Mr. H Mixed Reality 3D Audio Headset

Technologies that allow the headset to mimic the movement of the user and accordingly adjust the sound of music.

Mr. H Mixed Reality 3D Audio Headset - 1
  • The Mr. H Mixed Reality Headsets provide the users with the best quality 3D music experience with active head tracking and Binaural adjustments.
  • The Mr. H Mixed Reality Headsets are lightweight and easy to use anytime anywhere with the memory provided on the device making it independent of any smartphone connectivity.
  • The Mr. H Mixed Reality Headsets are well designed and comfortable to use for users with any head shape or size easily and conveniently.

The Mr. H stands for Mixed Reality Headsets. These headsets provide the users with an all new and innovative 3D Audio experience with the help of Binaural and active Head tracking technologies. These technologies allow the headset to mimic the movement of the user and accordingly adjust the sound of music it plays through the high bit rate quality speakers so that the users may experience the music as if it was being played around them especially to be focused on them. The Company also has an aim to provide seamless and continuous music to its users anywhere they want. The headsets do not require any mobile phone or external device connectivity. The users can put them on and start listening to the best quality Mixed Reality 3D music.

Problem Solving By The Product


Music has always been one of the major parts of the lives of uncountable number of humans. Everyone enjoys to listen to some or the other kind of music to stay relaxed. Today with the developing technologies, the music and audio is being developed to be experienced in 3D. Although this provides the users with a surround sound experience they are often directed towards the public present in the room. Mr. H Mixed Reality Headset provides its users with a headset which especially target the users and direct all the sound towards them. They mimic the movement of the head of the users to adjust the sound experience.

Although, many headsets provide the users with a good sound experience, they are generally dependent on the device they are connected to. These can be the mobiles, pods, or other music players. You need a connecting method to enjoy good sound experience. With Mr. H you can be sure to be able to enjoy the best audio headset experience whenever and wherever you like without the need to connect to an external device. It provides you with an external memory on the headset itself which can store and play best quality songs.

Detailed Specifications

The Mr. H Mixed Reality Headset are one of the lightest and best quality headsets in the market. Thy weigh only 103 grams making them one of the lightest available headsets in the market. The design of the headset too is modern and the extending jaws of the headsets allow it to be able to fit on any head shape or size easily. The headsets also have rubber pads which support noise cancellations so that the users can enjoy the audio completely and seamlessly.

The Mr. H Mixed Reality Headsets provide the users with the convenience of being able to enjoy seamless and non-stop music anywhere without the need to connect to a smartphone or any external music player. The headsets have an internal storage on them of 8 GB or 16 GB according to the variants of the headsets. The Headsets also have Buttons and Jog Dial control setup for the users to be able to control the playback of their music easily and conveniently.


The Company provides 2 packages for the Headsets to its users. These packages are Base and Deluxe. The Base package for the headsets provide noise cancellation rubber pads which fit on any ear shape along with a USB-C charging cable and a carrying pouch with the headset. The Deluxe package provide the charging adapter and a hard shelled carrying case along with the Base package. The Headsets can be chosen from 2 variants 8 GB and 16 GB. The Headsets are available in 5 colour variants which are Black, Blue, Red White and Purple.

The Mr. Mixed Reality Headsets use the Binaural Effect, Head Tracking with an accelerator and magnetic sensor to provide their users with the best music listening experience available. The Headset supports high resolution audio support up to 192 kHz/24 Bit in Flac format support. The Closed and Light design of the Headsets are comfortable for the users to use. The high quality speakers have Distortion Resistance and Response Driver for better quality. The Headset also supports playback through The Mr. H mobile application which can be connected through a USB-C connection as well as Bluetooth 5.0. The Battery on the device supports 15 hours of continuous Bluetooth connection playback with the capacity of 550 mAh at 3.7 Volts output.

Plans For Launch


The Mr. H was innovated and invented to combine the best special and musical experiences for the users. These headsets were launched through several crowdfunding campaigns including campaign on Kickstarter. The campaign for the Mr. H Mixed Reality Headset was launched on 11th February 2020 and lasted 30 days ending on 12th March 2020. The Company is currently in the manufacturing stage for the device and plan to ship it as soon as possible so that the users may experience the best quality sounds easily.

Company Details

The Mr. H Mixed Reality Headset is developed and distributed by the Whoborn Company. The Whoborn Company was founded by Bae Youngsik on April 1st 2013. With Do Wonsuk as the lead research director in the company, they have a lot of experience when it comes to developing music devices for the modern generation. Both of these people had been working in this industry for years and have worked on the first generations of music players and other devices. The Company has since been in development of various AR, VR, IoT and 3D Technologies and patent production for various organizations. They had been recently developing new and better 3D audio and head-tracking algorithms making it possible for them to develop Mr. H headsets for the people worldwide.