Mophie 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad Suitable For Home, Office

  • Mophie -simple design, this device can be your daily driver for wireless charging.
  • Mophie- is easily available and is a budget one.
  • Mophie- Wireless Charging Base compatible with Apple Accessories.

Wireless charging is going to become mainstream in coming years. If you look the pattern of design of new devices of Apple Eco System, the whole thing is going to drive the wireless charging in better and better level. Now most of the Apple mainstream devices are compatible with the Wireless charging technology like Apple Watch, Apple iPhone series and also the Apple earphone. Mophie is a wireless charger which is going to fit well in this market place. Mophie aims for single charging device for all the mobile and accessories together. Mophie’s charging base is useful for all Apple Accessories. And, already Mophie is designed with the latest Qi Technolgy which is being used by Apple Inc for their products. Mophie’s new charging pad is already enlisted with the Apple’s Eco System product line.


Problem solving by this product

The headphones became wired earphones and wired earphones further turned into wireless earphones or earpods as we call them. For now, the goal that the mobile industry is working towards is to make everything wireless. That’s where the wireless earphones, wireless chargers come in the scene.

There are ample types of wireless earphones as proof that the industry is growing but there is a lack of good quality wireless chargers. The chargers are either have compatibility issues or don’t work at all sometimes which leaves the users on the edge. Well, worry no more because the Mophie Wireless Charging Base is there to rescue you out of such situations.


Mophie Wireless Charging Base is what it sounds like. With an enhanced functioning and a simple design, this device can be your daily driver for wireless charging, swooping right into effect. Not only this, the product is easily available and is a budget one so that you don’t have to cut your pockets to get one.

If you are a busy professional and tend to cut time short in day to day activities, then this product is the right one for you because all you have to do is keep your phone into it. Forget the struggle of finding your charger and connecting it to your phone. Also, if you’re a technology enthusiast, then the Mophie Wireless Charging Base will be an equipment of interest to you. The device is just a simple wireless charging pad look-alike which has a much wider approach than any other wireless chargers out in the market.

Detailed Features

One thing that the Mophie’s Charging Base is confident of is that it will charge your iPhone with no hassle at all. All the iPhone variants after iPhone 8 (Inclusive) can be charged using the base. Mophie has a collaboration with Apple Inc. that was the key to the development of the device.

The latest Apple iPhone are powered with the Qi Technology which allows them to charge through wireless devices such as Mophie’s Charging Base with a lightning speed. The product is officially listed on the Apple website which is the last thing you need to see if you have any doubt about the product’s authenticity. The base is MFI certified.


The design of the charging device is very simple and there is nothing special about it. But when it comes to its functioning, the device is the complete opposite. It comes in two color options, Black and White. On the base, there is a 360-degree non-slip grip and a TPU coating which helps your devices to stay on even at some uneven surfaces.

Also, the product packs smart charging in itself. With a 7.5-Watt power output, the base starts charging immediately after the device comes in contact with it. It has an ultra-fast response time. One of the many things that a smartphone owner is worried about is overcharging.

The Mophie Charging base comes with a fail-safe circuitry and prevents your phone from overheating and overcharging. The Foreign Object detection makes sure that only the device on the base gets charged and no current is leaked whatsoever. It also takes much less current on standby when no device is charging. The cable of the device is 1.5m long.


Another plus feature is that it can also charge the Apple’s Airpods (Compatible versions). Alongside iPhone, any smartphone that has the Qi Technology induced in it, devices such as Google’s Pixels, Samsung’s Galaxies and Notes can also be charged using the base. In short, one has to worry about nothing. Just drop and forget.

Mophie Wireless Charging Base has a high regard in context to the reviews it has received by an enormous number of users. It has a 4.3 rating out of 5 which shows the quality Mophie has put in their device. It is an Amazon Choice product in the category of wireless chargers. The device is available for $42.00 on Amazon and $50 on Apple’s official website. The box contains the wireless base and a connecting cable. There are two variants of this device: White and Black and are also available in the packs of two.

Company Details

Mophie is well known in the US for its devices. It is a company that works on giving people mobile charging solutions. Mophie came into recognition when its juice pack was awarded an Apple certification. The products that Mophie makes are simple in their looks but monsters when it comes to their performance. Some of the other products that Mophie has launched are Wireless charging stand, 3 in 1 charging pad, various power banks, battery cases, and power stations.

Mophie Wireless Charging Base is a powerful and simple product and can increase your productivity. Though by a little much but small drops can form a sea. Head out and look it up on e-commerce websites.