OYO NOVA GYM is a portable full body gym that can be useful to work out on entire body.


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  • OYO NOVA GYM is portable full body gym powered by the SpiraFlex technology which is less weight and more resistant.
  • OYO NOVA GYM has the T shaped handles on the ends which gives you fine grip and the nylon thread of the NOVA can bear more resistance.
  • OYO NOVA GYM double flex activation mechanism will help you to build balanced body in less time and increase the resistance up to 40lbs.


OYO NOVA GYM is a portable strength trainer at home and in the office or while in travelling. After inventing the SpiraFlex for NASA to keep the astronauts fit in the international space station and solve the problem of people who don’t exercise. OYO NOVA is a full gym in your hands that enables you to work out where you are right now and enjoy the same benefits as waste without the weight. OYO NOVA GYM is powered by their patented SpiraFlex technology with up to 40 pounds of smooth SpiraFlex resistance which feels like plane loaded equipment at the gym.

The T handles of the OYO NOVA GYM provides a better grip to control higher resistance levels and their reinforced with steel tubes. NOVA features the same type of nylon coated stainless steel cables that are used on health club equipment and the fitness breakthrough no other gym has double flex activation providing resistance to opposing muscle groups with a single movement which helps in building a balanced body in less time.

With OYO NOVA GYM you can also expand the range of exercise by anchoring the NOVA GYM to your foot or a door and you can do the same exercise by saving time like chest fly, back fly, bicep, triceps and many more. With the OYO NOVA GYM there are many library videos to teach you when you join the community and accept fitness challenges.

Problem Solving By This Product



OYO NOVA GYM is a portable full body gym that can be useful to work out on entire body from back fly, chest fly, triceps, biceps and shoulders and many more and solve the main problem of avoiding exercise due to insufficient time.

OYO NOVA GYM is a sleek and compact design which is powered by SpiraFlex technology that offers more resistance up to 40 lbs and light weight which is more better than cables and machines and can be used in office, or in home or during traveling.

OYO NOVA GYM that works on the both side of the muscle groups and the double flex activation which helps you to build a balanced body quicker in a healthier manner by burning the calories faster.

The OYO NOVA GYM has the T shaped handles on the ends which offers great grip to hold the device and the easy to fold to pack in a backpack to carry with you on the go and the stainless steel coated nylon string is more durable than ever to sustain heavy resistance.

With NOVA GYM you don’t need to spend money on the outer gym clubs, no need to wait for machines and no wastage of time in traveling for the club, you can do the gym right in the place where you stand with their community which comes with exercise videos and programs.

Detailed Specification


OYO NOVA GYM is the portable full body gym in your hands which offers higher resistance to make your body fit in a healthy and quick manner by offering up to 18 kg’s of resistance.

OYO NOVA GYM comes with the portable sleek design that transforms your body whether you are in home or in office or while you on the go. OYO NOVA GYM is powered by the SpiraFlex technology which don’t have much weight but still offers great resistance.

OYO NOVA GYM feels like smooth when you work out and each SpiraFlex is 10 lbs that offers 4.5 Kg weight on either side of the NOVA GYM and the NOVA is made with nylon coated stainless steel which is more durable even in high resistance loads.

OYO NOVA GYM ends has T-Shaped handle which offers great grip for the user to workout while the double flex activation will helps you build the balanced body in no time by providing abduction and addiction in a single exercise moment that doesn’t need vertical of gravity so that you can perform the exercise in all planes of movement without any other tools needed.

With the OYO NOVA GYM you can save time and you can duplicate the same exercise like back fly, chest fly, bicep, triceps, shoulder press/ rise, lat pull-down, rows, back extension and Abs crush.

The oyofitness community has more than 100 exercises and 50 workout videos to teach you how you make your body fit and they are also proving the NOVA Top 10 exercises along with 18 weeks free program.

This OYO NOVA GYM is priced at $135 for the early bird sale and then they will be available for $159.

Plan For Launch



The idea of the product OYO NOVA GYM along with the first off tool production sample is started in the year 2020 with the life-cycle testing in May 2020 while the product refinement is done in June 2020. The Final off tools with the production samples with assembling the products is completed in August 2020. The NOVA GYM will be shipped in September and will be in the backer’s warehouse after the manufacturing of the product in later quarters of the year 2020.

Company Details

This NOVA GYM portable GYM is developed by the company called oyofitness. The founder of the company is PAUL FRANCIS who invented the SpiraFlex resistance technology for NASA first and then this company is incorporated with the SpiraFlex technology to come with the second product as NOVA GYM. NICK BOLTON Is the fitness director of the company who is a body builder and former firefighter, he personally developed the workouts and nutrition programs for the OYO and works as a virtual personal trainer for the oyofitness team. SONYA ANDREWS is the brand and web director of the company who helps the brand to be always sleek and innovative technology to use while MARCUS SY is the director of the company in TAIWAN office.

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