Mudita Bell – Alarm Clock Helps to Meditate, Tracks Sleep Conditions

Wake up from the bed with the calming alarm from rested and relaxed mood.

Mudita Bell - 1
  • Mudita Bell is a simple and beautiful alarm clock with E Ink display which doesn’t emit any blue light and has the soft and warm glow custom uniform front light.
  • Mudita Bell has the acoustic tones which are natural and pleasant sounds to wake you up from the bed with smile. Mudita has dedicated button for meditation session with three different frequently used mediation length for beginners as well as for advanced users.
  • Mudita Bell monitors your sleeping conditions with the built-in environmental sensors helps in measuring humidity, temperature and quality of air with the PM2.5 and PM10 particles.

Today Generation people are using smartphones while going to sleep, exposing to blue screen light before sleep which makes you alert all the time and reduce the good sleep time tempting you to see all the new notifications, alerts and stories makes you to hang around the social media for long time which is injuries to health indirectly affecting the sleep.

Mudita Bell which wakes you up from the bed with the calming alarm from rested and relaxed mood, which is designed to replace the smartphone usage on bed to make you sleep well. Mudita Bell comes with the beautiful E-Ink display which is friendly for eyes no harm to use.

Mudita Bell wakes you up with gently with the acoustic sounds by playing themselves, packed with the sensor that monitor the air quality in the bedroom and has a meditation timer programmed frequency which can be used for meditations lengths and for simple instructions for beginners in meditation which helps to build peaceful and healthy sleep in bed.

Problem Solving By This Product


Mudita Bell helps you keep focused on sleep rather than temptation of spending hours before blue screen and effecting your health, by replacing the smart phone with the E Ink display without straining your eyes and stressing you out from bed.

Mudita Bell alarm clock is equipped with the acoustic sounds to wake you up with the natural and pleasant sounds to bring smile on your face every day you wake up providing a better solution to the irritating phone alarm sounds causing you feeling bad start in the day.

Mudita Bell tracks your sleep as well with the sleeping environment with the sensors packed in helps Mudita to measure the humidity, temperature and quality of air with measuring PM2.5 and PM10 particles in the air.

Mudita also helps you in the mediation session with the dedicated button on the clock with three different meditation lengths setting which are frequently used and suggested by the experts even for beginner with the deep gong sounds to relax your mind in peace and show the statistic in the display or even in the MuditaOS desktop app if you want.

Detailed Features


Mudita Bell which is an E-Ink displayed alarm clock, starting your day peacefully without any stress of overload information from social media feeds. Mudita Bell is a simple and beautiful object alarm clock which gives you the calm and peaceful sleep on the bed time.

Mudita Promotes healthy bedtime habits to stay focused on sleep rather than spending the time in temptation to few more minutes in browsing and other thing in the smartphone, the emission of the blue light from the screen is far more dangerous than the fatigue and affects the hormones, melatonin which leads to the change in the body sleeping clock time.

Mudita replaces the smartphone which significantly improves the sleeping routine for the better generation in a proper environment with the E-Ink display which doesn’t emit any light and perfectly readable and doesn’t cause any eye strain or fatigue. The E-Ink display gives paper like feel and consumes very less energy to change only the content on the screen.

There is a custom uniform front light to make the Mudita Bell readable at night times with a soft and warm glow thereby reducing the blue light significantly at bed times. Mudita included acoustic tone to start your day from the bed, believing that a new day should start with gentle wake up sound, the acoustic sound gives you natural appealing alarm tone that will smile to your face every day with the pleasant tone.

Mudita is packed with the environmental sensors to monitor your sleeping conditions by estimating the important factors like temperature, humidity and air quality in the bedroom which really impact our sleep.

Mudita can measure & inspect for PM2.5 and PM10 particles in the air along with the temperature and humidity and Mudita offers you a deeper relaxation with meditation timer which enhances your meditation session and makes you healthier by stay focusing on the breath.


Mudita has the useful feature for meditation and for yoga enthusiasts, providing guidance for fresh starters with the three different frequently used mediation lengths which are 15/30 and 60 minutes to access them easily with the dedicated button, with the deep & smooth gong sounds Mudita will keep track all of your session and display in simple statistics.

There is also MuditaOS desktop app which helps you in providing all the information after the meditation sessions and sleep monitoring.


  • Display E-Ink Display
  • Sensors Humidity, temperature and PM2.5 & Pm10 particles measuring sensor
  • Meditation timer Dedicated button with three different meditation lengths (15/30/60 minutes)
  • Front light Yes

Plan For Launch

This Mudita Bell is launched & made available to the market in 2020 January with the changes in design and modification in prototypes in the previous year’s 2019 and the concept of the Mudita is came into existence in first quarter of the year 2019.

Company Details

This Charming alarm Bell clock is developed by the company called Mudita, which is a tech company which cares about the freedom of joy and living in present in harmonious lifestyle. Mudita Mission is to create a future where people live more with conscious mind and where ethics play important role than money and want to replace the life with tech devices which keeps the real time conversations rather than the tons of notifications and social media feed which turns out to be nightmare when going to bed. Mudita want to make the people to enjoy the offline life and wants you to stay focused to read one chapter of a book without distractions, always believing that technology should give us more free time rather than killing.