Nodus Shell Case II + Magnetic Micro Dock for iPhone

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  • The Nodus Shell Case II is a leather case with a metal strip covered within the case.
  • The Nodus Shell Case II ranges in three colors and these are Dark Teal, Chestnut Brown, and Taupe Grey.
  • The Shell Case II is slim and lightweight, easy to turn on and off, and comes with premium leather.

With the Nodus case, people get handcrafted products made from Italian complete and top grain leather that is not only tanned vegetables but also manufactured in an ethical and sustainable manner. The company offers many color options that usually not included in mass-produced leather cases. And if the user wants a distinct look that everyone else doesn’t imitate, then he/she won’t find Nodus cases in large stores. The Nodus Shell Case II is a leather case with a metal strip covered within the case. The magnetic Micro Dock has the case and can be placed on the windshield of your vehicle, a wall or anywhere you want to install your handset.

Problem Solved By This Product


Further safety than just cosmetics: even if the user doesn’t worry about the odd scratch or break, the handset has more uses than that. Many gadgets such as the iPhone have a camera lens flush with the rear, so it’s much more vulnerable to scratches and other damages that can render photos look rather bad. You can also damage one of the buttons on your phone, which will cause a lot more trouble to use than just a few scratches.

Resale Value: Even though the user is not obsessive about a slight scratch on a smartphone but some might think. The smartphone can be broken while leaving it without a cover. This will cause small nicks and bruises on the screen of the smartphone, which will decrease the resale value. Having a case for the handset is one of the best ways to upgrade the next phone for free. Therefore selling phones rather than keeping them around, a case might be a great idea.

Stand Out in a Crowd: While there is always an argument for creating “individualism”, a case can make you practically stand out. The major problem with a sleek, sexy smartphone that they are very slippery and therefore there is a need for a grippy, rubberized case. Having a case on the smartphone not only reflects the personality of the user but also it will help the user to identify his/her device.

Detailed Specifications


The Nodus shell case is made from leather of Italian vegetables prepared from top grains. Even though this is not a heavy-duty case, it is still quite secure. The slim form factor in no way interferes with the functionality of the iPhone along with the wireless charging that works very well. Embedded leather button caps enable the volume and Sleep / Wake buttons to be worked effectively. There are cutouts for the camera and mute button that help users to work efficiently. Nearly the entire telephone bottom is left open for connections to the Lightning port and speakers. The coating of the case comes on top of the screen, so if you keep your phone down, the screen will not contact the surface.

The leather has a pebbled texture that gives the case a bit more grip than other leather cases. Inside the case is lined with a soft microfiber that provides grip to items and also has shock-absorbing polycarbonate core with a slightly raised lip that prevents the case from damage.

Inside the case, there’s a thin metal strip concealed between the leather and the microfiber lining. The metal strip is the one that allows the case to be attached to the magnetic micro dock. Notice the piece of metal doesn’t stretch the entire length of the case instead; it is just the same thickness as the Micro Dock. This ensures that in one position, just below the display, the handset can only connect to the dock. The case also provides magnetic insulation, so the magnetic dock will not damage the Smartphone.

The Nodus Shell Case II ranges in three colors and these are Dark Teal, Chestnut Brown, and Taupe Grey. The name Nodus and Octopus logo are inscribed on the backside of the case. It supports all iPhone versions from 7/8 to XS / XR, including other Smartphones.

The Shell Case II is slim and lightweight, easy to turn on and off, and comes with premium leather. The switch covers are leather with an improvement over the original, which is more responsive. A shielded magnetic mount is also included for the Micro Dock III. Meanwhile, the original Micro Dock was the curved shape but this time there is a small strip around it. It will support full Qi wireless charging despite the magnetic feature.

The system is very good for the direct mounting of smartphones. It will enhance the easy visual access, such as on a car’s dashboard. The cutout for the Ring / Silent switch is more lenient than with the original, and exposure to the switch was not a problem for accessing the switch.


Magnets are strong enough to keep the phone from falling off the magnet, even if using the iPhone once docked. The manufacturer says that it uses the N52 magnet, which is strongest in the world and provides enough protection to the smartphone from any issues of magnetic interference.

Now looking to cutouts, the bottom of the Nodus shell case safeguard corners of the iPhone but mostly exposes the bottom of the device. It will help to make removal easier, keeping the speakers free, and because the Lightning port was entirely unblocked, even cables with wide connections worked without an issue. This style turned out to be perfect for the X-Series iPhones and their recent gestures. I think a case with a downward lip requires extra effort because shell case II leaves that lower edge and the gesture is much more fluid.

Company Details

Nodus has been making premium leather products since 2013 to enhance experiences of the people. They have created a several generations into the Shell Case and Access Case lines that are easy to use, sleek and comfortable, which mainly concentrates on wallets and cases. If anyone appreciates the look of the leather, then UK-based Nodus manufactures some very good iPhone cases.

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