MOFT Z: The Origami Inspired 4 in 1 invisible sit-stand Laptop desk

MOFT Z: The 4 in 1 invisible sit-stand Laptop desk 2
  • MOFT Z Laptop desk is the world’s first desk which has 4 in 1 mode with the sit and stand facility to provide convenience and comfort for work.
  • MOFT Z is a magazine sized desk with 4 positions which is lightweight and thin only weighs about 0.9 Kg can hold a laptop up to 9.97 Kg on it in any four of the modes.
  • MOFT Z sit-stand laptop desk is origami inspired Z structure which helps you to work more efficiently with healthy sit-stand working postures.

Every laptop get warmer over time of usage and need a certain lift to cool down the processor, so that the air flow through the gap makes ventilation good enough to make it cool, many laptop cooling pad or uplift desk are not perfect enough to do the job, problems comes with the perfect angle of elevation of the laptop to use and perfect height to be lifted.

MOFT Z 4 in 1 is the world’s first laptop sit-stand desk in which you have several different modes standing mode which is needed for lot of people to use it conveniently and efficiently and the sitting mode which has different angles, so you can have it as low as 25 degrees as high as 60 degrees with Z like structure when it is in the standing mode which can hold up to 9.97 Kg laptop weight, MOFT Z 4 in 1 laptop desk is light in weight and can be easily portable to anywhere.

MOFT Z: The 4 in 1 invisible sit-stand Laptop desk 7

MOFT Z is only half inch thick and can provide you firm and steady base for your laptop when you are working on it. Shifting the angles and adjusting into different modes is very easy with the magnet flips provided in the MOFT Z invisible laptop desk.

Problem Solving By This Product

MOFT Z: The 4 in 1 invisible sit-stand Laptop desk 3

MOFT Z is the world’s first laptop desk that can provide four modes of elevation to your laptop for comfort and convenience.

MOFT Z sitting mode offers you three possibilities with different angles of elevation for different tasks like 250 degrees for natural typing and palm resting, 45 degrees for write or read and other flexible purposes and 600 degrees for browsing on smaller devices.

MOFT Z sit-stand laptop desk is very thin about 0.5 inches thickness which makes it light weight to be carried anywhere and in size of magazine that fits perfectly on your backpack.

MOFT Z laptop desk gives you better health with its versatile postures on usage making you feel comfortable in standing position than sitting. Standing mode of the laptop desk offer 25 cm lift which offers you to rest your palms and complete your work without strain and stress.

MOFT Z sit-stand laptop can hold any laptop which weighs 22 pounds (9.97 Kg) and made up of smooth and premium with fibre and glass for toughness and long life.

Detailed Features

MOFT Z: The 4 in 1 invisible sit-stand Laptop desk 5

MOFT Z is a truly lightweight and versatile with its sit-stand features and designed to carry heavy laptops to provide comfort with the maximum freedom on any location you wish to use it.

MOFT Z laptop desk is 0.5 inches in thickness and can be changed into the standing which provides the highest lift to your laptops in seconds, as well as in the sitting mode there are three possibilities to elevate your laptop in different angles at 250, 450, and 600. MOFT Z is a magazine sided desk with more possibilities with an Origami inspired Z structure that provides one standing and three modes for sitting that helps to increase your work efficiency by healthy posture working keep you active all the day.

MOFT Z: The 4 in 1 invisible sit-stand Laptop desk 6

This MOFT Z is ultra-sleek and paper thin in size with its body makes it friendly to any work environment not only restricting to the office or home or co-workspace, with no setup tool needed like the power bricks or anything. Stand it up when you need it and unfold it back quickly when you are done.

Most of the people needs short stand not a giant stand on the desk all day long, simply as the size of the magazine and you can store the MOFT Z in anywhere and make it invisible so you don’t notice when you don’t need it.

MOFT Z sit-stand laptop desk offers you the flexible work and life style in seconds, its fast blade to open and close by quickly switching between sit and stand posture that takes the stress of your back in seconds resulting in the joyful and relaxing posture.

MOFT Z helps you to get better health by making to spend less time in sitting posture. Standing mode in the MOFT Z offers a natural height for your palms to rest on the laptop and seeing the laptop without strain with your eyes.


Standing mode of the MOFT Z can lift the laptop to 25 cm above the surface of the table, sitting mode has three sitting angles in the MOFT Z. The 25 degrees elevation allows you for natural typing with palms resting on your laptop, 45 degrees elevation helps to read/write or flexible working setup with peripherals, while the 60 degrees allows you to browse on smaller devices like tablets.

MOFT Z laptop desk is made with light weight body and foldable design makes it’s the only sit-stand desk that you can use on your laps. MOFT Z is steady and strong enough to hold 22 lbs weight which is more than enough for even the heaviest laptops also, they have used the fibre-glass material to ensure the toughness of panel.

The magnetic flaps used in the MOFT Z reinforces the frame and the PU material to shield the scratches and heat while keeping everything soft and premium to use. MOFT Z stays perfectly in your backpack.


The MOFT Z sit-stand laptop desk is priced at $49 for super early bird sale and $54 for early bird sale and available in combo $89 for two of them.


The MOFT Z sit-stand laptop desk is available in three different color variants they are orange, blue and grey.


  • Dimensions : 9.4x11x0.5 inches
  • Weight : 30 Oz
  • Built Material : PU/ Fiberglass/ Magnet/ iron piece
  • Angles : 250/450/600
  • Supported Modes : Four modes
  • Height : in use 10 inches (25cm)
  • Thickness : 0.5 inches

Plan For Launch

The idea for the MOFT Z sit-stand laptop desk is came to existence in the year 2018 March and marketing research is done in June of the same year while the design changes and prototyping with the ergonomics optimization along with the sample production is done in 2019 December. Launching of the product in the CES in January with the Kickstarter campaign in February, initiated product and shipping is done in the later quarters of the year 2020.

Company Details


This 4 in 1 invisible sit-stand laptop is developed by the company called MOFT. They always work remotely between members. Yang Wang is the project manager of the company and he believes that office is crucial for the things to be happen, he mostly works in office but he felt something is missing and he tried to be more efficient with all the things he got like laptops, chairs.

Ashely is the product manager in the MOFT company she believes that the future is not created by the device it is created by people, they did a lot of research on the devices that people use it most and how they use, it is never about the device it is about the user experience while using the device.

MOFT team always desired to be as traveler to explore the things and experiences all over the world dealing with the products, communicating with the customer to handle all the things that a small team could do.