mophie – Powerful Juice Pack For Your Galaxy Note 9

morphie - juice-pack1
  • mophie priority plus charging allows pass through charge and sync while connected to a power source or computer.
  • mophie juice pack weighs only 263 grams and light in weight to carry attached to your phone.
  • mophie is very slim and made lightweight so that it comfortably fits in your hands.

Do we need a separate power bank to charge your phone when it ran out of juice, as well do we need a case to protect your phone all the time, What if this is possible with only one thing, That is where the mophie juice pack exist to do the things simultaneously for your phone packed with additional features currently high end models are providing, this case will fill your battery and supports Universal wireless charging with a low profile design which is more durable and protect your phone dropped by causing high impacts over corners it will also show you the battery level remaining in the case to make sure you will have enough battery level in your phone. This is designed for Samsung galaxy note 9.

Detailed Specifications


1. This juice box is powered with 2525 mah battery inside it that can deliver enough power to extend the life of your phone up to 38 hours.

2. You will be free to make calls and send pics and listen to podcast or music or do whatever you want without worries.

3. This mophie pack case is compatible with mophie wireless charging pads and all other Qi wireless systems including those commonly found at airports, restaurants or any other locations where Qi wireless charging available.


4. So that you can easily recharge your case with a glimpse of ease in addition to that it also it maintains your phone wireless charging functionality.

5. It is very slim and made lightweight so that it comfortably fits in your hands, it will never make you and others feel like that you are carrying a bulk model, you even don’t need to sacrifice your style for that and convenience for on demand power.

6. It also provide the powerful juice pack battery case provide additional protection for your phone with a micro suede interior that prevents scratches and minimize impact damage. Raised corners on the case help prevents scratched and cracked screens.


7. Use the cable included with your phone to connect to a wall charger or computer to recharge your juice pack battery.

8. mophie priority plus charging allows pass through charge and sync while connected to a power source or computer.

9. First your phone recharges first, and then the juice pack battery recharge itself.


10. Turn the juice pack battery case on & off with the LED status indication button or momentarily press the button to display the battery level or the charge status in the juice pack.

11. The juice box is very slim its dimensions are 3.23×6.85×0.75 inches or 82x174x19 mm it doesn’t look very bulky it minimalistic design make your phone look pretty attractive.

12. The mophie juice pack weighs only 263 grams and light in weight to carry attached to your phone.

13. The screen size that it will support was 6.4 inches.

14. The charging port directly connects to the phone if you charge the case it will directly charge your phone.

15. There is separate slot for opening and closing for the s pen to use that is provided in the galaxy note 9.

16. There are spaces for the camera and speakers to make them clear with perfect cuttings which doesn’t damages its beauty.

17. The case has two parts lower and upper part, first you have open the upper part and gently place the phone so that the port of the case connected to the phones port and then place the upper part of the case to completely protect your phone.

18. The front side of the case have the QI wireless charging that connected to the phone it can directly charge the phone when it is completed charging or you can charge it when you want.

19. They won’t make the screen bad just is fit perfectly , still you have the same look of your phone even the edge screen can be seen.

20. This case extends the battery 50% for your phone and it will last long for 2 days, you don’t need to see the aux cable to charge your phone.


  • Brand –  mophie
  • Item Weight – 263 grams
  • Product Dimensions –  8.2 x 1.9 x 17.4 cm
  • Batteries –  1 Lithium Polymer Batteries
  • Compatible Devices –  Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Screen Size – 6.4 inches
  • Batteries Included – Yes


This mophie juice pack is priced at 100$, which is high even for a case, but if it is only a case and power bank you need not to spend much, it also supports the wireless charging so it a flagship level features to be powered with, so you can take a look after it.

Inside The Box

The box consist of 3 things one of them is the mophie juice pack while the other is Charging Cable (Micro-USB Cable) and a quick start guide to the new users to make it familiar to use.


The only con that this device can be its weight it the same weight as the weight of the phone, it make your hands to hold more weight than usual which prevents them to look it, even the normal which phone have 4000 mah which doesn’t weigh not more than this, The other con is that the phone case is very hard to remove, it is pretty cost also.

Company Details

The mophie has maintained its position as the top mobile power brand worldwide over the past 10 years, as they incorporate new features and technologies, their innovators committed to expanding mobile boundaries in the ground-breaking

Fashion, they started the world first battery case in the year 2007, the world first protective battery case is launched in 2009 they always have the advanced charging and higher quality standards, The intelligent solutions from mophie are recognized for style and are engineered for performance it is under the ZAGG Brands, ZAGG brands is the global leader in accessories and technologies that empowers mobile lifestyles.