nect Modem Fast And Reliable With LTE

Connect you though VPN to keep your information and browsing private.

nect Modem
  • nect Modem will keep you secure in the digital world with VPN and Firewall with high speed LTE connection which is faster than Wi-Fi and mobile hotspot.
  • nect Modem creates a reliable connection without any interruption over 208 countries with universal service compatibility without any sim card and works in any place where cellular network signal can reach.
  • nect Modem doesn’t need any battery and designed for mobility that attaches to your laptop and even works as hotspot station that can connect up to 10 devices.

We live in a fast pace world you need to be ready get online at a moment’s notice you cannot waste time searching for good reliable connection in a cafe or looking for the phone hotspot gives you the speed you need. Without internet connection it is really tough and often tough when you are in the business and it takes a minute to break into your computer Wi-Fi network and steal all the information including photos, important documents etc.

nect Modem the complete elegant design with secure connection and equips your workstation with high speed internet everywhere cellular network can reach.
nect modem is very easy to use just stick that to the laptop and let the modem get you online fast while keeping your connection safe from intruders take your video call in the park or sign the contract in cafe, send documents and watch movies.

You can do all the things securely with the nect Modem VPN proxy and firewall which ensures your data is transferred securely and anonymously.

nect Modem allows you to purchase personalized data plans in 208 countries and territories around the world and makes your connection faster than ever no matter if you have Windows, Mac OS or Linux that connected to your laptop over USB and can become a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 10 devices with a press of button so you can share your connection.
nect Modem doesn’t need any charging since the Modem is integrated with your laptop and keeps you online as long as your laptop is charged.

Problem Solving By This Product


nect Modem solves the problem of the Wi-Fi being public and getting the detailed lost to someone after hacked. nect Modem will connect you though VPN to keep your information and browsing private and also has a firewall system.

nect Model is sleek and elegant and compact design made for mobility to use the Modem anywhere in the world and supports more than 208 countries and territories services.

nect Modem creates a reliable high-speed internet connection without any interruptions while you are browsing since the modem doesn’t use any sim cards and offers high speed internet fast than coffee shop’s Wi-Fi, portable hotspots and mobile tethering’s with an average speed of 33 Mbps and up to 150 Mbps.

nect Modem is simple to use which will attach to the adhesive sticker magnetically on back of your laptop and can also works as hotspot that connect to 10 devices to share the internet.

nect Modem is not limited to particular. The Modem is compatible with all laptops like Windows, Mac and Linux and work fie with hundreds of data provides where the cellular network signal can reach along with unlimited data packages.

nect Modem doesn’t need any separate charging that integrates to your laptops and works fine as long as your laptop have charging and easy to configure.

Detailed Features

nect Modem will keep you secure in the digital world with VPN and Firewall with high speed LTE connection which is faster than Wi-Fi and mobile hotspot.

nect Modem will be the perfect Modem for professionals, travelers and techies or anyone who are looking for reliable, uninterrupted connection when you need.

nect Modem is small and compact design which makes the Modem to be carried along with us anywhere we go and also simple to just attach the Modem to your laptop and connect the USB Port and there you go start your connection in less than 10 seconds.

nect Modem which creates a reliable fast connection with an average speed of 33Mbps and up to 150 Mbps without any sim needed and keeps you stay connected in over 208 countries and territories and keeps you online wherever there is cellular network signal.

nect Modem will keep your information private and safe with the VPN and the firewall system and high-quality internet speed without getting disconnected and compatible with all laptops whether the OS may be Windows, Mac or Linux.

nect Modem will keep you secure in the digital world with VPN and Firewall with high speed LTE connection which is faster than Wi-Fi and mobile hotspot.

With nect Modem you can also share your internet connection by turning the device as hotspot which can connect to more than 10 devices and nect Modem is no more public which is fully private with high level security and VPS access to keep your information safe when you are browsing.

nect Modem is eSIM compatible which allows you to easily access the services without limiting service from particular provider and comes with unlimited data packages which is easily configurable with the nect World App.

nect Modem is sleek and unique design which is truly for mobility which attaches to the magnetic sticker and connect with the cord.

This nect Modem is available in two different color option and priced at 109$ for early bird sale.


  • Dimensions 70 x 70 x 9.4 mm
  • Weight 69 grams
  • Material ABS Polymer, Silicone
  • Compatible Systems Windows, macOS, Linux
  • Power Consumption 350mA (Wi-Fi off), 500mA (Wi-Fi on)
  • Cellular Networks LTE-FDD (4G LTE), LTE-TDD (4G LTE), WCDMA (3G), GSM (2G)
  • USB Top Speed 4G : 150 Mbps / 50 Mbps , 3G : 42 Mbps / 22 Mbps
  • WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • WiFi Top Speed 150 Mbps / 50 Mbps
  • Number of WiFi connected devices Up to 10
  • Supported Carriers AT&T, T-Mobiles, Sprint, Verizon and most GSM carriers around the globe
  • SIM Card Nano-SIM, eSIM

Plan For Launch


The idea of the nect Modem is started in October 2018 with the first prototype in April 2019 and the first investment for the second prototype in August 2019. The product validation testing is started in January 2020 and the product in launched in online platforms for crowdfunding in April 2002 and collected orders in May to June. The final test will be done in June while the manufacturing of the product will be done in June – July after that the product will be shipped to customers in the later quarters of the year 2020.

Company Details

This Fast & secure modem is developed by the company called nect World. Misha is the Co-Founder of the company who came up with this idea and formed an incredible team of engineers, designers and software developers, the idea started from Misha understood the problem when he was spending time in the café in November. Maryna servers as the brand manager and Vitaliy Kovalchuk is an electrical engineer in the team. Alexander Abrosimov is the firmware engineer and many more.

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