Mudita Pure: Your Minimalist Phone Helps To Focus In Life Again

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  • Mudita Pure is a complete offline phone powered with E Ink display to save your eyes health from the blue light, to enjoy present and focus on what matters most than distractions.
  • Mudita Pure is equipped with global GSM module to work in any region in the world with long lasting battery life of 10 days and packed with Mudita OS which is smooth and fast enough.
  • Mudita Pure has ultralow SAR antenna and Bluetooth 4.2 and Harman Speaker along with 3.5 mm headphone jack and can act as modem to use internet.

Mudita Pure is designed to Enjoy life offline with the E ink display makes the reading more natural and without blue light emissions added with a front light in a pleasant, warmer color. Designed to be simple in its form and functionality comfortable to hold with the patented antenna.

Mudita Pure has an ultralow SAR, Mudita Pure come with Mudita OS which is light, reliable and minimalistic and gets digitally signed updated to make sure that your privacy is taken care of. Mudita Pure has no internet, but when you need to go online, Mudita Pure can be served as a data modem for your laptop.

Mudita Pure has a global GSM module for traveling anywhere in the world, Harman speaker gives the high-quality and natural sound in Mudita Pure and also comes with Bluetooth and headphone jack with dual sim card (Nano) slots, Dedicated Desktop application with beautiful ringtone and meditation timer.

Problem Solved By This Product

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Mudita Pure has an ultralow SAR antenna that prevents the absorption of electromagnetic radio frequency waves to save our health from being damaged.

Mudita Pure is powered with E Ink display which is good for eyes than the blue light emitting displays used in other phones which cause strain to eyes and headache.

With the Mudita Pure you can enjoy the present life without internet and explore yourself in a peace of mind and reduce stress by focusing what matters the most than the irritating distractions.

Harman speaker in the Mudita Pure give your high-quality natural sounds that are pleasure to listen and also has 3.5mm jack where most of the phones misses it to listen your favorite music on your favorite headsets.

Unlike the other phones which are restricted to be used in certain region, Mudita Pure can be used anywhere in the world with the global GSM module that supports 2G/3G and 4G LTE.

No need to worry about the online work or important message, Mudita Pure can be worked as modem to provide internet to laptop or desktop using cable.

Mudita Pure has a powerful battery which last long for 10 days of usage and 14 days in standby mode. There is a physical slider on the Mudita Pure to make sure go offline or stay connected with Do not disturb mode without looking at the phone.

Detailed Features


With the Mudita Pure you can enjoy your life offline with fewer distractions, Mudita Pure is a minimalistic phone to help you to be more present in your day to day life.

Mudita Pure comes with E Ink Display and customized front light that makes reading more natural and reduce strain on your eyes, created with wellbeing in mind to reduce the blue emission screen light effect by the normal phones that effects your sleep, eye strain and make you difficulty in focusing.

With the Global GSM Module you can enjoy the calls with great quality wherever you are in the world, where other smartphones have limited bandwidth and restricted to use them in certain regions only, Mudita Pure comes with the long battery life that gives peace of mind for 10 days of usage without being charged

Offered by the power management system with Mudita OS. You can use the mobile for 14 in stand-by mode.

Harman speaker in the Mudita Pure offers great quality sounds which can pleasures your ears with natural and quiet balanced sounds for hand free music or for audio books, Mudita Pure is powered with Bluetooth 4.2 to connect any Bluetooth speakers to be submerged in your favorite music.

There is a headphone jack on the Mudita Pure to make you enjoy on your favorite music handset while you are on calls or listening music. This Mudita phone has the lowest SAR value ever to make sure customers will enjoy healthy life with the patented technology with their built-in antenna shielding in house from potentially harmful radio frequency electromagnetic radiations.

Mudita OS is very fast and light with its minimalistic power usage and speed, which is more secure and reliable by limiting the use of data to ensure the safety, the system is designed by the UI/UX specialists who made it in a minimalistic manner to help you to focus on what matter the most rather than distractions.

Mudita Pure don’ integrated the internet usage to make your mind calm and help you to incorporate beneficial habits into your mind and to explore yourself with the pleasant sounds and meditation statistics with desktop app and customizable session lengths, you can access the internet by connecting the cable from your Mudita Pure to desktop which acts as modem.

The design of the Mudita Pure is clean and elegant with the rounded corners and with the E Ink Display that provide a unique, soft transition between materials, Mudita Pure has a physical slider to switch between the customizable modes without looking at the phone with the connected, Do not disturb and offline modes to choose. Mudita Pure keyboard is soft and easy to use, which let you write messages without looking on phone.


The Mudita Pure is priced at $295 and a combo of two of them for $590 and many more.

Technical Specifications

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  • Dimensions : 59.13×143.9×14.49mm
  • Weight : 140 grams
  • Display : 2.84 inch E Ink (600×480 px)  | 270 PPI | 16- greyscale | Scratch resistant | Material In the test phase
  • Colors : Pebble Grey/Charcoal Black
  • Processor :  Arm Cortex-M7 600MHZ 512 KB Tightly Coupled Memory
  • Memory :  16 MB SDRAM
  • Storage : 16 GB eMMC flash storage
  • Network and Connectivity : 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE.
  • Bluetooth :  4.2
  • USB Connector Type : Type-C
  • No Wi-Fi, no mobile data on the phone
  • Tethering: Share internet connection via USB
  • SIM Card : 2 Nano SIM card slots
  • Operating Systems :  Mudita OS
  • Audio : Loudspeaker, earspeaker & microphone by Harman
  • Audio playback format : MP3, WAV, FLAC
  • Audio Headphone jack :  (3.5mm)
  • Water resistance  : IP54
  • Battery Capacity : 1900mAh, Type Lithium Polymer, Charging: 100 % in 3 hours
  • Sensors : Ambient light

Plan For Launch

The idea of the Mudita Pure phone is started in the 2013 January with an ultralow SAR was born and conducting research in January 2014 on the ultralow radiation antenna solution with the patent filed on the SAR Antenna in march 2016, the first prototype with titanium built with an ultralow SAR value 2016 with the Mudita Pure development started and the development of the antenna with ultralow SAR started in march 2017.

In January 2019 Mudita Pure prototype v 1.0 successfully makes and receive calls and play music in .wav format in the second prototype with improved calling abilities and SMS, music player, notes and phone book with the campaign begins in September and v.30 prototype in October with fully certifications and shipping in April or May in 2020.

Company Details

This Mudita Pure Phone is developed by the company called Mudita and named after it, started with the Michal Kicinski who is the struggle and glory for building a tech company from scratch. Mudita founder’s biggest dream is to give the world a new kind of technology that would put people’s health and wellbeing first.

Mudita office is located at Warsaw, Poland they have gathered a team of experts in research and development, engineering, software development, product management and marketing with the mission of creating a unique product that brings the physical and mental wellbeing first.

Mudita feels that to make a real change comes from education rather than tools, so they care about developing the best products with valuable resource.