembling the robot with very few screws involved in making the dog and on average it take not more than one hour to assemble them.

They have used high quality material with high strength injection-molded plastic to provide the best projection and even the robot can bear the human step on it without breaking. They also designed Bittle to be soft & elastic, while the spring loaded legs flatten the shock to help the robot survive in the regular conditions with ease.

They have designed the frame to be compatible with most, even you can order Bittle Shell and servos with a controllable angle of 270 degrees and they have used nine P1S servos to actuate Bittle.

Petoi Bittle is driven by NyBoard V1 which is rich with peripherals for complete utilization & sophisticated motions, whereas the IMU used for balancing the robot. They also provided infrared remote to trigger basic actions like walk, sit and many more.

Where the NyBoard V1 is the advanced version of their previous board and they also developed a Bluetooth dongle for wirelessly uploading codes and controlling Bittle and further more they are developing native Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

When it comes to code, Petoi Bittle runs 3K lines of Arduino code which is executed in 3rd party libraries, even you can program Bittle at different level in various coding environments like C in Arduino IDE and Python in the terminal.

They have designed li-ion battery pack with built-in charging and protection circuit, which can slide into the track underneath Bittle and tune its center of mass and also has the RGB LED to indicate the battery status.

You can order extra batteries also and enjoy uninterrupted playing.

Dimensions 20 x 11 x 11 cm
Weight 280 grams
Carry Weight 450 grams
Controllable Range 270 degrees
Motor P1S Servo coreless motor
Flash Memory 32K
Socket Mount 2 x 5 Socket Mount
Bluetooth Dongle Compatible with Windows, macOS and Android

This Petoi Bittle Kit is priced at $250 for the early bird sale.

Plan For Launch

This Petoi Bittle Palm Sized Robo Dog is launched in Kickstarters & other online platforms in the year 2020 and will be made available to the market in later quarters of the year 2020. This will reach to the customers home when they have enough stocks after the completion of manufacturing process.

Company Details

This Bittle Robot dog is developed by a company called Petoi and developed by a team of enthusiasts, where Rongzhong is the Founder & CEO of the company who did PHD in physics and computer science master.

The other team members include Jason Yu who is PCB designer and PhD student in computer vision with a tons of experience in the embedded system.

Kai Mai is the Advisor for the company and former VP of Engineering at ALO7 with over 18 years of product management/development and engineering across the USA and China.

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