NOHrD Eau-Me Healthy Water Balance Board

New generation balance board which comes with the water shifting patented technology.

NOHrD Eau-Me Healthy Water Balance Board

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  • NOHrD Eau-Me Balance Board is portable with the unique patented impulse water shifting that works against the athlete movements that helps in improving the posture.
  • NOHrD Eau-Me is designed to be used by all age group people and can withstand weight of the performer up to 100Kg that helps in activating the deep core musculature offering workout for entire body.
  • NOHrD Eau-Me helps in muscle building along with enhancing the balance & coordination to increase the response capacity with better sense of balance and even recover your back problems.

There are many other exercise out in the market like gym equipment or portable gadgets but all of these are not challenging and fun to do with that doesn’t engages the core muscles and make your body fit but not mentally or enhances the senses. NOHrD Eau-Me Board is different from other balancing boards which has the water in the base of the board that moves in unpredictable way which makes your body to move in the direction to maintain balance in order to stay upright.

NOHrD Eau-Me Water Balance Board helps you to build the muscle strength for entire body to next level and the board will move against your movement to make sure that enhancing the reflexes of your body and enjoy this as challenge & fun.

NOHrD Eau-Me Water Shifting board will end the exercise when you step out of the board and helps in improving the coordination & balance with the cone-shaped base point.

With the unsteady shifting base which forces your body muscular system to react and respond to the continual impulse and stimuli, even enhance the senses of balance and improves your posture which also helps in preventing the back pain.

Problem Solving By This Product


NOHrD Eau-Me is the new generation balance board which comes with the water shifting patented technology which works against the athlete actions and force you to involve your muscles to keep balance which helps in the muscle building.

Doing Exercise in the NOHrD Eau-Me will enhance your coordination and balance sense by involving your core muscles to improve your posture and helps you to recover from the back pains.

NOHrD Eau-Me Balance Board is made with high quality wood with plastic base which can withstand up to 100Kg weight and portable to anywhere wherever you goes.

The water movement in the NOHrD Eau-Me is unpredictable and there are no patterns to remember which activates your stimuli to maintain balance which will be quite hard and involves all muscle workouts and performing squats on the board while balancing will be challenging & fun.

Balance board is strongly recommended exercise by the physiotherapists and coaches with high demand in health sector and doing push up on the balance board will strengthen your arms, core and back muscles.

Detailed Specification


NOHrD Eau-Me Balance Board comes with the new patented technology that combines the classic balance training with water element working against the athlete in unpredictable ways which helps the user body to trigger immediate reactions to balance the board.

NOHrD Eau-Me Balance board is made with unique and elegant design with water at the bottom of the board with cone-shaped base point to make your workouts challenging & fun, this board is designed to be used for all ages to enhance the fitness and sense of balance while keeping the joints easy and withstand weight up 100 Kg.

NOHrD Eau-Me Water Shifting board is portable to carry along with you wherever you go and board will help you to train your coordination and balance as the water moves continuously which forces you to engage deep core muscles and helps in improving the posture & strong enough to prevent back pain.

NOHrD Eau-Me Balance Board footplate is made with high-quality grade wood and plastic base and maintain balance even in standing posture or in squats posture and lowering your body toward the board will be an excellent exerciser for your entire body including arms, core and back muscles.


NOHrD Eau-Me Balance Board will help in increasing the response capacity and the time reflexes to respond against the movement of water quickly which will reduce the joint pains and helps you to recover from the back problems which is highly recommended by the physiotherapists and other fitness coaches.

This NOHrD Eau-Me Water Balance Board is available in four different footplates they are CLUB, CHERRY, ASH and WALNUT in which they are priced at 349$, 399$, 349$ and 499$ respectively.

Plan For Launch

This NOHrD Eau-Me Water Shifting Balance Board is made available to the market in the year 2018 July after the changes in the design and modification of prototypes over the previous balancing boards with the patented technology and will be shipped to the customers in the later quarters of the year 2019 after manufacturing is finished.

Company Details

This Eau-Me Water Shifting Balance Board is developed by the company called NOHrD, their products are made with wood at Germany with the manufacturing unit since 1994 with the headquarters in 2005 in Nordhorn with high quality materials, design and sustainability, their mission is to develop innovative products while constantly focusing on selection of natural and sustainable material which are handcrafted with the precision machine technology. The leather used in their products is genuine and originated in Germany with the respect toward environment to make sure that there will be no waste even reusing the product after recycling.

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