Panasonic LUMIX G100 Feature-Packed Mirrorless Camera

Powerpack performance for vloggers.

Panasonic LUMIX G100 Feature-Packed Mirrorless Camera

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  • Panasonic LUMIX G100 is a mirror-less camera which suits perfectly for the content vloggers with innovative new features along with three built in internal mics & hybrid image stabilization.
  • Panasonic LUMIX G100 has a 3 inch fully articulating touchscreen LCD that boats high visibility and vivid colors.
  • Panasonic G100 is an everyday walk-around camera with an HDMI output on the side for external and recording ports and can be your webcam for streaming video.


Picking the right cam for your vlog is always difficult, while some of the cameras has some features while other don’t. Panasonic LUMIX G100 is a next level vlogging camera.

Panasonic LUMIX G100 is packed with tons of features that are required for both beginners and experts as well, with the advanced ozo audio with tracking feature which automatically adjust to the audio range automatically.

Panasonic LUMIX G100 is a lightweight and portable camera even the lens will be contracted lo fit perfectly in your pockets and the Tripod grip allows you to take some stead and stunning shots.

LUMIX G100 can be also used as your webcam while interviews for clear voice and has frame maker feature that indicate the final picture area and composition while you recording the scene.

Problem solved by the product


This Panasonic LUMIX G100 has tons of features that fulfill all the needs of the beginner & expert vloggers, the camera is lightweight and portable while the camera lens will fold into itself making it convenient to carry the camera.

Panasonic LUMIX G100 has built-in three mics which will capture the voice of the vlogger & surrounding as well in different modes namely track, front, surround, and auto mode.

The G100 camera also has a 3.5 mm headphone jack and HMDI port to use this camera as a webcam for interviews there is an advanced auto focus mode that will track the subject movements to keep them in the frame.

While the 5-axis hybrid stabilization will make every shot smooth & clear without any shakes, you can also use the camera in vertical mode and the 3inch LCD display will detect selfie mode when you flip it automatically.

You can tweak between different modes from the top dial and record up to 4K 30fps with the main sensor and 120fps in slow motion, while the frame maker will enable to see the ratio and the content area to share them on social media.

While there is an instant sharing feature with the button on the top of the camera between your smartphone via LUMIX sync app and you can also shot on pre-production mode.

Detailed specification


Panasonic LUMIX G100 is an excellent camera for the vloggers to make great content with tons of features packed in a pocket-sized device that make you astounding and easy to learn for beginners and experts as well.

Panasonic LUMIX G100 is incredibly lightweight and weighs only 352 grams even with the SD card and the battery, but the camera feels solid in the hands which is compact and portable.

Panasonic G100 lens will fold into itself when they are not in use so that you can carry the camera in the pocket without any problem, G100 features a 3inch 1840k-dot equivalent touchscreen LCD display and has 3,680k-dot equivalent EVF.

There is an HDMI cable on the side for external monitoring and recording and when you get an external capture card you can also use this camera as your webcam for streaming video, next to the port there is a USB port for charging your battery in the camera or you can connect to the Panasonic Tripod grip.

They also provide the Tripod grip that will securely attach underneath the camera and you can use it as a tabletop tripod or a handheld grip that features a shutter release and record button.

The most interesting feature about the Panasonic LUMIX G100 is their innovative new audio technology and developed the new OZO technology to capture the audio from the internal microphone for more three-dimensional sound during playback and when you turn on the tracking recording mode, it will link up with the face detection technology.

There are different audio modes on the Panasonic LUMIX G100 including front record, surround mode, track mode and auto mode, you don’t even need an external mic with this kind of technology.

They also offers 3.5mm mic input on the side, Panasonic LUMIX G100 offers new and vastly improved autofocus featuring their face and eye detection AF technology while the feature is also there in video mode.

When you turn the LCD to face your side, the camera will automatically turn on selfie mode and get you the optimal focus and exposure.

Panasonic LUMIX G100 has a familiar 20.3MP sensor that can shoot up to UHD 4K up to 30 fps wrapped up in MP4 and the inclusion of V-log L for more advanced color grading out of the box.

The kit lens is a 12 to 32 F3.5 to 5.6 which is not fixed, since it is an interchangeable lens system so you have any other lens that will work with the camera, still there are different manual modes on the camera which are accessible from the top dial.

The slow and shoot mode will take slow-mo shots, while the resolution will drop down to Full HD in this mode with a max out of 120 frames per second and the frame markers mode will show you how the frame will look like when you upload on the social media.

There is also vertical mode in the G100 and the camera will send the recorded video to your phone via the LUMIX sync app with the help of send image button on the top of the camera.

Dimensions 115.6 x 82.5 x 54.2mm
Video 4K 30-, FHD 60p/30p, Slow 4x (FHD)/Quick 8x (FHD), Time Lapse, Stop Motion, 30fps 4K Burst
Mic 3 internal microphones with OZO Audio Tracking linked with face recognition, 3.5mm socket
Stabilizer 5-axis Hybrid (Photo Lens O.I.S., Video O.I.S. + E.I.S.), gyro sensor, wide correction angle
Charging USB Power Charging
HDMI Output Yes
Connectivity WiFi + Bluetooth 4.2, 1-button Send to Smartphone, LUMIX Sync App
Built-in Flash Yes
LCD/EVF 3.0-inch 1840k-dot, free-angle touch LCD, 3,680k-dot equivalent EVF, 20mm eye point, 0.73x magnification (35mm equivalent )
In-Camera Editing RAW to jpg, retouching, resize and cropping, video divide
Sensor 20.3MP high resolution, high sensitivity MOS Sensor w/o LPF, up to ISO25600 for clear night shots
V-Log L Pre-Installed, 12-stop wide dynamic range
Recording Vertical or Square Orientation, Frame Marker, Rec Frame Indicator, Video Selfie Mode, Continuous Recording Time 90min (FHD 60p), 80min (4K 30p)
Autofocus Face/Eye Detection, High-speed, high-precision DFD + low light AF, -4EV, Post Focus, Focus Stacking
Selfies Auto-Selfie Mode startup for video, clear background, portrait functions: soft skin mode, filters, background control, slimming mode, shutter mode, self-timer
Lens Availability 32 LUMIX G lenses, 65 compatible brand lenses (micro 4/3)

The Panasonic LUMIX G100 camera is priced at $749.99

Plan for launch


Panasonic LUMIX G100 camera is launched in the year June 2020 and will be made available to the customers in later quarters of the year after the manufacturing process in completed.

Company details

This LUMIX G100 camera is developed by a company called Panasonic which is started in the year 1918 with head office located in Japan. Kazuhiro Tsuga is the CEO of the company and is the largest electronic product manufacturer in the world.

Panasonic has enhanced their markets all over the globe with more than 2 Lakh employees in their company and grown as an MNC company.

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