MWC 2020 Called Off Due To Outbreak Of Coronavirus

MWC2020 Cancelled Coronavirus Outbreak

WC aka Mobile World Congress is the largest showcasing event of the Mobile and Communication World. But in the recent outbreak of Coronavirus in China and all around asia the committee has called off the MWC event in this year. The plan was to conduct the event in Barcelona from 24th February, 2020 to 27th February, 2020.

The all most largest Mobile Manufacturing organizations and Network delegates today did their Video Conferencing about discussing the situation. The session was organized with 26 mobile network delegates like Vodafone, Verizon, Telefonica etc. The GSM Association then announced their joint decision to call off the event for this year.

MWC2020 called Off After CoronaVirus Outbreak

The GSM Association is a combined force of more than 700+ operators and 400+ brands which includes Mobile Manufactueres, Software companies, internet and service companies.

In the statement the CEO of GSM Association John Hoffman said that MWC 2020 has been declared to be called off due to the outbreak of Corona virus.

John Hoffman also mentioned that in this current global scenario this would become very difficult to manage the travel and event. Due to this global health emergency this is also required to prevent outbreak in the host city Barecelona. He mentioned this point in his conclusive remarks of his statement.

Also other members of that Video Conferencing Nokia and Deutsche Telekom declared that they are not going to participate this year event. In recent announcement Facebook, LG, Amazon already mentioned that they are not going to attend this year MWC 2020 due to outbreak of coronavirus.

coronavirus outbreak in china

Mobile World Congress is a very popular global event which is being hosted every year. All big mobile and internet companies launches their mobiles and internet related devices etc in this event. This companies may launch this year in their in-house events.

The corona virus has been became very epidemic in china and nearby countries. Nearly 1400 deaths reported due the coronavirus attack. The toll is rising everyday. Many companies like Tesla stopped their production unit also in China due to this virus outbreak.