Palm Stable HD Aerial Camera Drone Fits On Your Palm

  • Palm Stable HD Aerial Camera Drone is a compact camera drone which could easily fit on the palm of your hand.
  • Palm Stable HD Aerial Camera Drone has improved technology of software that makes it one of the most stable drones in its category.
  • Palm Stable HD Aerial Camera Drone is small, it does not compromise on the image quality or the battery power on the drone.

Since the usage of aerial technologies and cameras started being used, the drones have become a great deal for all the people who wish to click the perfect photos and videos. The perfect hands free selfies is also one of the pros of the increasing use and constant improvisation of the aerial drones.

Taking the use of drones even further is the Palm Stable Camera Drone. This sleek and small drone allows you with the perfect photos and videos within a stable and small drone. The drone packs in it a lot of great features like automatic following and returns, electronic image stabilization and 3D precision Positioning hovering making it small but very useful in its field of work. With all the many features, it can easily be controlled with a smartphone.


Problem Solving by the Product

Many aerial drones provide with limited features or decrease the quality of the images for the sake of making the drone compact. Those which do provide great features make their drone quite big for a general user to use it easily and conveniently. The Palm Camera Drone solves this problem as it brings a lot of features along with keeping the size of the drone incredibly small and compact. Providing the best quality aerial photography features and a smart and powerful software, it can easily be used by beginners as well as professional photographers to record the images they desire.

Many of the times with the drones with so many features become quite hard to control. This problem is also solved by the drone as it provides the user with the convenience of controlling the drone with a smartphone. This enables the user to adjust the images as well as the drone very easily so as to click the images he needs.

Detailed Specifications

The Palm HD Camera drone has been the centre of talks mainly because of its compact and modern design. The sleek design allows it to lay stable on your palm, thus making sense of the name. This design convenience allows the drone to be very portable when having to be carried along on a journey.

The Drone’s cameras are capable of shooting 8 megapixel photos and Ultra HD videos at 30 FPS. This high quality camera is equipped with latest hardware as well as software. The electronic image stabilization on the device also makes the recorded videos clear and professionally usable. It prevents any kind of turbulence acting on the drone from affecting the image or video recorded from it.


This makes the drone capable of providing Blur free images. The Drone has equipped with various modes which include Sweep Panorama Mode, Continuous Capture Mode, and Delay Capture Mode allowing you to easily use the drone for selfies as well as professional aerial photos.

The Drone also has an advanced Vision Sensing technology. This helps the drone to track people through their faces or bodies and automatically follow them while recording. The auto-tracking can be turned on easily with your smartphone to provide the users with the perfect hands free experience of the drone.

The SLAM 3D Projection technology is also one of the new technologies used in the drone. When combined with GPS, the SLAM 3D projection technology makes the drone very stable and capable of recording videos while being still in one place easily.

The Flight control on the drone is also one of the most advanced in the industry at the moment. The flight is controlled by 3 propellers which are 4 inch each powered by a 1906 brushless motor.

This provides the drone with a stable and powerful speed of flight. The Drone has 3 modes of flight, Low, Medium and High. The Drone is capable of attaining a maximum speed of 11 mph or 18 kmph.

The Drone has an improved GPS Localization in it. This allows the drone to always keep a track of its position and never get lost. You may not see the drone or know where it is but the drone can easily track its position. When the battery gets low, you can simply hit the RTH button and drone will fly back to the Home Point.

When fully charged, the drone can easily provide its user with a flight time of 10 minutes. The 1000mAh battery on the drone can be recharged using the charging dock easily. This makes the drone capable, compact and powerful alongside maintaining an unbeaten flight time in its category.

With the dimensions that fit the drone right in your palm, the Palm Drone weighs only 86 gram which makes it very lightweight and very easy to be carried around without any problems. The drone comes with its protective enclosure. The Drone is available in 2 colour variants, these are Black and Silver-Grey.

Plans for Launch

The Palm stable drone had been in research by the company for less than one year as the company wanted to use its latest technologies in the B2B setting. In 2016, they started using this technology and in less than 2 years they were ready with over 10000 drones using the same.

The Palm stable drone was launched in 2017 along with its Indiegogo campaign. The customers had the advantages of availing the early bird offers with the pre-order of the drone. The company had aimed to start shipping the drones in November 2017 with the production started in September. The Palm drone is shipped worldwide to its users and is expected to successfully reach its customers by December 2017.

Company Details in Short

The Palm Stable Camera Drone is designed and developed by the Palm Tech Company. The Palm Tech being established since 1998 has been one of the leading designers of home security software. It has always been one of a kind in designing and developing new and innovative technologies.

The devices made by the company have been convenient and useful by the users and provided its users with a lot of comfort and usefulness. The Company aims at providing each and every user with the best in class techs at the reach of their hands.