Montage: The Perfect Companion for Travelling

The bag can easily be transformed depending on the needs of the users.


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  • The Montage Bag is a small and lightweight Bag which provides the users enough compartments and space for all their important stuff.
  • The Montage Bag is made of high quality Portuguese Cork supported by Metal feet to provide the durability the users need.
  • The Montage Bag acts as a perfect companion for the users when they want to enjoy and live the moment as it allows the users to carry the bag whichever way they want with comfortable and convertible straps.


The Montage is a professional backpack which can also be converted into a Handbag or a Tote Bag so that you can match your needs accordingly so that there is nothing that resists you to achieve and enjoy your lifestyle. The backpack allows easy conversion to other bag types by the help of quickly adjustable straps. The Montage protects its owner’s essentials durably. Giving the users numerous pockets and spaces to accommodate almost all of their personal items and equipment allowing them to carry all of their essentials which they would need to enjoy all of their active life moments whether they are trekking, going on a long tour or any other kind of activity. The unmatched quality of the Montage Bag also allows the users to not worry about anything else. The Montage bag is made from high quality premium Portuguese Cork.

Problem Solving By The Product


Many people like to travel a lot. They like exploring and going to new places. Many do this just for their hobbies, many are bound to go to these places for work purposes. Whatever the reason for travel may be, leaving your home leaves you in a lot less comfort fulfilled zone. You try to take as many of your essentials for the trip as you can but are bound by the size of the bag you’re carrying or the bag looks way to bulky to be carried around. This is where the Montage Bag comes in. The Montage Bag allows you to carry all of your essentials by giving you just enough space and maintains that sleek, smart and small look which would not get you worried. You can simply pack all the things up in the several pockets and spaces and start your trip easily. The bag looks small and classy being made up of premium quality Portuguese Cork and providing a metal cover from the bottom.

Detailed Specifications


The Montage Bag is the perfect companion for you if you want to explore the world and have nothing holding you back. It provides a premium durability of materials alongside maintaining the sleek design and the small size. The Bag is super lightweight because of the use of high quality materials and helps you carry all your essentials at one place. The main material used in the making of the Bag is Portuguese Cork. This provides the Bag with a premium look while maintaining the lightness. The bag is also supported with Metallic support at the bottom to provide the security for the stuff it carries. The Bag only weighs 1.1 kg or 2.4 pounds when empty.

The Bag has been designed with innovation to provide the space for almost all the essential stuff in such a small space. The Bag provides a Water Bottle compartment on the inside. It also has magnetic compartment sleeve to hold important documents, a pen holder set and a pair of RFID zipper pockets for your small and important stuff. The Bag has two separate main compartments apart from all these which can carry the bulky and spacious essentials like your laptop or books easily without disturbing the other components. It conveniently divides all the pockets to keep your stuff. This is just the inside. At the front, the Bag has a quick access zipper pocket and another Secure Pocket/Trolley Sleeve on the back. You can use this bag as per your convenience and usage needs.

The Montage Bag can easily be transformed depending on the needs of the users. The Bag can be worn around one’s shoulders like a normal Backpack. With adjustable and comfortable straps, the bag can be converted to meet the needs. The straps can be folded into transforming the Montage Bag for the convenience of being used on a trolley easily. The Bag can also be carried around easily like a Hand Bag or a Tote Bag if the user needs.

The Bag has the dimensions as 15.5 inches height, 11.5 inches width. The Montage Bag is 4.5 inch thick which is enough for a normal user alongside not making the bag very thick. At the side of the Bag, the users also have access to a D ring which can be used to attach some things externally if they run out of space in the bag. The users can organize and use all the space and pockets provided by the Montage Bag to ensure they find their important items all at one place instantly in time of need.

Plans for Launch

The Company had been working on development and research for the bag for over a year. Since March 2019, the brilliant minds behind this Bag have been giving in their time and effort to provide the people with the best. The Company had been testing the materials to test their high quality since November 2019 when finally they finalized a Prototype in January 2020. The Company, having prepared the prototype, launched the Kickstarter campaign for the product in May 2020 ending in June 2020. The Final Shipments are supposed to be shipped in August 2020 after the Mass Production stage begins after campaign end.

Company Details

The Montage Bag was a part necessity for every person who has to life an active lifestyle and a part fashion for the people who hate to be downtrodden when it comes to the fashion statement of today’s world. The founder and lead designer on the bag, Audra is a perfect example of the people that this bag would help. She used to work with an American Non-Profit organization which required her to go to various places and teach children about healthy lifestyle. She understood the need to carry all the essentials and yet look classy and modern. This is when she decided to build herself a new and innovative Bag. After almost a year of research work and design iterations, she proudly presents the Montage Bag to the world.

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