Oaks 3 Smart Lock and Keyless Deadbolt For Smart Home Systems

Oaks 3 Smart Lock
  • Oaks 3 Smart Lock helps you get digital access to your property without use of the dangling traditional key and lock system.
  • Oaks 3 Smart Lock comes with bundled with a mobile application which enlists various features like self-guided property tours for one, among the others.
  • Oaks 3 Smart Lock, as it automatically locks the door whenever it closed and you leave.

A complete digital Bluetooth enabled deadbolt is in the market by the Oaks Labs, which a secure solution for both the consumers and the enterprise. The Oaks 3 helps you get digital access to your property without use of the dangling traditional key and lock system. With the features wherein the homeowners can grant access to guests and renters while keeping their property secure from other people.

This ANSI grade 2 device is the security mechanism you were looking for your beloved home. So, now you can say hello to codes and goodbye to the keys, making the Oaks 3 smart lock a viable and perfect solution for home owners.

Problem solved by this product


Apart from getting rid of handling and not forgetting your keys dangling inside your pockets and bags, it brings forward a solution to replace the erstwhile locking system replacing it with a digital and more secure locking system. The added functionality ensures that you can grant access to your guests and rental guests if you run rental home also. The Oaks 3 smart lock comes with bundled with a mobile application which enlists various features like self-guided property tours for one, among the others.

Detailed Features


The Oaks 3 smart locking system is one of a kind, modern age locking system for securing your home. It comes bundled with easy to use Oaks Home app which is required to control and manage the lock.

1. The app allows to share access to the guest for a stipulated interval. Digital access for visiting guests can be easily be generated through the app and shared with guests. The app ensures that the door is locked automatically, once visiting people leave the property
2. In case you misplace your smartphone or do not have one, the Oaks 3 comes with an option for smart key, the Oaks FOB. This key can be easily be paired with the Oaks 3 using the app first for anytime use.
3. The app also, enables full access tracking enlisting who all have accessed the door of your house along with the log entry of the time of entering. Also, you can enable receiving the notifications of whenever someone enters or leaves your house.

4. You can leave the worry of locking the door every time you leave the house to the Oaks 3 smart lock, as it automatically locks the door whenever it closed and you leave.
5. It is also a great tool for the property manager and real estate operator to automate the leasing the property, the Open API of the Oaks App makes it possible to integrate the locking system with the Rently’s patented Self-touring platform. Rently is the largest real estate operator in America powering 10 million+ self-guided tours until now.
a. The potential buyers or renters can check into the property with a one-time entry code which is generated uniquely every time.
b. The entire process of tour of the property has been automated due to integration of the Oaks API into the Rently’s system. On receiving the inquiry of a tour, the prospect renter receives an e-mail from the Rently system with the details.

c. The renter then can register themselves ensuring a secure check in process and an access key is generated for the property which is only valid for a duration of an hour.
d. Rently follows up the tour with an application link to apply for the property without the owner getting involved. Also, the Oaks 3 lock secures the house after the stipulated tour.
6. When Renters move into the house or the property, the home is marked as leased and details of the current resident are updated into the database. The move in invite is sent through an e-mail with the master code and link to download the app (also, available at Google Play Store and Apple App Store).

Technical Specifications

With these multifarious features, the Oaks 3 smart lock is sleek and modern in design and easy to install. The user interface is simple and very accessible for all types of users.
Following are some of the major technical specifications:
1. Dimension: 120mm x 60mm x 11mm
2. Battery: 1-year battery life, uses 4 AA battery
3. Communication: BLE, NFC and App
4. Certification: ANSI Grade 2 security deadbolt
5. Door Thickness Compatibility: 1.5” to 2”
6. Operating conditions: -30 to 70o C

Model And Warranty

The product ships with a 1-year electronic warranty for residential users and a 3 year electronic warranty for commercial users. The hardware warranty is for 5 years and 2 years for residential and commercial users respectively.
It is currently available only in matte black colour.

Plan for launch

With the Oaks lab building the first prototype in February 2019, the product went into production in December 2019 after Oaks app production run on the App store.
It was listed on the Kickstarter for crowdfunding in January 2020 and Shipping is to begin in March this year.

The product has raised an amount of $ 15,276 via 125 backers until now. The retail price of the product is $135.

Company details

The Oaks Team is headed by Mr. Merrick Lackner who is also the co-founder of the venture while Joe Wang is the mind behind the seamless Oaks API working in the capacity of Systems Architect. Oaks and Rently were established in 2011 and has been a market leader in self-touring and securing technology.

Their operating motto is “we realize the impact of lost keys and how much of a security threat it could be to a property manager or a homeowner.”


Oaks 3 is smart lock technology which comes with the bundled advantage of the self-guided tours possible through the Rently system. It is sure to provide a breakthrough in renting and leasing the property with much less hassle and paperwork. The Oaks App makes it a seamless locking experience for the owner and also, for those occasional guests at your place. Given all this, the lock though having an ANSI Grade 2 certification is open to the cyber threats through the app and the Bluetooth system it comes with.