OMCARE Portable Air Purifier For Office, Car, Carry Everywhere

  • OMCARE Portable Air Purifier makes sure that you breathe in air which is free from harmful substances.
  • OMCARE Portable Air Purifier portability makes it easier to take the device anywhere with you and enjoy pollution free air to breathe in.
  • OMCARE Portable Air Purifier offers intelligent detection of substances in the air around and eliminate them without any configuration at all.

In the recent times, with all the pollution that has been going on, there has been a certain threat to the Earth. Scientific organizations such as NASA have warned people about the consequences of the damages that we are doing. These damages are done to the water bodies, the air around us and also, our surroundings.

Contamination of the planet isn’t just about the waste, there are many ways we go around in our normal life that contribute to the pollution of the earth. Some of them are air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, and land pollution. These not only affect other creatures but also affect us in one way or the other.



Pollution is like a slow poison that is engulfing us and without us noticing it. But every problem has a solution and so does the problem of pollution. One can do his/her bit and contribute. But small steps would take a lot of time and by the time the human race comes to the realization and starts to focus on the betterment of the environment, it will be too late by then. Hence, not only we need to contribute our bit, we need to save ourselves from this looming danger over our heads.

There are techniques both portable and non-portable that allow us to safeguard ourselves from the potential dangers of pollution. Portable water filters and even bottles with filtering mechanisms are available so that the contaminated water becomes drinkable. Although, there are many air purifiers but they lack portability and with the limited usage, efficiency decreases.

Hence, there is no measure for purified air in places where the air purifiers cannot be. But this is the case no more with the OMCARE portable air purifier in the market. The purifier offers what most of the products don’t. Portability, efficiency and the anytime anywhere fresh and clean air is nothing less than a boon in this era.

Omcare Air Purifier

OMCARE Portable Air Purifier tends to generate attention towards the worsening environment and that it is invisible to us. It signifies its use in generating fresh air such that one can inhale a rather purified than contaminated particles in the air. The product has an elite design, a prime functioning, and a compact packing. It offers portability to its users so that the fresh air doesn’t limit to just one place. With the specifications and look of it, it is certainly a product to buy.


Problem Solving by this product

Omcare Air Purifier

Everyone knows how the Earth is degrading day by day. Increasing threats such as global warming, the depletion of the ozone layer is affecting our earth severely and the activities that lead to it; the various types of pollution are affecting the entire population. Though steps are being taken to reduce these, the air quality over the years has degraded. One must take care of themselves.

The OMCARE Portable Air Purifier makes sure that you breathe in air which is free from harmful substances. Not only this, the product offers more than it; portability. Portability makes it easier to take the device anywhere with you and enjoy pollution free air to breathe in.

Detailed Features

The OMCARE Air Purifier is a very intelligent product when it comes to its working. Featuring a one-click start, the purifier offers intelligent detection of substances in the air around and eliminate them without any configuration at all.

The touch oval-ish display gives a reading of the air around. The display also shows the index of pollution that the surrounding air has. Higher the index, the higher the pollution. One can also choose to switch to night mode which gives an ambient display.

OMCARE’S Air purifier is cylindrical, making it easier to carry and even keep it in a car. The build is of Aluminum, therefore it is lightweight too. It carries with it, a removal rate of 99% which is a pretty high number in the market. It packs anti-allergen technology and removes the, from the air it releases.

Omcare Air Purifier

The purifier packs up more than 5 Million anions (negative ions), assisting it in its anti-bacterial functioning. The purifier can remove Staphylococcus, Escherichia Coli and Hepatitis B etc. from the air particles. It sterilizes germs, Formaldehyde and TVOC. Its key part is a nano silver biochemical filter which is SGS certified and is reusable after just a simple wash.

If the features weren’t more than enough, a special Aromatherapy function adds onto them. The process of Aromatherapy is just a child’s play. Take out the bottom cover and in the aromatherapy ingot, pour 2-3 drops of the essential oils. After that, just put the nano filter back on and start the purifier. It has a battery capacity of 2100 mAh. The purifier is easily chargeable using a micro USB cable with a power supply of 5V/750mA.

In short, this purifier is an all in one product and can purify air and release essential oils at the same time. It helps maintain a greener routine and with fresh and pure air to breathe, the body starts to function even better.


Plan for launch

The OMCARE Portable Air Purifier was launched back in the summer of 2018. The sipping of the product already took place and all the units that were ordered were successfully delivered by the end of September 2018.

The product is up for sale on with a price tag of 699$ (HK). The box contains the purifier, a charger, a charging cable, and a user manual.

Company details

OMCARE was founded in 1999 and has since focused on products that make lives better. This includes products like portable air purifiers, water purifiers, and food disinfectants. The company tends to care for the things that their customers do so that there is a much-needed connection between requirement and fulfillment.

The company has a lot of designs that are patented alongside tools in biotechnology development and artificial intelligence too.

Head out to the site given in the article for a complete view of the product. Stay safe, stay green and keep making your contributions towards the environment.