NuType Mobile Wireless keyboard

NuType Keyboard
  • NuType Mobile Wireless Keyboard is a unique type of mechanical keyboard.
  • NuType Mobile Wireless Keyboard fits perfectly with MacBook.
  • NuType Mobile Wireless Keyboard has backlit support


uType Mobile Wireless keyboard is one of its kind. It is explicitly designed for MacBook after many users complained about the typing experience on the latest MacBook. The company has a vision to provide better and painless typing experience to its users. It looks like your traditional keyboard at first glance, but smaller. It is more compact, lighter, and it fits right on top of the keys of your Mac-book. The product features ultra-thin Kaihua Choc switches that allow you to type faster with more accuracy. The product comes with loads of other features which we will be discussing shortly. The NuType can be paired with up to 3 devices, so you can seamlessly switch between the devices that you want to use. One more significant feature of the NuType is that you can use your Touch track-pad, Touch ID and function keys. Moreover, it comes with customizable RGB lighting with different backlit modes. Apart from MacBook, you can use it with your iPad or any other tablet and even your mobile phone.


Typing is such an integral part of how we work. From students to developers, to content writers, everyone has to type for hours every day. Also, most of us now type on laptops or tablets, instead of desktops. We all know frustrating it can be to type on a laptop or any portable device. It can be manageable if you’re doing it for a short duration. However, when you need to work continuously on a tablet or a laptop, the experience can be painful, literally. Laptop keys are generally harder than the traditional keyboard. And in the case of tablets or phones, you’re pressing your fingers against the hard glass screen. 

Regular keyboards can be extremely exhausting and painful for your hands. You might think that connecting an external keyboard to your laptop will solve the problem. It will, but then you will lose the portability aspect. Don’t worry we have found what you’ve been looking for. The NuType Mobile Wireless keyboard is the product that you need. You might be thinking what the difference between this keyboard and any other portable keyboard in the market is. Well, that is what we are going to show you. Keep reading to know more about the NuType Mobile Wireless Keyboard.

NuType Mobile Wireless Keyboard"


Does your job require you to type for hours continuously? Are your fingers hurting after typing thousands of words each day? If yes, then the NuType Mobile Wireless keyboard is just the product for you. We know how you feel. The company has designed this product intending to provide an enjoyable typing experience without the hassle. This keyboard solves the core problem that most of us face. You can type comfortably for hours on this keyboard without compromising the portability aspect. Even though this product is an external attachment, it is so small and compact that you will hardly feel that you’re carrying an extra device. Usually, keyboards are bulky, and it is cumbersome to carry them all around. This product is targeted towards the users whose work requires them to type for long periods while being on the move. If you hate typing on your regular keyboard, then I strongly recommend that you should give NuType a try. 


  • Fits perfectly on MacBook keys
  • Can be paired with up to 3 devices
  • Kaihua Choc Low Profile Mechanical Switch is 42% smaller than average.
  • Improved efficiency due to key combinations
  • Compatible with tablets and android devices
  • Over 20 types of RGB backlit
  • You can use your touch ID, Touch Bar and function keys
  • Comes with an elegant case that is perfect for its compact size

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Here are the detailed specifications of the product. 

  • Number of Keys: 64 (Mechanical Switch)
  • Switch Type: Kaihua Choc Low Profile Mechanical Switch
  • Material: Aluminium, Plastic
  • Weight: 350g
  • Connection Type: USB Type-C
  • Mode: Wired Mode, Bluetooth Mode
  • Indicator Lights: 4
  • Led Color: RGB
  • Battery: 1600mAh
  • Size: 277.5 x 94.6 x 16.8 mm
  • In the Box: 1 x NuType F1, 1 x Smart Case, 1 x USB-C to USB-C Cable (0.13m), 1 x USB-C to SB-A Cable (2m)


The NuType is compatible with the following devices. It is to be noted that mobile devices and tablets are not mentioned here. 

  • Apple: MacBook(2015-2019), MacBook Air(Early 2015-2019), MacBook Pro (Late 2012-2019)
  • Dell: XPS 13.3, XPS 15.6
  • Microsoft: Surface Laptop 1/2/3, Surface Pro 4/5/6/7, Surface Book 1/2
  • Lenovo: IdeaPad 720/730, Y9000K, Y7000/P, S145, S940 
  • ThinkPad: X1, X390, E490, L490/590, E495/595, T470/480s, 13/14s
  • HP: Spectre Folio, Spectre X360, ENVY X360, ZBOOK 15, ZBOOK 15v
  • Razer: Blade 15, Blade 17
  • Alienware: New Alienware M15, New Alienware M1


The NuType has not been released anywhere in the world as of now. You can pre-order it from Kickstart. Once the product is launched, it will be shipped worldwide, including India. The company should launch this product as soon as possible. There are many other mechanical keyboards in the market, but most of them are not very different from the traditional keyboards. They are bulky and inconvenient. The NuType is one of a kind and is targeted towards the MacBook users specifically. There is an apparent need for such a product, and they should capitalise on the situation by having the first-mover advantage. As the New Year has already begun, NuPhy should analyse the number of orders it has received and start production accordingly. The product is attractive, solves a genuine problem and is targeted towards a particular segment. With the right promotion and timing, the NuType can be a massive success.


NuPhy is a new company looking to make a big name for itself. As of now, the company has only one offering, the NuType keyboard. The mission of the company is to solve the everyday problems faced by us. They want to do this in the most elegant and straightforward way. According to them, they spend a considerable chunk of their time thinking, discussing and experimenting about the best possible method. The success of the NuType Wireless Mechanical Keyboard will shape the future of the company.