NOIR: Simple Looking USB Charger Can Be Your Next Security Camera

  • NOIR Discreet Security Camera brings the new secret surveillance camera shaped as a USB charger to provide you the conveniences of a security camera.
  • NOIR Discreet Security Camera can record 1080p HD video for 24/7 when it is plugged in.
  • The NOIR Discreet Security Camera also needs no installed batteries, all you have to do is simply plug it and it starts recording.

HD Mask security services brand brings its latest and one of the most advanced and discreet security devices till date. The HD Mask NOIR is the next level security monitoring camera you’ll need. It comes in the shape of a USB charger and can easily be setup on any plug.

The great design of the product gives it the discreet look it will need to avoid the eyes of the intruders and other people which it is supposed to secretly monitor. The NOIR Security Camera also provides you to experience a non-bulky and yet an efficient security setup which you can easily manage.

Apart from providing you with a good camera which records 1080P HD video this Discreet Security Camera also allows you to simply use it to charge your phone. This makes the device able to be used as both a security/spy camera as well as a mobile or tablet USB charger.


Problem Solving by the Product

The Security cameras although becoming one of the very necessities of the modern world, they are really bulky and full of hassles to install and use. Every person needs to monitor their home or room at one point or another in their life. The HD Mask NOIR Discreet security Camera provides you with the hassle free and easy to setup experience which you need and deserve.


All you have to do is simply plug in the charger shaped device in a plug and it will start recording. One more problems with security camera are their obvious shapes and installations. The HD Mask NOIR provides you with the secret design so that the intruders and mischievous people that enter your house do not recognize it and you can catch the real faces of the people.

Detailed Specifications

The NOIR Discreet Camera provides you the secrecy and security you need for your house. Being shaped as a USB charger, the security device blends inside the room perfectly in plain sight without anyone even noticing it there. It works perfectly as the camera inside the device is a simple plug in camera which is capable of recording HD quality video for as long as you need.


Apart from the security camera it can also simply work as a mobile or tablet charger so that no one can doubt thee device and you can simply use it as an excuse to turn it on or stay in the room. The NOIR charger is high speed and allows dash charge to your phone. The NOIR Security Camera requires no installation wires or drill holes, all it needs is a plug where it can be plugged in and it starts working good as any other camera.


NOIR Discreet Security Camera can record 1080p HD video for 24/7 when it is plugged in. The camera has a wide angled view of 75 degrees which would provide you with full surveillance of the room. The camera has a panoramic view and can be used to monitor any person completely inside the room.

The Audio recorded by the camera is also very clear and sharp. All the recorded video from the device can be stored in the SD Card fitted in the Card Slot on the plug end of the camera away from the eye. The NOIR Discreet Security Camera also needs no installed batteries, all you have to do is simply plug it and it starts recording.


Apart from being able to record the video from your homes on the SD Card, the device is also capable of streaming live HD video on your smartphone or your computer through a Wi-Fi connection. For the security of the night, the camera provides you with a wide aperture and IR Night Vision which allow it to see just as clearly in the night as in the day.

The Motion sensors are also advanced and are capable of adjustments in their sensitivity. The Camera has Military grade recording, sensitivity and design which provide it with the best quality and durability in the Industry.

Plans for Launch

The HD Mask Company had already developed a first generation of security device back in 2017 and delivered it in more than 25 countries worldwide when it started working of the research and development of the second generation. The company managed to develop and finish the initial mass production in August 2018.

The company had been running test production batches and had kicked off its crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo in July 2019. As in April 2020, the company had halted the crowdfunding campaign and is now in the mass manufacturing stage of the product. The company still accepts more orders through CrowdOx and is set to complete the shipping of the product as soon as possible.

Company Details

The NOIR Discreet Security Camera is the latest innovation of the HD Mask Industries. The Company has a rich team of talented and motivated engineers and designers who all aim at making security better and easier for everyone. The Company has had the working experience from traditional security cameras to the latest modern office solutions.

The Company had also been featured in 2018 as the Top Tech Company by the Touch of Modern. It has established itself as one of the leading and innovative tech designers and has achieved many accolades in the past 2 years. With the first generation of its security cameras it achieved many supporters from all over the world and now bringing the NOIR, the company has made it clear that it can always improve and make better techs for the people of the world.