Native Union Curve Airpods Case with Textured Exterior For Grip and Style In Just 1600Rs

  • Native Union Curve Airpods Case comes with very sleek designs.
  • Native Union Curve Airpods Case comes with lightweight protection for your iPods and iPods Pro.
  • Native Union Curve Airpods Case supports all kinds of wireless charging systems.


series of AirPods cases has been introduced by Native Union including an inexpensive silicone edition and two leather options. All new AirPods cases can operate with wireless charging. This new series of cases comprises a protective layer of premium leather and textured silicone that provide a perfect fit for AirPods with a Charging Case. All Native Union cases are reliable with wireless chargers and provide trouble-free access to all ports and buttons, bringing elegance and features to AirPods without losing performance. The Native Union Curve Case uses a silicone textured design and comes in black, rose, or navy. While this segment of AirPods has a classic silicone protection case, which is the most common and it is the one that Native Union spent most of the time developing and re-designing to ensure that it lives up to people’s expectations. A pattern with a delicate and compelling strip that completes with the company trademark, which aims to align efficiency and style at all times. The streamlined case elevated to provide clean-cut, lightweight protection, simple and easy access to all case functions with distinctive, shape-fitting material.

Native Union Curve Airpods Case

Problems solving by this product

Mobile customers around the world love the highly original accessories crafted for Apple products from Native Union. The company makes the most popular products for both vacation gifts and regular indulgences. From an iPhone case carved out of extensively bright marble to a stylish and durable recharge base made from aircraft-grade aluminum, each Native Union commodity serves as an alternative to the non-described mass-produced plastics that control the accessories industry. They are made from hard-to-find fabrics and cleverly designed that are Useful and elegant.

One of the most important things any AirPods user wants is to experience its favorite device. Some earphones stand the test of time while AirPods demand special treatment or handling. The AirPods requires a case for the protection of devices. The Native Union Curve Case will function as a layer to protect the interior parts of the device and increase its durability. Whether it is external defects that result from faults, the AirPods case will offer resistance against all such damages.

For an AirPods owner, nothing could be more painful than the cracks, chips, and scratches on the elegant body of his brand new expensive earphones. Even if the user successfully avoided dropping his earphones, chances are it will eventually run out after continuous use and handling. The surface of AirPods will get scratched when used with fingers and when placed in a pocket, keys and coins can damage the surface to a really bad extent. The Native Union Curve Case offers a protective cover that prevents the device from chips and cracks.

In addition to protecting AirPods from mishandling and slipping, a silicone protective case will act as a barrier between the environment and device. AirPods are designed from dust, water, and heat resistant material. Curve Case not only keeps the device clean but also protects it from water damage.

Another important factor that needs to consider would be the appearance. Earphone cases not only offer protection but also they are pretty and add to the beauty of the AirPods. When it comes to the style of AirPods cases, there are a lot of different options, but the Native Union Curve Silicone Case is the best option for the earphone. Therefore, for these reasons, it is important to purchase an AirPods case that is specially manufactured as a perfect fit.

Specification with Benefits

The Native Union Curve Case for AIRPODS Is Compatible with:

  1. AirPods Gen 1
  2. AirPods Gen 2
  3. AirPods Pro

Curve case has a height of 5.60 cm (2.20 in), width 4.70 cm (1.85 in) and depth 2.40 cm (0.94 in). Weight of the case is 0.01 kg (0.02 lb), which is very low. The dimensions and weight prove that the case is convenient to handle, carry and can be placed in a pocket.

The case is made up of pure 100% silicone material. Silicone is an elastomer that consists of silicon with carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. It is a rubber-like material and is itself a polymer. They are often polymers with one or two parts and may include fillers to strengthen properties or reduce cost. In industry, silicone rubbers are widely used and multiple formulations are available. Although maintaining its useful properties, silicon rubber is typically non-reactive, robust and immune to extreme environments and temperatures between -55 to 300 °C (−67 to 572 °F). Because of these characteristics and its simplicity of manufacturing and shaping, silicone rubber can be used in a wide range of products such as AirPods Curve Case.

There are three variant of colors of the Native Union Curve Case for Airpods:

  1. Black
  2. Navy
  3. Rose

When the Native Union Curve Silicone AirPods Case is used to cover earbuds then it will be stylish. Available in variant colors and this textured cover suits the AirPods case perfectly. Nevertheless, it is easy to open with just one hand when you need to get a headset out or back in. Not only that but luckily, through this scenario, you can also charge wirelessly. This ensures that it always covers the user’s earbuds, and the user doesn’t have to go through the irritating hassle of opening the cover. The gadgets should only have clothing as good as users, and this textured case guarantees that they do so.

Native Union Overview

Native Union is a modern lifestyle brand that designs tech accessories such as cords, portable chargers, USB chargers, phone cases, and soft goods. Igor Duke and John Bruner founded the company in Hong Kong in 2009 and registered as Design Pool Limited. Currently, it has about 60 employees and sells its merchandise in more than 53 countries through distributors. Fabian Nauroy is the team leader of Native Union Design. Several industry officials have acknowledged the concept of the company such as the International Design Excellence Award (IDEA), the Red Dot Design Award, the Good Design Awards, and the Core77 Design Awards. In a press release, the firm announced the new case series of AirPods with a feature of variant colors. These are Leather Case for AirPods, Marquetry Case for AirPods and Curve Case for AirPods.