Monster X: The future of power stations

Monster X: The future of power stations-6
  • Monster X is a powerhouse can charge up to 9 devices at a time and supports wireless charging (Built-in) with no need of cable to charge your devices anymore.
  • The Massive battery of 100, 500mAh can provide power to heavy devices in house for long run and can charge your electric car which can go for 7.5 Miles with 120W Car Port DC.
  • With the USB-C PD 60W port to charge laptop and 3xUSB-C ports for fast charging (15W), you can quickly full charge your Monster X in 6 hours, built in LED lights for camping.

The Monster X is the most powerful battery power generator on the planet with the long charging power and the fastest charging experience like never before, Monster X battery can provide 2000W AC output full sine wave outlet, so you can get solid power supply to run heavy devices anytime and anywhere.

Monster X packs a massive 1300Wh Capacity battery which will be the most reliable companion by keeping wide range of devices for hours to hours, you can also use as power backup your electric car for 7.5 Extra Miles on a single charge.

Monster X: The future of power stations-1

Monster X is featured with fastest recharging so that you will never wait for charging and get bored, Monster X is designed for convenience to be hold with both hand and carry it no matter where you go. Monster is a perfect generator without any sounds like magnets and machines. No need of power you can charge your home appliance with the Monster X for hours. The Monster X app allows you to monitor battery whenever and wherever and you can simply turn the outputs on/off as required.

Monster X own four regular USB ports (2X USB-A 28W & 2xUSB-A 12W) and two USB-C ports which are 60W and four wall outlets which supports international or American plugs and a car charging port and DC Solar power input ports, so 11 devices can be charged at the same time, all on one powerful Monster X generator.

Problem Solving By This Product



The Monster X can charge up to 9 devices at once with the USB-C PD port which give 60W output can be used for charging laptops.

Monster X also has 3 USB fast charging ports which delivers 15W output to charge you devices faster and safer.

No need of waiting while charging Monster X comes with the two different circuit’s module one for charging and one for discharging, so you can run it while it is charging.

Never miss the day in trip Monster X is compatible with the solar charger, so you can use the sunshine to charge it up while you are in camping with the 100W solar charger.

Monster X got 2x1W LED lights which helps you while you are in camp by illuminating the surrounding with bright light. Don’t get bored the Monster X can charge quickly in 6 hours.

Monster X 120W Car Port will give your car enough boost when it is need to run for 7.5 miles, with the 100,500mAh you can run all the home appliances without any doubt for longer.

The Monster X comes with the four 300W AC outlets which supports the international plugs and you can seamlessly run heavy devices for work.

The Monster X app allows you to monitor the battery level and give control over the output to turn them on/off as you desired.

Detailed Features


The Monster X is the most advanced power station and a solar generator in the world which gives you uninterrupted power all day ever to all devices.

With the 100,500mAh or 372Wh battery the Monster X can keep a 550 LCD keep running for 3 hours, and a 20L fridge for 12 hours and charges an iPhone 38 time. The built in Qi-Wireless charging support in the Monster X can seamlessly compatible with the android and iPhones so that you won’t need any cable to charge your devices.

You can power 9 devices at once with the Monster output ports and compatible with the solar charge with 2 hours of sunshine can get you enough power to run the Monster X.

The Astronautic High Density 20650 batteries are used in the Monster X which provides larger capacity with smaller size for the massive battery capacity house of 30 cells, with the two 120V 300W Pure sine waves AC outputs you can power up small house appliance.

Ultra-Fast 60W PD USB-C port which can charge your laptops and charge them up to 90% in less than one hour, with the three USB-C ports which are capable of fast charging up to 15W so you can charge your iPhone XS up to 85% in less than 45 minutes.


The 120W Car Port DC from the cigarette lighter socket that provide convenient DC output power for your electric vehicle while you are in travelling, Monster X is compatible with the solar charger also, so you can charge Monster X with the 100W Solar charger and never miss the day out of battery.

Built in 2x1W LED lights in the Monster X will help you by providing illumination to your camp in the dark, you can pass through the charging with the independent charging & discharging circuit modules in the Monster X to make you charging it and using it at same time.

The Smart Power Management system in the Monster X app allows you monitor the Monster X battery level and you can turn on/off the outputs as required as well as monitoring the output power when charging the devices. Monster X comes with the short-circuit protection and battery overcharge protection along with the output overcharge protection.

The Monster X battery as well as structure is very powerful by reinforcing the batteries with the Aluminum Alloy structure make it harder and durable enough to run longer life.

Price And Models

The Monster X along with the 100W Solar panel is priced at Rs 43,729 , while the Monster X alone is priced at Rs 30,664  in the new arrival sale and the Monster X with 60W Solar charger is priced at RS 38,349  Monster X along with the 80W solar charging bundle comes for Rs 42,960 , you can also buy two Monster X for Rs 52,951


  • Name : ALLPOWER Monster Smart Power Station
  • Battery Cell Type : 20650 3350mAh battery
  • Capacity : 100,500mAh
  • DC Input : 12V/3.2A 24V/3.2A 72W (Max)
  • SOLAR Charging Input : Up to 18V/3.33A 60W (Max)
  • AC Outputs : 110V~120V 60Hz 400W(Max)
  • USB Output : 5v/3A 15W (Max)
  • DC Output : 12V/5A (Max) 60W(Max)
  • Cigar Lighter Socket : 12V/10A(Max) 120W (Max)
  • Wireless Output :10W
  • Certifications : UN38.3, UL 60950, UL 840, UL2743
  • Temperature Operating: 00C~400C storage: -200C~600C
  • Dimensions : 6.7×4.3×8.1 inch
  • Life cycles : Over 500 full charge discharge cycles
  • Warranty : 12 months

Plan for launch

The Monster X concept design is introduced in October 2017 with the technical solution research in November will all the 3D printed models and fully functional prototypes. The PCB are optimized in March 2018, while the Pilot production in May 2018 with the 2nd test prototype in August 2-18 and the Final mass production along with the campaign and shipping is done in December 2018.

Company details

This Monster X future power station is developed by the company called All powers, which is founded in the year 2008 with a designer’s team and engineers with a mission to bring the best portable solar power products to everyone in the world. They have designed and produced a series of portable power storage devices in the past 10 years.

They are experts in the engineering enterprise and efficient enough in the supply chain ensure that they create a best in class products that everyone enjoy their products, while being developing the products they also helped in designing and manufacturing a number of products for other brands. With the many years’ experience in developing, testing and prototyping.