PE Impressive Wideband O2 Air Fuel Ratio Monitor

Monitors the air to fuel ratio in real time to keep track at the performance of your engine.


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  • PE Wideband O2 monitors the real time air to fuel ratio in your vehicle accurately with the Bosch LSU sensor in AFR and Lambda values in the app.
  • PE Wideband O2 air fuel ratio monitor is compact and small with easy DIY installation with three wires and connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth over 30 feet range.
  • PE Wideband O2 app shows the ratio along with the history graph to keep the engine works at the best performance and reconnects quickly.


Finding the Air fuel ratio which significantly turns over the performance of the vehicle is hard to find with simple tools and enhancing them when they are detected low or not up to the level they are meant to be.

The Performance Electronics Wideband O2 sensor with Bluetooth with just three wires signal, ground and +12V wires the installation is very easy and you can quickly connect your smartphone to their app to monitor the engine air fuel ratio in real time without gauges to make sure that your engine is working at the best performance.

Performance Electronics Wideband O2 comes with the Bosch LSU 4.9 sensor included in the controller kit which gives the reliable results without any sensor calibration required works as simple as quick and the app shows the AFR (Air to fuel ratio) or Lambda value right into the screen without any delay.

The app is compatible to both iOS and Android, uses Bluetooth as the wireless communication up to 30-meter range and provide the history of the ratio to keep track on your engine performance overtime and keep them perfect.

Problem Solving By This Product


PE Wideband O2 device compact, small & elegant design which monitors the air to fuel ratio in real time to keep track at the performance of your engine. The device comes with the Bosch LSU 4.9 sensor which provide the reliable results of the ratio.

PE Wideband O2 sensor connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth and shows the ratio in AFR and Lambda with the customizable history graph to make sure that your engine work at best performance.

While the other air to fuel ratio sensors require gauges to be installed which are heavy, the PE Wideband O2 sensor is easy to install with three wires and reconnects quickly when you turn on the vehicle again.

PE Wideband comes with the optional sensor extension cable along with the CAN Bus communication which is robust without any sensor calibration required. The PE Wideband App is compatible to both Android and iOS.

Detailed Specification

PE Wideband O2 device which a monitor the real time Air fuel ratio of your vehicle effortlessly without any heavy installations to your vehicle with DIY.

PE Wideband O2 air to fuel ratio monitor comes with Bosch LSU 4.9 sensor which quickly measures the air to fuel ratio of your vehicle with the reliable and trust-able results over to the app.

The Wideband O2 sensor uses the Bluetooth connection to connect to the app on your smartphone and compatible with both iOS and android which allows you to see the real time air to fuel ratio in Lambda or AFR value with the customizable history to tune up the performance of your engine by keep tracking on the ratio which plays the crucial role.

PE Wideband O2 air fuel ratio sensor is easy to install to your vehicle with three wire setup of ground, signal and +12V wires which has the fast re-connection time and sends information even over to 30 feet range without any sensor calibration required.

PE Wideband O2 air fuel ratio sensor device supports the CAN bus communication which is a robust vehicle allowing devices to communicate each other, they are also providing the option sensor extension cable to add another sensor if you want.

The PE Wideband O2 air fuel ratio device is compact with CAN bus robust design and available in customizable color gradients. The PE Wideband O2 air fuel sensor is priced at $280.

Communication Bluetooth
Wireless communication range 30 feet
Sensor Bosch LSU 4.9 Sensor
Output for external devices 0 – 5v
Fast re-connection Available
Compatible iOS and Android
CAN communication Available
Display readings AFR or Lambda
Sensor calibration Not required

Plan For Launch

The PE Wideband O2 Bluetooth kit started with the concept idea in March 2019 with prototype and testing in the subsequent months and the product is launched in September 2019 after the changes in the design and prototyping, PE Wideband O2 will be manufactured and will be shipped in the later quarters of the year.

Company Details

This Wideband O2 sensor air fuel ratio kit is developed by the company called PE (Performance Electronics) which is an engineering company started in the year 1999. The PE company is specialized in manufacturing and designing embedded electronic control system to the various industries by having the vast experience in all aspects of the control system design.

Their products integration design, manufacturing and the life cycle management will be taken care in USA and developed a complete fully configurable, standalone ECUs along with the accessories with a house engineering tea, which is capable of designing and manufacturing custom electronic solutions for many applications throughout various industries.

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