MORPHOX Highly Adaptable Gaming Remote

A Modular And Multimode Remote.

MORPHOX Gaming Remote

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  • MORPHOX Gaming remote is the future industry gaming remote which is ergonomically designed to improve the gaming experience.
  • MORPHOX Gaming remote triggers are well placed to control them with middle & fourth finger reducing the pain of index finger.
  • MORPHOX Gaming remote modularity make this controller to be used in different modes & forms for immersive experience.


Gaming session are really enjoyable & the session duration depends on the controller which makes you more comfortable, some of the game controllers cause pain when you hold them, while some not.

MORPHOX is a modular controller gaming remote that is enhanced ergonomically to improve the comfort during your game session, the buttons are positioned well which helps in accuracy & tracking.

This MORPHOX Gaming remote will allow you to immerse completely in the game and impressively you can remove the parts from the controller and you can use those with another devices like steering wheel & there are plenty of personalization features.

Problem Solved By This Product


There are many other controllers which leave you pain for the hand & finger after a long session of gaming, while this MORPHOX is designed ergonomically keeps you in the game for even longer.

The joystick controllers are well-positioned for softer travel and helps accurate locomotive tracking, while the triggers are placed in such a way to use the middle & fourth finger rather than the index finger.

The core concept rotate around the MORPHOX Gaming control is modularity which is extremely adaptable and cab be used in different forms they are Fire, SIM Racing Wheel and Explorer edition.

Detailed Specification


MORPHOX Gaming remote is a compatible console system in which these controllers work and the idea behind this controller is to play around the games in the future without pain.

MORPHOX Gaming remote is designed to adapt between the different gaming modes, while the gaming field is pacing faster in the industry & innovators meant to achieve the growth.

Gaming Controllers are improved only when the design of that controller is modular & ergonomic, where this story of the MORPHOX begins.

Started with the ergonomic in design & research and in part of that, considering the trigger button which are located in different parts when coming to different items, so they thought a new placement is needed.

While the ergonomic posture of the traditional controller laid an unusual strain to the hands and then they decided to go with the modular design which held handy for the multiplayer & for different gaming experiences.

MORPHOX Gaming remote started with the 3D iterations and rapid changes in the design to take a structure and feasibility. They have evaluated with three concepts named flat crystalized structure, rounded handles, and uplifted screen.

After all these MORPHOX has taken the final prototype, which makes this adaptable gaming controller for the ultimate experience, which claims to be a sophisticated designed piece of gaming hardware.

The joystick position is inspired & got improved position for softer travel and accurate locomotive tracking. While the triggers are for the middle 7 fourth finger functionality which reduces the usage of the index finger.

The modularity design of the MORPHOX which keeps the common brain and multiple body parts with many adaptable modes and handles like controllers, steering wheel and explorer edition.

Plan For Launch


This MORPHOX Gaming remote concept is launched in the year 2020 and will be made available to the market in later quarters of the year when they have enough stock after completion of the manufacturing process.

Company Details

This MORPHOX Gaming remote is spotted on the Behance website which is a home for the creative and to showcase the innovative projects, this company is owned by Adobe.

Behance is founded by Matias Corea and Scott Belsky in 2005, the company started initially to earn the revenue with ads, banners, jobs posting and later which eventually sold to Adobe.

Chinmay Gohil who is the modular controller expert started this project and want to make this for future gamers who have an apt to play games for a longer duration.

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