Nimble – The World’s First 35W Dual TypeC Travel Adapter

nimble charger
  • Nimble is First of its kind of 35W dual Type C Charger.
  • Nimble comes with 3USB Ports and 2 Type C Ports.
  • Nimble can charge 6 devices.


imble is World’s first 35W dual Type C charger. This can be very useful for traveling. The main purpose of the product is to deliver the multi functionalities such as the charging and as a converter and it supports the multi ports like 3 USB ports and 2 Type-C ports works as an universal adapter with all the features and supports over 150+ power plugs which is the major issue that many people will face in the world when they use the products in the foreign countries in other places it will help a lot.

This will be very useful product to travelers and the people who lives in different places and they move occasionally. When they find it difficult to charge the devices with the different sockets and plugs.


It solves the fast charging problems, by having the dual Type – C ports so that two phones can charge at a time at a speed of 35W which is the fastest charging technology.

It solves the issue with the foreign plugs for which we have to buy the adapter or socket which exactly fits it but this adapter will support you over 150+ countries so that you don’t need to bother about the sockets.

It has the 3 USB ports so that they can charge the phones or even the laptops. With this you can charge 6 devices simultaneously without any interference it’s like an extension box with minimalist design.  It has the quick charge 3.0 support so that your phone will charge at a speed 2.5X time’s faster rate than usual.

Don’t need to bother while charging, feel safe to some time there will be high voltage input in that case your phones/devices will be damaged but, in this device, there are 2 fuses which will always protect your device.

It also solves the problem as a plug there are three types of pins in it, they can be controlled by using the side 3 bars one for each like Arab countries charging pins and USA, UK.


Two USB Type – C ports which are compatible with USB Type – C to USB Type – C or to lightning cords for apple products, the output for each 5v/3A max. The 2 USB Type – C ports one of them is the PD/QC which supports the quick charge 3.0 for which you will get an output 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A which will charge your device will faster rate and speed.

3 USB ports which also supports the fast charging which gives you an output 5V/2.4A and max up to 5V/3.5A charging. Universal  plugs that supports the Arab, UK,USA and other countries over 150+ you can easily switch between them with the three levers you can switch between them with those levers. Dual fuse which saves or protect your devices twice someone are unable to use product when the fuse is damaged they might be afraid. Or even they might not in a situation to replace the fuse in this use case

Nimble will help you with its spare fuse built in.  It is the most powerful kit powered with all these features to use at a time. The device also has the safety certification so that you can trust that your devices will be charged safely.

It is also easy to carry along with you while traveling any places it’s a drop proof, means even if you accidentally dropped the Nimble it won’t get any damage easily. It’s also scratch resistant no matter if suddenly anything scar it there wouldn’t be any scratches.

However there is a safety side lock button which will help you when you use any of the 3 pins they will not get jammed or even forcefully      go back to its position when it is pressed. If you want to switch          then you   have to long press the side lock and then slide it back. Its take a less time to charge your devices like they mentioned it take

15 minutes Bose speaker to charge, 30 minutes for Go Pro hero, iPhone XR 25     minutes, Samsung note 10 plus 20 minutes it takes less time compared to     normal and usual charger.




  • Dimensions – L78.2 X W 54.7 X H 52.66 mm
  • USB Ports – 3 ports
  • Type – C – 2 ports
  • Pins – 3
  • Sockets – 4
  • Fuses – 2
  • Max charge – 35W
  • Inside Box – The things that come inside the box are Nimble with a leather case and two cables one with Type – C to Type – C and other is Type – C to lightning cable.

PRICE AND AVAILABILITY                    

The device is launched in the Kickstarters on September 10 2019 and they want to deliver the product to the customers within the 4-6 days of ordering the product and the price will be low for the limited ones and varies then.

The product is priced at $38.99 (2,800 Rs). According to the price this is an excellent product that no one is going to provide that its features and two cables inside the box which are twice thick than the usual cables which are provided in the box.

Be side’s this it is not only the adapter to be carried away it also providing the fast charging to your device safely to all its ports that need to be considered.


If your fuse gets damaged then the socket will be protected not the USB ports, they still continue to work which might damage your product.

Even normal adapters will have an indication light whether they are working or not but this Nimble don’t have that so we cannot say whether it is working or not.

If your phone doesn’t support the fast charging and if you still plugged in the fast charging one your battery may be affected.


This product was designed by iBlockCube who always convert the innovative ideas into products and make a powerful business and their main focus is to develop the products which are simple to use and smart enough to serve the needs. They make the peoples life simple by solving the daily problems which are overlooked and make people feels necessary that this is a repetitive problem to be solved.