Neabot Expert Robot Vacuum Cleaner

No more work for your hand and make them dirt.


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  • Neabot Robot Vacuum comes with powerful suction of 2700Pa and multiple cleaning modes with adjustable suction power and deeper clean for carpet with automatic suction booster.
  • Neabot has self-emptying Dustbin & docking system to charge and send the dust to Dustbin automatically and can clean up to 200m2 with single charge.
  • Neabot Robot Vacuum is packed with cliff, wall and many more sensors to avoid falling and bumping obstacles and you can also set virtual walls or No-go zones through the app along with scheduled cleaning.

Everyone with the Vacuum cleaners are facing the problem of not getting their carpet cleaned and need to dispose the waste from the robot before the Vacuum continue their task and doesn’t comes with great suction power and flexibility of changing the power of suction depending up on their needs.

Neabot is the robot cleaner that lets you take back seat and relax with stronger suction power of 2700 Pa and the Neabot will automatically boost the suction power on carpet.

Neabot Robot Vacuum offer multi-level suction adjustment with three different vacuuming modes, they are 700 Pa, 1200 Pa and 2700 Pa and comes with better home mapping and routing technology.

Neabot Robot Vacuum is featured with automatic waste disposal without involving your hands seamlessly and then resume the task automatically for easy cleaning so that you never get any dirt on your hands.

You can also set the specific cleaning areas or no-go zones for the Neabot Robot Vacuum to prevent your valuables through the app and set yourself free.

Problem Solving By This Product


No more work for your hand and make them dirt for removing the collected dirt & debris from the Vacuum cleaner. Neabot Robot Vacuum automatically disposes the collected dirt into the dustbin over time and the dustbin can hold the dust up to 4 weeks in the sealed bags.

Neabot is built for deeper cleaning with the powerful suction of 2700Pa which triggers when recognizes the carpet automatically and comes with different cleaning modes with different suction power so that you can choose according to your preferences.

Neabot Robot Vacuum can avoid the obstacles up to 2cm height and can clean the home of 200m2 in single charge and packed with the new SLAM algorithm which follows the z pattern for effective and optimal cleaning and routing techniques.

With their app you can also schedule the cleaning remotely and adjust the modes and even set the specific cleaning area and non-go zones to protect your valuables with all the sensors that helps the Neabot preventing the Robot from falling, bumping and avoiding obstacles.

The auto docking feature in the Neabot helps the Vacuum to return to charging dock station when ran out of battery and continue the cleaning with the industrial grade HEPA filter.

Detailed Specification


Neabot Robot Vacuum which is the powerful vacuum cleaner which has the automatic dirt collection & disposal functionality which transfers the collected dirt from the robot into the dustbin to make your hand never touch dirt.

Neabot Robot Vacuum cleaner which is designed for deeper and effective cleaning with strong suction power of 2700 Pa with two-sided brusher which helps in extracting and loosen the dirt from the floor for effective cleaning.

Neabot Robot comes with multi-level vacuuming modes from small, medium to large suction power for deeper cleaning and has automatic suction booster technology which recognizes the carpet and increases the suction power.

Neabot Robot Vacuum cleaner can also avoid the obstacles over up to 2 cm with ease and packed with massive 5200 mAh battery which is more than sufficient for cleaning a 200 m2 with single charge and takes only 3.5 hours to completely charge the vacuum.

Neabot Robot Vacuum cleaner comes with smart route mapping algorithm which learns the environment and figures out the best optimized cleaning route path with the new SLAM algorithm and comes with customizable cleaning strategies.


Neabot Robot Vacuum uses the z-shaped vacuum pattern which is the more efficient way for effective cleaning after mapping your home once and you can even set the No-go zones to protect your valuable thing and also set scheduled cleaning on adjusting the cleaning settings for convenience and clean your room remotely.

There is also spot cleaning feature in the Neabot Robot Vacuum which only cleans the particular area. Neabot Robot is packed with sensors which keeps the vacuum to be precised in navigation which helps in avoiding obstacles and terrains and the cliff sensors help the Neabot falling from heights.

Neabot Robot Vacuum has the auto-docking feature in which the Vacuum will return to the dock station when ran out of battery and continue the work and comes with HEPA filter.

This Neabot Robot Vacuum cleaner is priced at $369.

  • Dustbin Dimensions 255 x 225 x 340 mm / 10 x 10 x 13.4 in
  • Dustbin Weight 3.6 Kg / 7.9 lbs.
  • Dust bag Capacity 2.8L
  • Rated Power 1050W
  • Rated input 100-240V~50/60Hz
  • Rated output DC24V / 1.2A
  • Vacuum Dimensions 350 x 350 x 38 mm/ 13.8 x 13.8 x 3.9 inch
  • Weight 3.6 Kg / 7.9 lbs.
  • Dust box volume 400ml
  • Scanning frequency 6 x 3600
  • Accurate detect range 6m/ 19.7 ft
  • Ranging error <= 2%
  • Climbing height 2cm / 0.78 inch
  • Rated power 50W
  • Battery 14.4V Li-ion 5200mAh
  • Rated input DC24V / 12.A
  • Suction power Silent mode : 700Pa
  • Regular mode : 1200Pa
  • Crazy mode : 2700Pa

Plan For Launch

The idea of the Neabot project is started in the year 2018 March and the product designing is started in the year 2018 July where the structure design of the Neabot is started in December 2020 with the first prototype testing started in March 2019 along with the second prototype testing in August 2019. The molding of the Neabot Vacuum is done in December 2019 and the pilot production is done in march then the product is launched in online platforms and the mass production is started in 2020 July and will be shipped to the customers in later quarters of the year 2020.

Company Details

This Neabot Robotic Vacuum cleaner is developed by the company called Neato Robotics. Their mission is to see the world with every home having a smart and helpful robot.

The idea behind the company is that robots can perform the household works as intelligently as humans. Today their robotic vacuum cleaners giving competition with intelligent & smart technology for better future with the being first for the innovative technologies like first laser navigation robot vacuum, D-shaped robot vacuum and many more products.

Minming is the CEO of the company where Ruibo is the product manager and Hanqing is the marketing manager with Zhou Bin servers as Engineer in the company.

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